Ganu-large SEZ meeting-20090618-175851

  • Ganu-large SEZ meeting-20090618-175851 

Saadut H has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck


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    1. 1 Saadut November 27, 2010 at 5:48 am

      R: is for Radia and M: for the male voice

      Radia: Hi Hi Gna(inaudible) Sorry I Just,
      Male: No No no not at all,
      R: I have even not reached office, can you fix 22, I am on my way to office now.
      M: My GOD, No no all I wanted to tell you is that the commerce department has tomorrow called a meeting of all the SEZ’s, like Kajenra, Navi Mumbai, Maha Mumbai are also a part of it. What they are trying to do is to identify the problems of the .. seeing why they are not getting implemented faster and probably they are also going to say the state level difficulties etc we will try and help in expediting the same and etc.
      R: Hmm very interesting
      M: The other one is that there is information going around that Reliance is pulling out of the Haryana SEZ.
      R: No no no we are not pulling out, what we have done is we have required about a thousand acres, right, after that the prices went absolutely sky rocketing high, 1 crores 2 crores an acre. Who wants to pay one crore two crores an acre for land which is not otherwise worth ten lacs an acre or five lacs an acre. So the problem is that we have taken a call that it makes the project far too expensive and if the govt wants us to develop SEZ’s then it has to do something in dealing with the rising price issue. People these farmers went absolutely ballistic
      M: You but after the slump, the economic bubble burst, the economic slowdown things have come down
      R: No no no even then the price of land the sellers are not selling. They are saying we will hold on and we will sell and even the ones that have come down have come down to 40, 50, 60 lacs an acre.
      M: So what is the real issue? Cutting down the price or what.
      R: No you will not cut down the prices. We will see what the govt does. We are not the only ones in that situation no. Everybody in Haryana today has a problem.
      M: Ok
      R: It is not an isolation with RIL only. It is to do with Unitech, DLF, TATA’s,
      M: Anyways I will tell my colleagues the need for this issue
      R: It is an Industry issue.
      M: Ya ya ya the clarification from whatever people concerned. I want to send your people ##ore you tell me
      R: Manoj Maurya
      M: Ok , so then Manoj can deploy back then and whatever on record he can say and then I will speak to you
      R: Ya ya
      M: Then I will speak to you for all the off the record information.
      R: Correct correct, bcoz this is a very standard issue and we are not the only ones.
      M: As of today I will tell them to hold on to this and not bother about this and we will send a mail and get your responses and all tomorrow, then I will speak to you and then we will..
      R: Meeting tomorrow is largely at the behest of the Chief Minister. The central government is going to have to formulate a more friendly policy.
      M: Han han han, Ok
      R: It cannot be in isolation
      M: Ya ya ya, I understand that. I think these guys are also now saying that we should come and help people more but at the same time they are saying this that why are they not implementing. We should find those answers, ask them, question them and do that. I think that is that probably they want the feedback from the developers tomorrow.
      R: And they will give them the feedback. And I am sure this feedback will come.
      M: This I will take care don’t worry. And now please tell Manoj somebody will send a mail and he can officially give whatever information
      R: Ya ya ya, we have an official response. We will do that.
      M: Ok
      R: So tomorrow Ganna 4:30
      M: Sure sure I have no problem
      R: I will keep for 4:30, I have an inauguration at 12:00
      M: Ok
      R: and then I’d be back at office at about 2:30, 3:00. So just in case there is an hour’s delay or something 4:00, 4:30 would be absolutely perfect
      M: Ok I am fine.

    2. 2 SD December 7, 2010 at 2:06 pm

      Thanks, checked and fixed minor typos. It is now on

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