Itinerary of ADA-20090708-092554

  • Itinerary of ADA-20090708-092554 

Krishnakumar S has transcribed this in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


1 Response to “Itinerary of ADA-20090708-092554”

  1. 1 Krishnakumar Sankaran November 27, 2010 at 7:34 am


    [Phone ringing. No caller tune]

    Radia: This…um, uh..Anil Ambani’s here.

    Unnamed Person: Haan [Yes]

    Radia: Media ko bata do. [Inform the media]

    Unnamed Person: Theek hai [Alright]

    Radia: Uh, he’s meeting, um…Oh God, who is he meeting? He’s meeting..he’s (inaudible)…Secretary Petroleum 10 45 with Shri Deora not yet confirmed. Secretary Fertilizer 10 15 and 11 30 (inaudible)

    Unnamed Person: 11 30?

    Radia: Capsec, Capsec.

    Unnamed Person: Ok, theek hai [Alright]

    Radia: Ya? Ok, bye.

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