Job loss-20090705-155517

  • Job loss-20090705-155517 

Raghav O has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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  1. 1 Raghav o November 27, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    (ringing) Pal pal pal pal kaise katega har pal… (hindi song caller tune playing in background)

    Radia: Daljeet thanks
    Daljeet: Sorry ma’am, it was on silent mode so I missed your call
    Radia: No no no, no problem, Daljeet woh Anupama maine suna hai woh karegi story (Daljeet I have heard Anupama will do the story?)
    Daljeet: Manoj ne Tushar se baat toh karvaai hai but I’m not sure ki woh kar rahi hai ya nahi (Manoj got me through to Tushar, but I’m not sure if he will do it or not)
    Radia: Uh huh
    Daljeet: Tushar ne baat toh ki hai Anupama se (Tushar has spoken to Anupama)
    Radia: Okay but, what does Prabhakar say
    Daljeet: Nahin Prabhakar nahin kar raha hai (No, Prabhakar is not doing it), Prabhakar said I won’t take sides, I will do a (inaudible) story, which will harm anybody. I’ll not do anything, unke kehne pe bhi main aisa nahin likhunga jisse tumhaara koi nuksaan ho. (I will not write anything on their word either which can cause you damage)
    R: Haan? (What?)
    D: He said ki RIL ke kehne pe bhi, I’ll not write anything which is going to harm you, RIL. (He said even if I am told by RIL, I will not write anything which will harm you)
    R: hmm hmm
    D: Matlab I will be very neutral in throughout this court proceedings (He said I will be very neutral throughout the court proceedings)
    R: hmm
    D: Matlab koi aisa kaam nahin karunga jisse aapka koi nuksaan ho (I mean I wont do any work which will cause you harm). Yaani woh (inaudible) story…chodho jo likha hai likhai hai (Here that (refers to inaudible name) story you should leave aside, what has been written has been written), but henceforth I won’t do anything. He said tum aaj ki bhi story dekho jo Supreme Court waali hai, bola ki woh simple story hai (He said take a look at today’s story on the Supreme Court, it is a simple story..).
    R: hmm
    D: That you people have gone to the Supreme Court, you have made the government the respondent and as (inaudible) perspective, your side of the story, what you people have to say, without quoting anybody.
    R: Hmm
    D: He said lekin yaar main agar yeh karoonga then RNRL nahin (He said, friend, if I do this (take sides), RNRL will not) then government will (inaudible).. if I start doing this then I’ll get into this then they’ll also come and they’ll say acha tum unke liye bhi kar rahe ho ab hamaare liye bhi karo (RNRL will say if you are doing it for them then do it for us as well), so he said ki but I want to avoid that situation
    R: Hmm
    D: Toh matlab but I wont be able to do it yaar (Basically he said he wont be able to do it)
    R: Hmm
    D: Haan matlab (Yes, I mean) as far as your stories are concerned please be rest assured ki (that) all your perspective will be included in your stories and it will be a positive story throughout the case.
    R: What about this one ..ummmm.. this BS..
    D: BS is doing (inaudible: perhaps Airtel) but he is not sure if his story will be picked up because of Sunday, he said ki (that) we generally file stories for Mondays or Saturdays
    R: Aur yeh job losses ka? Punjab (inaudible) ne jo track kiya hai? (And what about these job losses? Which was being tracked by Pubjab (inaudible) )
    D: Yeh maine bata toh diya hai sab ko, log track kar rahe hain par aaj koi mood mein nahin nazar (inaudible) they are saying aisa kuch nahin hai. Naintara (not very well audible) ji se phone karvaya tha (I have told everyone about it, people are tracking it but no one is in the mood, they all seem to say there is no such thing. I got a call from Naintara (not very well audible))
    R: Haan (Yes)
    D: He said nahin, aisa kuch nahin hai, kisne bola aisa (inaudible) waisa thodi na bola hoga (He said, no, there is no such thing, who said this… he couldn’t have said this)
    R: Hmm hmm (pause) okay okay, ya toh is ko bol do na, ki woh separately telephone journalist ko bol dega (Hmm okay okay, better still tell him to tell a telephone journalist separately)
    D: Main Atul ko bol deta hoon, main Atul ko bol deta hoon, haan (I’ll ask Atul to tell him, I’ll tell Atul, yes)
    R: Hai na (Right), maybe telephone journalist (inaudible)
    D: Yeah yeah yeah yeah hmmm hmmm.. main Atul ko bol deta hoon (I’ll tell Atul)
    R: Yeh kal toh kidhar aaya nahin tha na? (This didn’t appear anywhere yesterday right?)
    D: Haan kal nahin aaya kidhar, kal kidhar bhi nahin aaya. And I talked to Naintara about this thing also, the government waala angle (No it didn’t appear anywhere yesterday, I spoke to Naintara about this thing, the government angle as well)
    R: Hmm
    D: He said din mein koi bulletin hai nahin, toh subeh waala bulletin tha, usmein main kar diya hai, (He said in the day there is no bulletin, the morning bulletin has happened, I have done it in that) he said on Tuesday I’ll do a bigger story on the government story, the MoU, subject to government approval waala (no appropriate equivalent, ignore hindi word) clause
    R: Hmmm
    D: Uhh (pause) and your S&P (inaudible)
    R: Okay and in that comes the government…
    D: Nahin (No) you’ll be in Delhi on Monday?
    R: What?
    D: Will you be in Delhi on Monday?
    R: I’m on my way now, on the flight in takeoff
    D: Okay okay okay, will you be in office on Monday?
    R: No no, I’ll be in office tomorrow (voice in background begins, probably of passenger takeoff/landing instructions)
    R: Okay okay, I’ll see you all in office tomorrow okay?
    D: No Okay okay because she wanted to meet you in office for a minute, because she’ll be in Hotel Lalit for the budget thing. Throughout the day she’ll be in. (inaudible). And she was asking if she can drop in for a moment to meet you.
    R: Haan haan (Yes yes) okay I’m in office all day, any time.
    D: Okay okay, then I’ll fix it up ma’am.

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