Imp with journo on all four issues -20090616-143948 NR talking to R. Sridharan, ET Now

  • Imp with journo on all four issues -20090616-143948 

NR talking to R. Sridharan, ET Now: “Mr Raja who’s a friend of mine telling me that he’s got a party to support…Tata’s going to move against Raja also on Spectrum” plus a lot of talk on the gas issue

Somashankar S has transcribed this tape in a comment below.


2 Responses to “Imp with journo on all four issues -20090616-143948 NR talking to R. Sridharan, ET Now”

  1. 1 somashekhar sonnagi November 27, 2010 at 6:58 pm

    Do the cross verification, and i am using sridharan as ET.

    NR: Hi
    ET: Hi, How are you?
    NR: [laugh] I am alright,how are you?
    ET: [laugh] good,good.
    NR: look at, i am trying to get you kishore chowkar and gopalaa
    ET: But gopal, i dont think, he is there in the country around at that time?
    NR: six [one word is not clear] is this.
    ET: he is there?
    NR: ya, He is told, he might be there. may be, he is going, ya he is going on 2nd.
    ET: Hmmm,but what about ravikant and [one name unclear bcoz both talk together].
    NR: ravi is refused, no keshapa won’t do it.kk never does it.
    ET: why?
    NR: Eight years,they wont do it. don’t–sreerank asking won’t do– out of rejection on these issues.they don’t come for any budget. have you ever seen? because we keep on a budget..
    ET: no, thats want we thought.
    NR: he never does it, he doesn’t do it. so i don’t want to appraoch him. [one word not clear] gandhi, they don’t do it.
    ET: hmm
    NR: isant hmm hm, chowkar haa DMD’s, Muthuraman’s the CFO’s, people in[pause] probably , i will see whether a tata motors CFO will come or a tata steels CFO’s will come. i am checking, who is availabe where?
    ET: ok, but Muthuraman can came?
    NR: Muthu is out of the country.
    ET: ok, Ravikant, he is also out of country?
    NR: he is outright turned it down.
    ET: ohhh
    NR: I sent him a mail last night, he is comeback, he is in london today, but he sent me a mail last night only, saying please keep me out of all these.
    ET: [laugh] ok
    NR: ya,[unclear word] I expected him to reject,because modi also approached me for pre-budget fixing on 22nd. At that time also he had said no. Lot of tata guys really dont want to do it,you know. but they i think nandkishore and some 3-4 of them, i will try and get [pause] out of them, we will see
    because i got cndc on my case. [pause] so get that.
    ET: ya , i can imagine that, everyone must be, you know, chasing you for all these guys.
    NR: ya, so [one unclear word]they wont generally go for budget briefing. i must tell you that. but
    ET: And RIL has the same story na , no one from RIL has [unclear] budget.
    NR: [unclear words], i wont get it.
    ET: I know, what these two group,there are comfartable of budget hmmm ok so
    NR: I will try even despite that i am trying to see whether i will get you
    [one unclear name] on air.he is not agreeing right now, but let see, but i will get you ha couples of data guys.i can’t promise all of them because [unclear word] not possible. i like to couple to be seen to [unclear].
    ET: Like who, but you are giving us more important one right.
    NR: hmm hmm hmm [unclear word] same thing to me naa i cant . i will give you both [ unclear word]
    ET: hmmm ?
    NR: so I will give you one ecc each and one cfo each.
    ET: Biggest has to come [unclear word], obviously otherwise whats the point, having no news for so many years, all that
    NR: CNBC can say same thing to me na?
    ET: ya but ,[ intecepts NR: No sreedhara…] i dont think[laugh]
    NR: how how i felt [unclear words] your sunny?
    ET: haaaa, no but i think, i saw people may have
    NR: ha
    ET: they are not giving ten engine [unclear words] for them is that, how they need to lay a pipeline, and all that
    NR: how they need to lay a pipeline?
    ET: they don’t need to lay a pipeline to dadri because they can use you know eight [unclear word] pipeline and all that.
    NR: Laugh
    ET: hmm so what to
    NR: you know , we will go to supreme court and look , my argument is very simple and i am telling rahul this morning, if he call me to say look we will very fair on coverage and all that. i said yaaa, you carried me, that fine with me, and i am pleased with t k aruns position.
    ET: hmm
    NR: you see, i am very clear because in the case of tata power [ unclear word] we faught coal.
    ET: hmm, yaa ya i know
    NR: in the case of spectrum, natural resource, mr raja [unclear word] mr raja issued spectrum on [unlcear word]. sunil mittal in supreme court, [unclear word] you saw the judgement they fixed it, right?. Gas, natural resource, no pricing has been determined, yet subjected to goverment approval, right? i don’t where the court has gone into decide that government doesnt need to approve pricing. Iron ore , tata steel fighting in jharkhand, where anil ambani try to take iron ore mines..
    ET: for what?
    NR: [one unclear word] to have a steel plant.
    ET: haa
    NR: we have guy, who is taking natural resources for personal prosect. their has to be some sort of policy in this country, which say Mr Raja’s or Mr Shinde’s ,or you know coal minister’s will not be allowed to allocate. or Murali deora for that matter, these will all go to through a process. they will be done at highest level, because they are natural resources. you cant have a high court giving judgement based on the two brothers fighting na.[pause] i mean saying when back to [unclear word] it makes a mockery of whole thing.
    ET: true
    NR: i can this because i am fighting both my clients. i can see what my tata power is going through, i can see what my tata steel is going through.
    ET: hmm
    NR: you are leaving decision at state level, [pause]you are leaving at central level, at at a politicians, who say, i have a party to support, and i have elections in 2011.
    NR: hmm, How strong your case in supreme court? because [NR intercepts : its very well] it should go back to the family [unclear word] right?
    NR: Na naaa naa ,i don’t think so, i think he is interpreted it very well,i can. the judgement if you read it.also you read it 364 pages of it, there is lot there.
    ET: i thought of reading it, ya
    NR: there is lot there.., i don’t think any judge can just go on blindly, i feel.i can give you the font comma fulstop, you read the [unclear word] judgment, areee you see that argument on supreme counrt in TVset.this will give tremendous order to sunil mittal in supreme court. because i know tata power, they want the supreme court on the, on the [unclear word] issue. i seen that judgement [pause]. and i can tell you one thing, this is something very seriously wrong, i am not saying this because because of reliance , say be emotional, may be i am bit emotional. but i just say one fundamental thing, that you know, if someone , who is watching this happen at very close [unclear word]. i seen Mr Raja telling meee, i mean eventhough friend of mine, kee nira don’t , you know spectrum, tike hai nira, you know,i have a party to support. [pause] then i seen dr sharma , who is been,one of the most upheld telecom officer , who’s turned down completely his own, on his own polices. [intercept CT: raja , hmm] [unclear word] natural resource.
    ET: Raja is a bastard, no doubt about it.
    NR: Nooo,but Raja, spectrum,i gave to him, middle of the night, LOI got issued,these are the natural resource.
    ET: Hmmm
    NR: even coal are natural resource , you get EGOM issues to change the rules of the game. Ater the bid process is over.
    ET: true
    NR: Iron ore, i am fight for mines in jharakhand, i know about politicians are asking 150 crores. we were refused to give, we were in court because of that. and this guys goes and get iron ore mines allocated.
    ET: but what,why has it, [unclear words] given, i don’t mind. what is going to do with it?
    NR: Because, he want to start,he found a MOU with state government. he saying i am going to start a steel plant. you get gas…
    ET: Ahead of all that, they given him the land.
    NR: they start, you start a process.. , you know how those things.[unclear word] respected [unclear word].you have not even got land acquistion. In case of power, he is talking about dadri having land. tell him to show you where he got land. he doesn’t have a land. shahpura i appericiate,because even tata power is getting land in shahpur. but you are telling me you dont [unclear word]. then you have government that alots three [unclear word] to the same party.
    ET: hmm,thats true, Which even shinde’s says as the mistake now.
    NR: ya , no rules, what you know, you are banana republic or what?
    ET: true
    NR: see, it cant, it cant work.
    ET: Nothing will come up with three projects any way.
    NR: nahi, you know that, i know that.right ? we seen them with close quaters , we all know that right? but tell me one thing , you are making mockery of system all alone. i am talking [unclear word] sunil mittal [unclear name] gone to court. now Tata’s are probably move against raja on spectrum.
    ET: hmm
    NR: [unclear word] that was, was issued, whole thing was issued, middle of night on 18th, and i have sent this to raja. you given anil ambani, a dual technology in retrospective. you cannot get away with that. tata’s were first in the queue. he wouldn’t have to reply. even if the appilication is there from 2007 also. that as whole judgement has been completely, you know , by TVset. i know dr [unclear name] has done the judgement.i just told [unclear name] don’t do this, i will give you spectrum. i know manvati’s has called anil sardan and told him, dont oppose this, in court we will make sure that you get the spectrum.
    ET: hmm
    NR: So, the point i am making is, whatever happens in brothers cannot be the bases of which,natural resources can be decided.
    ET: true
    NR: whether it is a mukesh or whether it is anil. that has to be set, there has to be pricing policy , that has to set by the government. high court is not qualified enough to do this.
    ET: No but now tell me, if you look at it, the case looks very very weak for [unclear word] atleast.
    NR: na naa
    ET: How are going to, no but how are going to, what is base on which, they are going to say that this is wrong.
    NR: They won’t tell to you and me naa, they wont more a tell to you naa. they will go to court and then fight.
    ET: They will tell you naa, they will not tell me. but they will tell you.
    NR: But i dont tell you naa.[pause]
    ET: but broadly, what is the, what is the , when and much.
    NR: Na na naa,i can’t tell you that, i think that enough legal argument that exists. enough, i said more than enough. they will decide on the strategy and i think its enough, you read the judgement[pause]. i as a layman understood, i need not have to talk to my client, i as a layman understood that judgement. and understood where it was coming, it can neverbe the bases, so many legal clause. [ unclear words] i will send it, you have it.
    ET: no , no i have the copy , i have the copy.
    NR: hmm [unclear word] you should consult a legal guy. even know [two names unclear and words ] they will have to say but consult [unclear word ] independent.
    ET: See from mukesh point of view , this is very serious affair , you know, [unclear word] also said that, you know ,there is much needed discovery, their on [unclear word] all haaa, it is an, this has a claim on additional of influxion of gas also. on the [unclear word].on all the new broughts, so what happens to arrival [unclear word ] then. if lot of the gas evaluation is factored into it, right? if you have to share with anil ambani.the evaluation will fall.
    NR: I would imagine share holders going have a view, why should you start, are you fool to spend 7 billion dollars to give it free for your brother.
    At the end of the day, i am sure , there is a question mark of share holder, will raise itself.i think, i dont think , mukesh is prepared , i think the arguments that have been raised by the honurable high court are a little [unclear word]. I seen that in case of spectrum, it will be very interesting to see [unclear word] looks at that. and i think , argument is the larger one [unclear word] you have to look at natural resource of country.
    ET: ok tell me something, is there anyone [unclear word] informally keep informed on what..
    NR: [unclear word] i will send once you decided.
    ET: ha
    NR: ya
    ET: Someone, you can keep in touch with.
    NR: yaa, i wil let you know
    ET: teek hai, where are you? delhi bombay.
    NR: I am delhi.
    ET: you are delhi, not coming for fire fighting thing [laugh].
    NR: no, i can do it from delhi you know, thanks for raja still some spectrum is left[ laugh].
    ET: ok, teek hai, when you are in bombay, let me know , i want to catch up with you.
    NR: i will do that ok.

  2. 2 SD December 6, 2010 at 6:29 pm

    Have corrected the typos, fixed some of the names — it’s now on OL

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