Imp-Shorie RSabha-Gas exemption-20090709-093149

  • Imp-Shorie RSabha-Gas exemption-20090709-093149 

About how Venkaiah Naidu might be more amenable as BJP’s first speaker rather than Arun Shourie in starting the Rajya Sabha debate as then he would have to follow Venkaiah’s line and not deviate too much from it

BRoadway has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Broadway November 30, 2010 at 1:21 pm

    Radia: Hi

    NK singh: Hi niira

    Radia: I just wanted to tell you that i still think HT is a little compromised. We met up with both the editors – sanjay narayanan and subu kumar. Subu kumar is okay of MINT. But sanjay narayanan yesterday, manoj was in town. If you know (inaudible) murli was here. And the sense i got from the conversations and that i see the type of stories their still carrying… You know they are still carrying that “govt is not a respondent” in this matter when the govt is clearly a respondent. This the other side they’ve circulated, a part of our FLP, by crossing out the “govt is a respondent” part by inking it with white ink and showing it only as an “intervener”. And of course the only paper that believes is Hindustan times.

    NK singh: I saw that piece. And of course it’s likely mixed up with the fact of anil having met up all these guys. So I think it’s not very clear. I mean that story has been “masked” as if to say that this is: a) A fact (from the court thing) and b) Mixed up with anil’s meeting with these guys.

    Radia: Correct. But the thing that… what they tried to do was to tell everyone. And they called everyone that govt is not an intervener, if not a respondent and…

    NK singh: No what I mean is whether govt is an intervener or not? I mean the only person who is to decide is: a) The govt and b) The court. And if the court decides that im not entertaining you as an intervener. (Inaudible) that’s the end of the story but it the court sort of pleads the govt as an intervener, so be it. These are not matters: a) whether govt wants to be an interferer or not is the govt’s choice. Second, whether it is entertained or not is the courts decision. Right?

    Radia: Yeah but point im making is everybody else took no notice of it. (inaudible)

    NK singh: Acha im meeting shobhna in an hour’s time and im going to be speak to her about this

    Radia: Yeah, we were on this discussion yesterday with manoj modi, we met up sanjay and we took them through everything. We are hoping that they have understood everything but I thought the body language was a bit… you know still… you can see that they are a bit… and when we asked what do you think we should have done? When manoj said that to them. And their reaction was (inaudible) two brothers should merge again.

    NK singh: Their two brothers…?

    Radia: Should merge (giggles)

    NK singh: Oh not bad yaar

    Radia: Giggles

    NK singh: Real good actually. Very good philanthropic advice

    Radia: Giggles

    NK singh: No right now im in another fire fighting. Because I was likely shut my mind from this. Because im in the immediate issue of what is going to happen to pranab mukherjees announcement on the tax benefit to them on the gas. Given that he has withdrawn it, in a way, because he has made it applicable only for (?) 8. Right. No this is revenue secretary doing some degree of championship there.

    Radia: Right

    NK singh: So working out a strategy. How to get this pack? One of the complications is that between you and me, mr arun shourie has gone and got himself completely on the other side.

    Radia: Yes

    NK singh: Because he has been promised a rajyasabha(seat) by tony and co. and I yesterday checked, yes, samajwadi has 50% surplus votes in UP which combine with surplus votes of BJP can give the BJP an extra ticket and why should therefore BJP deny itself from getting an additional rajyasabha on someone else’s strength. But that’s the promise given and therefore he was very very very critical of this whole gas thing and said in the BJP parliamentary board meeting, day before yesterday. Now whatever he said in that meeting, day before yesterday, is one aspect. But what attitude BJP will take on this whole issue of the debate on the finance bill, which is beginning from monday, in both house of parliament is of vial importance. Because if large number of opposition MP’ and samajwadi will definitely join in and begin to say that pranab mukerjee has given a bad largesse… it will benefit only one company. And a) Pranab mukerjee is in the defensive and therefore the question of extending it to… huh… retrospectively goes out of the window. So this whole managing that staff in a way and also I think arun shourie is speaking as a listed speaker in the rajyasabha for the BJP but fortunately what we have managed to do is make him the second speaker but made venkeyah the first. So I don’t know what is mukesh’s relation with venkeyah.

    Radia: (inaudible) had good relations with him.

    NK singh: Pardon

    Radia: I said (inaudible) had good relation with venkeyah.

    NK singh: We has?

    Radia: I thought so

    NK singh: Then im going to get you phoned today to talk to venkayah because if he is the first speaker then he already takes a party line then it’ll be very difficult for shourie in his second intervention to take a different line.

    Radia: Hmm…

    NK singh: Then we have to orchestrate who will speak. This is an immediate problem right now. Because frankly is this tax thing doesn’t go through then that’s a major initiative that fails to materialize because anil has also organized this: a) He tried to controversialize it b) He got the department to make it prospective and not prospective. Whereas, really, all the road (inaudible) that were done on the national exploration policy was on the explicit condition and understanding of this revenue of tax break. So after looking all the understanding and ignoring everything and spreading this information. That seems to have gathered momentum in the last 64 hours. That’s their (inaudible) issue right now. Where we attack this and I take note of what to tell me about HT. Huh?

    Radia: Okay. One more problem… I knew that was an issue cause all these queries were coming in. It was pretty bad in terms of… They kept on saying that were going to earn 81,000 crores of benefit out of the (inaudible). (inaudible) given to harshadda that respectively and all that. That’s the sort of queries that they’ve put out in the media.

    NK singh: Yeah that’s right.

    Radia: We killed most of that. None of that has appeared. So just checking whether…

    NK singh: No, I don’t want these to come up in features in parliament. Because that’s the most immediate thing that influences government mind. Because those guys, Like PM and FM are sitting there and several MP’s beginning to talk all this. That influences a very immediate (inaudible). Not everybody agrees what’s written in so many papers and journals. Whatever is spoken there is directly heard by these guys.

    Radia: Correct. Correct. And they exempt you on this?

    NK singh: I think having done what he did, he is now unable to undo the damage which has been given the (inaudible). So the request made by the petroleum ministry for them to reconsider has been routinely turned down by the revenue secretary. So in effect, if that happens, we will benefit out of this. Because then it becomes completely from the eighth round. And that means not here or there. Where as all road (inaudible) that were done, it’s what one of the conditions on which the investment came in. Somebody will have to point out that this was an assurance given in promoting the investment basket and this opportunity you cannot retrospectively curtail an opportunity. Instead of giving a largesse, this is only sticking to a commitment given earlier. This is the point of view which has to…

    (audio ends)

  2. 2 Broadway November 30, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    Previously, the identity of the man remained a mystery until arun shourie appeared on the devils advocate and gave details on the conversation.
    Karan Thapar: Now the voice on the tapes speaking to Nira Radia who I have been referring to all along, hasn’t been identified. Do you recognize that voice?

    Arun Shourie: No doubt. Everybody who listens to the tapes will know it is my good college friend NK Singh. What is the problem with that?

    Karan Thapar: The gentleman who was the secretary to Vajpayee.

    Arun Shourie: He was the secretary to the prime minister. He was the finance secretary at some stage. He was a member of the Planning Commission and my college friend.

    Karan Thapar: Were you surprised by the role he was playing?

    Arun Shourie: No, we have known him since college.

    Karan Thapar: Does that suggest that you expected no better?

    Arun Shourie: Well this is his habit and his skill.
    Karan Thapar: Now second thing revealed in the tapes is the belief is that the reason you would have taken a hard line on this proposal that would benefit Mukesh Ambani is because you had already allied with his brother Anil who had undertaken to help you get re-elected to the Rajya Sabha. Is that true?

    Arun Shourie: No! This is the conspiracy theory by which this kind of a liaison is being justified and the fact of the matter is nobody ever said this to me. An if the BJP as it was is not prepared to sponsor me or nominate me to the seat, why would some Samajwadi Party fellows waste their votes on a fellow like me when the BJP itself is denying me the ticket.

    Karan Thapar: So this is fanciful?

    Arun Shourie: This is just a theory to rationalize and justify what is being done.

  3. 3 SD December 2, 2010 at 3:55 pm

    There were some minor gaps and typos in this. Those have been fixed and this is on the OL site now

  4. 4 Broadway December 3, 2010 at 7:11 am

    Thanks buddy. I was not familiar with some of the technicals.

  5. 5 Broadway December 3, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    This guy seems to have transcribed this tape on 25th nov and he seems to have a sound knowledge on the technical words. You need to take a look at this page below.

    Listening to the tape again made more sense this time. lol.

  6. 6 SD December 4, 2010 at 10:11 pm

    Yes, thanks. much appreciate your pointing this one out. had asked someone else to fill in the details, but that site helped save having to look up those tax benefits.

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