Judgement Day- Manoj Detailed-20090615-113141

  • Judgement Day- Manoj Detailed-20090615-113141 

Rama K has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck


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  1. 1 rama k November 27, 2010 at 10:23 am

    2 Rings

    Manoj: hello

    Radia: manoj

    Manoj: haan

    Radia: manoj, the thing is I spoke to MM… It’s a completely one sided judgement

    Manoj: okay

    Radia: If u see how well they are.. they have got themselves organised.. they got mukul rohatgi,
    everybody available for comment.


    Radia: now the thing is, what i want to know is, every (inaudible)


    Radia:what the recommendation we need to give very quickly, one is, this is it.. i mean if u look at the price, the price has been determined by the government,there cant be dual pricing

    Manoj: ya

    Radia:now who would be the ideal person to say that, arey, u cant say that?

    Manoj: yes

    Radia: haan?

    Manoj: Mohan parasaran

    Radia: so that is one recommendation

    Manoj:Hmm(continues)But i was.. iss kya hey na..till the final (inaudible), mahesh jethmalani has claimed that we have won the case. Now it will be interesting to know whether in the order, 2.34 is mentioned, 17 yrs is mentioned, 28 mmscmd is mentioned, as the part of the order

    Radia: it is, manoj.

    Manoj:Is it?

    Radia:all the three parts

    Manoj: ok

    Radia: haan. Thats what Raja tells me, MM tells me

    Manoj:Mohan parasaran has to say that. We will go against..

    Radia: has to say what?

    Manoj: Lets see, Mohan Parasaran has said that we will calculate the price of gas at 4.2.
    Whether RIL wants to supply to RNRL at 2.34 is their prerogative but we will calculate it as 4.2



    Radia: But that hurts RIL naa? because they will have to subsidise it

    Manoj: ya thats right(continues) they are subsidising because they have entered into an agreement with RNRL- family agreement or whatever.

    Radia: (inaudible) That is what the Media is carrying naa.. Loss of 3000 crore to RIL

    Manoj: hmm

    Radia: Because duty and all that will have to be paid by RIL

    Manoj: yes

    Radia: That is a (inaudible) for argument naa, manoj?

    Manoj: yes

    Radia: the only (inaudible) for argument is dual pricing.

    Manoj: yes

    Radia: natural gas (inaudible) is for all of India, there cannot be one family.. deciding…

    so thats the sort of argument that will come out today..

    Manoj: teek hai

    Radia: and pretty early… can u give me a quick draft-mail please

    Manoj: sure take care ok

    Radia: or u send it, and i think thats the way we have to move, the government will have to remand

    parasaran is already speaking, he is only speaking limited to the fact that they will..

    Manoj: they will? sorry?

    Radia: he is saying we will have to go to SC

    Manoj: acha ok

    Radia: he is saying that, that the RIL and.. mukul rohatgi also told that he is almost certain that RIL will go to SC. Manoj, Modi is also saying that mein lagta SC jaana padega

    Manoj: ok

    Radia: But the thing is immediately the messaging has to come from 3 points. one is mohan parasaran, The Finance ministry that can say that this cannot be loss to the exchequer


    Radia: (continues) Court can take a view on their MOU.. but we dont recognize their MOU.. And we will move to whatever it is to secure one pricing they cannot be dual pricing(large part of this segment is inaudible)

    Manoj: ya

    Radia: so can u quickly draft that for me and send it to Mukesh and MM?

    (ends abruptly)

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