Ganu- Govt planning ordinance on Gas price-20090616-221644 (please crosscheck)

  • Ganu- Govt planning ordinance on Gas price-20090616-221644 

Trisha G has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


2 Responses to “Ganu- Govt planning ordinance on Gas price-20090616-221644 (please crosscheck)”

  1. 1 Trisha Gupta November 26, 2010 at 1:56 pm

    (Ringtone) Pal pal pal har pal har pal, kaisa katega pal har pal har pal, dil dil…

    NR: Hi Ganu.

    Ganu: Hi. (Pause) Sorry to call you so late…

    NR: Un-hunh

    Ganu: There is some fuss about the government coming out with some ordinance on the gas price issue.

    NR: Hunh

    Ganu: Haan, I don’t know how correct or how, what stage this is, etc… (but) some people were saying that since the court order is based on private agreement

    NR: Hunh

    Ganu: …I mean the government has already fixed a different price – so they might issue an ordinance saying that sales should happen at this price and not at any other price

    NR: I think your publication has run an edit on it before, na?

    Ganu: Uh, I think that must be much earlier, when the GoM and all those businesses were going on.

    NR: Well no the court case was on. I think your edit had taken a position that you know, why are we wasting tax payers’ money by going into this legal battle, which really you know only the private parties going to benefit… why can’t the government just come out with an ordinance because the price is a national asset and it should be determined by the government.

    Ganu: This must be the pre, pre-judgement, in the old days when the case was being heard and all that…

    NR: Correct.

    Ganu: Okay. So something like that, you know, what people are saying is that there has been some discussion between Pranab Mukherjee and Murli Deora on this.

    NR: Hmm

    Ganu: So I don’t know how accurate this could be, because Prime Minister is not here. And you know of course nobody can claim that there can be some cabinet whatever, review on this, etc.

    NR: Hmmm

    Ganu: But Pranab Mukherjee it is possible, because Pranab Mukherjee was head of the GoM earlier, and then later on Murli Deora was also a member, and Pranab now, has become, later on, now, has become the Finance Minister. So he has all the more say on the subject. But the funny point is that the GoM never had said anything like this! The GoM did not you know…

    NR: Tch, the GOM was compromised because of Amar Singh at that time, no.

    Ganu: Ahhh. So the last meeting of the AGM which, you know the decision (unclear) was made public, did not say anything on the ordinance like this. But now some talk of that is going around I think. So maybe you need to… check it out a little.

    NR: At the end of the day I just can’t understand how a court can decide that Kokilaben should decide, na. The natural resource of the country, I mean it’s a bit of a joke. You’ve made Kokilaben look like a laughing stock, no?

    Ganu: And then they are saying, you go and renegotiate, you know. Whatever… I mean, how can you know a court and say, two parties, keep negotiating and renegotiating an order, I mean when the GoM and the government, they should take a view on the prices.

    NR: Haha.

    Ganu: Ha, it’s also really funny.

    NR: It is, isn’t it?

    Ganu: Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah, I think ___ is now using this to make some quiet noises about how they will now go on to build the Dadri plant, etc, when there’s not even a single brick there.

    NR: Nahi, and not only that, they’ve not even acquired all his land.

    Ganu: Yeah. So. All in all, kind of presupposition. But anyway they got an opportunity finally, one thing, you know, finally, to blow up their stock market operation.

    NR: Well yeah, for a while they’ll play on the markets…

    Ganu: Yeah…

    NR: …and then benefit by it, and then somebody else will take it again and…

    Ganu: Then that’s right. And already I think he has been talking to people to raise money from the markets, etc, again. So this must be a strategy to, you know, do all that.

    NR: (unclear)

    Ganu: But you please check on this ordinance business, whether, you know, what this is all about.

    NR: Well, I don’t think the government will leave it.

    Ganu: Sure… yeah.

    NR: I can’t see that happening, I can’t see (that) – allowing the High Court to be deciding, as one who’s not qualified.

    Ganu: Yeah, how can, how can… Tomorrow then courts can decide the price at which diesel and petrol should be sold also.

    NR: yeah if you look at what CK Arun has said. CK Arun has very clearly said, that you can’t you know… the court upholds the family side, but this is a natural resource, you know. It’s a bit of a shame really… I’ll check on this, I’ll send a message, yeah?

    Ganu: Yeah (unclear)

    NR: And we’re meeting tomorrow, yeah?

  2. 2 SD December 7, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Very clean transcript, thanks. It has been checked and is now on:

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