Ajay has  transcribed this tape in a comment below.

3 Responses to “Jehangir–12-188819-0-07-20090522-160638”

  1. 1 Ajay November 27, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Phone ring (twice)

    Jehangir: Hi
    (some woman’s voice muffled in the background)
    Nira: Jehangir
    Jehangir: Hunh Hunh
    Nira: Ar…Congress never said anything about Raja
    Jehangir: Sorry
    Nira: Congress
    Jehangir: Hunh
    Nira: if you look at the statement that was made by ND-to NDTV by Manish Tiwari
    Jehangir: Hunh
    Nira: they have clarified very clearly that we have no issue on any minister, we have not made any (inaudible) remark, its all speculation
    Jehangir: Ya I know, so
    Nira: So why is Suja saying
    Jehangir: Hunh
    Nira: this is in his report
    Jehangir: Hunh
    Nira: that Congress has indicated that they do not want to give telecom to Raja because they have not said that.
    Jehangir: I know baba, everyone…I’ll tell them again yaar, everyone has been saying that na. I will clarify with them.
    Nira: Na na but everyone stopped it ya but then (continuing indiscernible)
    Jehangir (interrupting): I know, I’ll tell them, I’ll tell them
    Nira: talk about CVC and all that.
    Jehangir: I’ll tell, okay, I’ll tell
    Nira: ya because this is, this is, there are
    Jehangir: I’ll-
    Nira: there are plenty of Congress ministers who also has (indiscernible)
    Jehangir: this has just come out na. you know how it is, they must be still working. I will tell them again. They are a new shift. I’ll tell them.
    Nira: ya okay
    Jengair: Hunh
    Nira: Sorry to disturb. bye

  2. 2 sasi November 29, 2010 at 8:50 am

    we have not made any (inaudible) remark, its all speculation

    It seems the word missing is “personal”.
    rest looks fine.

  3. 3 SD December 4, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Thanks. This is also on OL now

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