Ganu-Discussion on para 311 n 316-20090630-215445

  • Ganu-Discussion on para 311 n 316-20090630-215445 

Siddharth K has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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  1. 1 siddharth kaushal November 27, 2010 at 7:15 pm

    R- Nira Radia
    G- Ganpathy Subramaniam (senior editor – eco times)

    Tape begins: 00:00
    Ringtone (pal pal pal…. (the hindi song))
    R- Ganu hi ….
    G- hi …(inaudible utterance)
    R – Got details from Manoj on the points that these people had rasied?
    G-!! so…ummm..that…umm… in fact ..uh….. in…uh… in between I spoke to Rohit
    R- uh huh..
    G- so I think…uh… manoj and rohit were trying to speak to each other, so (inaudible) I got the detail… so…uh… done that…uh… so you would’ve (inaudible) part of it but…uh… much more…uh… detail work …uh.. is for the reading…. And not for the (inaudible)
    R- ok … but is there a …
    G- (inaudible)
    R- is there a print one for tomorrow?
    G- ye…ye..yeah! yes yes yes!
    R- huh?
    G- yes yes yes!!
    R- But our point of view is there that.. uh
    G- absolutely absolutely…. In detail and all this…. But I think this…uh chaltani (unclear) has also jumped into action…. Uh… and were trying to tell people …uh… that there is some response that he has got… uh.. three para C 316 , 319 blah blah something something
    R- We’ve given a response to that
    G- ok oh…uh… the next step also?
    R- yeah
    R- who is writing the story
    G- uh….the initial part I have already done…. But uhhh…
    R- including the 314 and 316 and all that?
    G- ah no… this is about the 3….uh… 3 issues requiring government approval (two electronic beeps)
    R- hmmm..
    G- and..uhhh…that nothing can be done without a government approval and how this in line with what the fertilizer academy has said earlier
    R- ah huh
    G- and how that..uh.. little …uh… (inaudible) on irrigation and… these things are controlled by the mother agreement….ehhh.. which is approved by the government.
    R- uh huh..
    G- (inaudible utterances) so that.. (inaudible utterances)
    R- so these people…uh..but these people..uh.. will they change it?
    G- uh …no they will not change it.. tha…uh..they…the…uh… what they are supposed to do is to add the bit about what this fellow is saying…uh (Name inaudible) is saying
    R- umm…. But we’ve also responded to that.
    G- yeah!! Umm… that also I’ll tell them to add so…buh…vu huh… what is the response to this 316 and uh 319 that they should take note of.
    R- para 311
    G- yeah
    R- that the contract of such nature is subject to the approval of government in view of any LP and TSC and such related government policies.
    G- huh hun
    R- that is the one line…
    G- huh un
    R- it’s a long clause
    G- huh un
    R- and uh.. para 316
    G- huh
    R- (inaudible) that the price factor is concerned that the prices at which the fixed supply of gas is required to be supplied to REL subject to and under the terms of the TSC which RIL entered into with ministry of petroleum on 12th april 2000
    G- hun hun huh un
    R- that was the judgment itself
    G- ok
    R- para 311 is contract is subject to approval of the government in view of any LP and TSC
    G- yeah
    R- and para 316 refers to the TSC that (sic) entered into on the 12th of april and…..uh…. price will be a factor which will be subject to that approval
    G- ok great… so..( laughs)… the same para..(laughs) again figures in both the arguments … hai na?
    R- yeah
    G- 316… haan to that’s fine I think these things are bound to be there….. achcha what is the other thing about …uh… some uh penalty…and whatever uh this one was saying…uh Jaipal(unclear) was saying…. (inaudivel utterances)
    R- you see…his… I saw that on your ticker I think you people are saying that the government may …uuhh
    G- penalize… (inaudible)
    R- (inaudible) penalty on us for having signed the MoU in the first place
    G- hmmm
    R- because we were not… we can not find a penal…. Find a MoU which asset doesn’t belong to us na effectively!!
    G- yeah
    R- How can we give gas that doesn’t belong to us?
    G- ok
    R- but I would not think they’ll give me a ..give us a penalty… I think ….. uh… they will rap us..rap us on our knuclkles by saying why did you do this.
    G- ok.. so..
    R- but I have a feeling that the government is going to tell mukesh ambani … who were you to sign this agreement… it dint belong to you
    G- ok.. yeah but…uh
    R- (inaudible) by the way Amar singh has come back huh
    G- oh my god
    R- because Anil has not been able to get the EGoMs appointed… he’s been running around prime minister and nobody is giving him time
    G- huh un
    R- amar singh as come back and the excuse he is giving is that… uh.. hes come back for ….uh…nine days to do his will and all that and that will be going back on the ninth of july
    G- ooh
    R-(inaudible)… he couldn’t do… it couldn’t do his transplant because he had high blood sugar
    G- haan haan
    R- His bloodplant… uh…his transplant dint happen
    G- haan haan
    R- sooo… Anil has called him back to help him with the prime minister’s inter… intervention but I don’t expect prime minister to intervene
    G- but does his health permit him to travel and all .. I thought
    R- (unclear) Anil ambani’s private jet he came
    G- oh (unclear interrupted utterings)
    R- full medical care…with full medical care and all
    G- hunnn
    R-ok fine I’ll.. I’ll tell this to the people concerned
    R & G- simultaneously uttering and interrupting each other
    G- meanwhile there is some funny thing about raja… you know.. did you read that uh.. you know.. times of India report today uh
    R- yeah !! is that raja… is the minister is it?
    G- Ye.. ye.. yeah.. so they are saying that now the chief justice of India and others want this to be taken seriously. You know.. uh.. at least earlier …thaa… uh.. you know we had this Bhardwaj… Bhardwaj use to.. you know.. deal with him differently…. But now you know with Moily … he will just not.. you know.. take any chances…. And they it seems.. they want the prime minister to pull him up
    R- but what has happened exactly…. The uhhh… Raja asked the uhhh… uh high court to do something.. is it? I dint read the (unclear utterance)
    G- To say that you know … the to give him whatever you know.. (unclear) the benefit of doubt in that case or whatever
    R- good call…. and what was the case about ?
    G- that’s what …uh.. they are saying that its linked to…uhh…. Spectrum and all
    (inaudible 2 seconds)
    R- is it?
    G- yeah..uh.. I am not sure… this is all supposed to happening in that… Chennai ..(inaudible).. so I … I have..
    R- Why would… uh.. why would the spectrum case be up in Chennai … it would never come up in Chennai
    G- I don’t know … maybe some ….uh..litigant.. somebody planted some (inaudible)
    R- (unclear) ….said he wanted him to be released on anticipatory bai! That’s what I’m reading now
    G- that is. that is ..what the judge… the judge had said..uhh… he should be given a..uh.. anticipatory bail
    R- huh
    G- so I don’t know whether this is the handiwork of somebody there or …(muted utterance)
    R- Must be Maran only no ?
    G- Possible!! In fact the first suspicion is that… so .. but first of all .. I mean.. would ..uh somebody be … you know.. so stupid enough to make a call an all….uh… I … uh.. I am wondering now!!
    R- I don’t think so!! Must be ..uh.. the only person this can be is…uhh…. Your..uhh..this one.. Ambumani
    G- Ok… oh… he could be ?
    R- yeah I think it could be Ambumani
    G- ooh kk… uhhh… anyway…. I thought those people were down and out
    R- but this was in last government na!!
    G- ohk
    R- not in this current government na..
    G- haan haan haan..
    R- No No it is in this government … yeah yeah its in this government… then to it must be only one of these fellows
    G- Hmmm
    R- Lemme find out from my DMK friends… I’ve been so busy with gas I haven’t been able to check up… lemme find out with these guys what it is
    G- yeah yeah…. After the budget I thought someday we should …. You know.. I should go and see Kani … you know on the …uh… good uh (unclear( R interrupts with a single word, acknowledged by G)) that she is making.. yeah
    R- yeah… I’ll I’ll …I’ll set up your meeting with her..uhh..
    G- sure
    R- She is back in …uh… delhi on… uhhh… second!!
    G- ok great. (unclear interruption) yeah yeah that’s right that session ….session is starting na so ..
    R- yeah… so you go and meet her na
    G- Sure Sure… I will do that ….. when you advice I’ll do that
    R- you tell me …I’ll set up a time for you
    G- preferably after budget will be much more you know… (unclear) these three four days will be quite hectic… after that…
    R- fair enough
    G- …after that it’ll be absolutely ok… haan
    R-fair enough
    G- Next day… Wednesday ….whenever I mean…uh.. that’s not a problem
    R- (inaudible interrupted utterance)
    G- There is one more thing I want… ok this Profit had run something saying … Supreme court today or whatever
    R- everyday they runs something ….uhhh you know… every day they run something … Seriously even we’ve not taken a decision …. Everyday they run something

  2. 2 SD December 7, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks, this is now on

    Minor typos have been fixed and some corrections made, though some of the technical terms need cross-checking.

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