Ganu-dump ET Now-Tony monitoring-20090709-223631

  • Ganu-dump ET Now-Tony monitoring-20090709-223631 

This conversation has already been transcribed by Girish Nikam on his website Given below is his transcription. Someone needs to cross-check it. If it is okay please leave a comment, or point out errors. Double-checking is important.

Conversation between Niira Radia and Ganapathy Subramanian(Ganu), A senior Editor at Economic Times, July 9,2009, 10.36.31 p.m

Ganapathy Subramanaim(Ganu) to Niira Radia— Did you see all the crazy things they were doing today. Ask the media they will tell you.They were passing on all the car numbers to everybody.

Radia to Ganu—- Yeah, yeah, we are not bothered.— You know Ganu, we have taken a decision, Mukesh(Ambani), was in town, he has told us, ignore ET(Economic Times, ET Now). If they behave like idiots, let them, just ignore them. Talk to only those who matter. Barring you(Ganu) and Venu and TK, we are not going to, Soma and they had come, they talked a load of nonsense with Manoj Modi, and, quite frankly if they want to behave like a tabloid, let them behave like that.

Ganu to Radia—an—d, an—d , aaah, somebody is passing on information everywhere, I don’t know how, what.

Radia to Ganu— like?

Ganu to Radia— Like who are all meeting Manoj( Warrier or Modi?), and like all those things you know.

Radia to Ganu— That AP CMs, letter I will give you, but not now.

Ganu to Radia— yeah, yeah, no problem, no hurry.

Radia to Ganu— I wont give if its not front page news. —– General you will ensure it na?

Ganu to Radia— yeah, yeah, yeah

Ganu to Radia—- maybe I should talk to you on another number.

Radia to Ganu— Why, you think they are monitoring my number?

Ganu to Radia— I don’t know, might be possible.

Radia to Ganu— You call me on my Indicom number, I will give you a missed call.

Ganu to Radia— OK, but you know once the hearing(in Supreme court on Gas issue), everything will be —

Radia to Ganu— Ok, but Ganu you have to be briefed on it. You haven’t been briefed about us. Let’s make some time tomorrow.



1 Response to “Ganu-dump ET Now-Tony monitoring-20090709-223631”

  1. 1 SD December 3, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    This was way incomplete but is now on with lots more filled in…

    Would be nice if somebody could give it the once over.

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