Judgement Day -Manoj-20090615-104953 (please crosscheck)

  • Judgement Day -Manoj-20090615-104953 

Sameer P has transcribed this tape in the comment below. Please crosscheck.


2 Responses to “Judgement Day -Manoj-20090615-104953 (please crosscheck)”

  1. 1 Sameer November 26, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    **Phone rings**
    Unnamed Person : (Unclear)
    Nira Radia : Price has been upheld.
    Unnamed Person : Hmm (short pause)
    Nira Radia : Umm?
    Unnamed Person : Uhhh (short pause)
    Nira Radia : 2.34. You should see how the channels are going berserk.
    Unnamed Person : Hmm…what are they saying?
    Nira Radia : They’re basically saying, clean victory for RNRL. Their price has been upheld. (Unclear…only two words Direct & Bombay are comprehensible). Direct court to go into a suitable agreement. Mahesh Ratnani has already given a byte.
    Unnamed Person : Acha
    Nira Radia : Bombay High Court gives one month to both parties to reach agreement (short pause) 2.34 price upheld (short pause) clean victory for RNRL (Unnamed Person interjecting with hmm) stock up 10%
    Unnamed Person : Hmm
    Nira Radia : Twentyyy eight mmsds whatever for 17 years
    Unnamed Person : Hmmm
    Nira Radia : High Court rules in favour of RNRL
    Unnamed Person : Hmmm (long pause) Dayal & Raja are very disappointed. They just
    Nira Radia (interjecting) : Hmm? They’ve left?
    Unnamed Person : Hmmm (long pause)
    Nira Radia : Are they (short pause) uhh (short pause) going to the (unclear. biz?) court?
    Unnamed Person : Uhh (short pause) Dayal has told that they need to read the judgement in totality.
    Nira Radia : Hmm
    Unnamed Person : And then he’ll speak to (unclear. Hemal?).
    Nira Radia (interjecting) : Hmm
    Unnamed Person : We were just on the phone to (unclear. Hemal?)
    (Long Pause. Nira can be heard muttering Oh my God under her breath)
    Nira Radia : Reliance stock down 42 (short pause) 45
    Unnamed Person (interjecting) : 45 rup
    Nira Radia : Reliance…ya…Reliance RNRL up 10%
    Unnamed Person : Theek hai
    Nira Radia : 40 rupees down.
    Unnamed Person (interjecting ) : Hmm
    Nira Radia : The channels have gone berserk all over.
    Unnamed Person : Hmm…hmm (long pause) Ya it’s a victory for them
    Nira Radia : Raja kya bola?
    Unnamed Person : Nahi…Raja nikal gaya
    Nira Radia : He left.
    Unnamed Person : Ya
    Nira Radia : No comment…nothing
    **Audio ends**

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