Journos to SC -20090706-101828 (please crosscheck)

  • Journos to SC -20090706-101828 

Dilip D has transcribed this in the comment below. Please crosscheck.


2 Responses to “Journos to SC -20090706-101828 (please crosscheck)”

  1. 1 Dilip D'Souza November 26, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Journos to SC -20090706-10182


    [Silence till 0:21]

    [Clicking sounds]

    Unnamed Person 1 [0:25]: Hello.

    Unnamed Person 2 (presumably NR): Dorai … [Sohail? Not clear]

    UP 1: Yes boss.

    NR: [inaudible] Madhav Joshi se jo letter aya hai ..

    UP 1: Haan, haan.

    NR: You read it?

    UP 1: Ahh, no, I haven’t …

    NR: OK, we need to go over it and respond to them. Because they’re beginning to complain that we’re not responding to them.

    UP 1: Achcha, I’ll just see.

    NR: OK, that’s fine. Uske baad … doosri baat uh, uh, passes to Supreme, Supreme Court …

    UP 1: Ah haan.

    NR: Can you get some? Uh … Ek to Vishal ka pass zaroori hai.

    UP 1: Ah haan.

    NR: Tum jaoge.

    UP: Haan.

    NR: Daljit jayega.

    UP: Not a problem.

    NR: No, I also need one for Ganapathi.

    UP: Theek hai.

    NR: Uska nahin hai. Aur Rohini Singh, uhh, unki dono.

    UP: Theek hai, will do.

    NR: Inka na, because I believe it’s pretty tight. Just double check, huh?

    UP: OK, fine.

    NR: Because it’s pretty dicey. Both for tomorrow.

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