• IS-20090619-193735 

Neha B has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 neha bhat December 7, 2010 at 5:40 pm

    Phone rings.
    Lady: kamine.. immediate boss ko copy nahi karega mail se itne joote padenge mujhe mat bolna.
    Guy: nahi boss woh… he is on leave I should not be disturbing him.
    Lady: (laughs) poor thing…
    Guy: ahh…
    Lady: nahi he is not on leave …he came to work today to solve my problems
    Guy: as far as I am concerned he is on leave
    Lady: hmm?
    Guy: as far as I am concerned he is on leave. And I don’t believe in disturbing people…
    Lady: hmm…
    Guy: on their holiday…
    Lady: (laughs)…he’s clever… he’s not on leave…poor thing he is having his real tough time…
    Guy: hmm…
    Lady: but then …he’s going on…he’s going on to …he’s taking the family for now a week..
    Guy: hm…
    Lady: on Monday… to Maldives…
    Guy: ok
    Lady: so he can at least you know still (unclear) part of it.
    Guy: ok
    Lady: So he will be back at the end of the week. On saturday. So monday… he’s come back to Bom… I just dropped him at the airport… he’s going to Bombay
    Guy: ok…ek minute
    Lady: haan
    Guy: (off the phone) dada ek minute mein call karta hoon main aapko…
    Guy: (continuing the conversation) haan
    Lady: haan he’s going to Bombay
    Guy: hm
    Lady: and …he will be there till Monday and then Monday then (unclear) to Maldives
    Guy: achcha
    Lady: and comes back on Sunday I think.
    Guy: ok great
    Lady: so he will be back to work on Monday again. I am coming on Tuesday
    Guy: hm
    Lady: and I will be there for the rest of the week.
    Guy: ok
    Lady: Your board…your client’s board meeting is on 27th and MD is away next week.
    Guy: ok
    Lady: so… I will be there, I am meeting MM. Maybe I won’t stay the whole week. Mane I might just stay two days…
    Guy: hm
    Lady: and come back on Thursday. So if you wanna do your (unclear) again
    Guy: hm
    Lady: maybe you can still do the later part of the week. But dekhna padega abhi…(unclear) nahi 27th mein to phir tumhara who aa jayega na chutti jake apni family ke saath aa jayega wapas..
    Guy: sorry…
    Lady: he will go and meet his family and come back na…
    Guy: hm
    Lady: if they are moving to Supreme Court or whatever
    Guy: no …I don’t think he has to be there
    Lady: no… but he has to take decisions na …
    Guy: nahi…but strategy form …
    Lady: you know how hands on he is …
    Guy: no no but ek baar strategy form ho gaya then documents will have to get exchanged because it is an affidavit that needs to get filed no…
    Lady: hm…
    Guy: so I guess that he will ask …whoever rajan, MM to handle…
    Lady: hmm, hmm.
    Guy: so…
    Lady: Chalo… theek hai.
    Guy: uhh…Kuch meeting ho rahi hai (unclear) mein. There’s some rumor.
    Lady: hmm
    Guy: and… some meeting happening in Sewri.
    Lady: (pause) in?
    Guy: Sewri
    Lady: (clears throat) there is no meeting.
    Guy: haan. Nahi nahi, this is internal goss (unclear). Tushar has come and told me (uncomfortable laugh) ke yeh discussions ho rahi hai ke Sewri mein do parties mil rahe hai… RIL aur RNRL ke …
    Lady: hmm
    Guy: and …(unclear) mein the mother is meeting both the sons. I said who both the sons ho sakta hai woh issue ho… ke bare mein hoga.
    Lady: nahi both the sons toh abhi..ek son toh wahan baitha hua hai MAKER mein..
    Guy: achcha theek hai.
    Lady: haan…aur 8.30 uska dinner hai ranjan bhattacharya ke saath.
    Guy: chalo badhiya hai.
    Lady: main pooch leti hoon hai ranjan ko ki mother ke saath baitha hua hai ke nahi
    Guy: hmm…
    Lady: kyunki who toh already pahunch gaya hoga wahan pe.
    Guy: hmm..theek hai
    Lady: haan pooch leti hoon na…(laughs)
    Guy: (Laughs)
    Lady: I know he’s got dinner at 8.30. He said he is going to reach at I will check ke tum please mujhe batao do na ke kaun kaun hai wahan pe…
    Guy: theek hai…(laughs) chalo badhia hai…
    Lady: at least till 5 minutes ago, MD was very much in MAKER
    Guy: chalo badhia hai…
    Lady: cause I just had a word with MM and he was very much there.
    Guy: theek hai
    Lady: cause he was sitting with him.
    Guy: haan…they are ok with we are not doing anything on that no?
    Lady: hmm?
    Guy: they are ok with if we are not doing anything on that…
    Lady: I told him very clearly.
    Guy: so what did he say?
    Lady: teri marzi
    Guy: (slight pause) achcha!…he didn’t say ok.
    Lady: he didn’t…he said haan of course.
    Guy : ah haan…
    Lady: he said haan of course. Of course. Teri marzi.
    Guy: hmm..theek hai…
    Lady: Phir yun hanse lag gaya are the boss, you decide.
    Guy: achcha theek hai…
    Lady: phir Ha ha ha hans …hasne lag gaya…
    Guy: hmm
    Lady: mood mein tha… haan…
    Guy: achcha….(laughs)
    Lady: toh..dono baithe hai wahan pe…toh mujhe toh nahi lag raha ke meeting agar ho rahi hai to..ho sakta hai he’s got a….then I don’t know
    Guy: clone clone
    Lady: clone kya hua, clone clone…
    Guy: woh..waise bhi technology savvy hai toh..
    Lady: toh Tushar ne kisne bola…rajasaheb ko pata hota hai yeh sab…
    Guy: hmm..theek hai
    Lady: main apne rajasaheb ko… (audio ends)

  2. 2 neha December 8, 2010 at 3:24 am

    was just and maybe MM in the transcript i posted above may be manoj modi (see NR’s second response in the link in this comment)

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