Ganu-needs panel for budget discussion-20090616-103258

  • Ganu-needs panel for budget discussion-20090616-103258 

Kasim Sait has transcribed this in a comment below.


2 Responses to “Ganu-needs panel for budget discussion-20090616-103258”

  1. 1 Kasim Sait November 27, 2010 at 8:02 am

    Normal ring tone as on land line.
    Nira: Ye Ganu(name not clearly audible but
    assumed from the clip headline)

    Ganu: Can I have two min.

    Nira: Go a head

    Ganu: Sent only messages. A busy day. All
    kinds of things going around. Related
    things I wanted to tell, budget day
    programme soft launch, test launch
    tomorrow is being planned. Our people
    will get in touch with you.

    Nira : Yes, Sivran (sounds like) is in touch
    with me

    Ganu : ya ya That’s right. Knowing our
    guys…….you know or two
    big names from your group say
    muthuraman can join the programme if
    they are going to be part of CII
    panel advise them to participate in
    ET(not clearly audible) discussion.

    Nira: Where are you people going to air. You
    are not on Tata Sky yet, right.

    Ganu: Hath way guy has signed … Tata sky
    discussion still going on…Airtel
    fellow has signed and others have to
    sign. they are our fellows also
    letting it happen step by step manner.
    So that the top launch would have wider
    coverage. Budget is at 2.30. We are
    in times now to in programming ET Now.
    That way it is interesting.

    Nira: OK. I am trying to get muthu. I have
    got mail from Sridharan. I am trying.

    Ganu: That’s Good no.. Why should your
    people not be there.

    Nira: Generally if you notice our trend we
    do not comment on that day..we do make
    certain comments but limited, because
    that is not been spoken of Tatas.

    Ganu: What you can do is instead of directly
    commenting on budget they can comment
    on situation on what is happening in
    economy what is happening on revival
    process what is happening
    internationally what are ideal things
    for us to look at that way.

    Nira: Let me … I got the mail yesterday…
    I will take it up … I’ll do that.
    You and I were supposed to meet today
    or tomorrow.

    Ganu : a.. a… you tell me whenever.
    Yesterday I did not disturb you I
    thought yesterday was a busy day.
    Whenever you tell me today also.
    Afternoon i will free 12 onwards. I
    have one little meeting now planning
    commission that will be over. may
    be 11, 11.30 I will be with Montek
    after that I am free.

    Nira : I have a couple of issues will reach
    office 3 o clock probably.

    Ganu : Sure.. Sure..either send me a message
    or call no problem at all. so
    tentatively i will keep 2.30-3.00
    free right

    Nira : No..No, I do not know. I will call 3
    o clock I think

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