K Raja 23-188819-0-14-20090523-112954

K Raja 23-188819-0-14-20090523-112954

Arfat A has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosschck.


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  1. 1 Arfat Ahmad December 1, 2010 at 9:22 pm

    Time: 7 min 25 sec
    In the below conversation, NR stands for Niira Radia and KR stand for K Raja.
    (Normal phone ringtone for 10 sec)
    (Start of conversation)
    NR: Hi Raja. How are you?
    KR: Good morning… Good morning.
    NR: Raja. Can I disturb you for a…
    KR: hey… No problem. I’m on the way to the office. I’m late today.
    NR: Raja, on distribution, I just saw the charts on fans [Please crosscheck] and what’s coming.
    KR: hmm
    NR: It is a terrible situation.
    KR: hmm
    NR: We’ll have to terminate that agreement. Arey, I’ll talk to Jahangir; I’ll talk to Jahangir already,
    KR: hmm
    NR: but we are nowhere near the S-band that we require to be whether we look at prime… you know the industry average,
    KR: hmm
    NR: we are not even close to 25-30% of the industry average.
    KR: hmm
    NR: So we are… we are being pushed in to the hyper and UHF,
    KR: hmm
    NR: and he’s… He’s now come back when after he’s met Jahangir yesterday that if I was to do… to bring you into the band where the industry is, then it will cost you more and it will be another 20… It will be up to 26 crores plus his commissions. Now Setpro [Please crosscheck] already was giving us 28 without negotiating. We’re not even sudden [Please crosscheck] negotiating with them.
    KR: Hmm hmm.
    NR: So we’re in a situation where we have already lost time. And we are nowhere at all. Now his other challenge is that he doesn’t have a distribution person.
    KR: hmm
    NR: When we were with I n X [Please crosscheck]. And what we were getting… where our reach was higher than what our reach is today… in terms of distribution and waves we are get… We are becoming… we may be adding people but we are not adding the… viewership.
    KR: hmm
    NR: For example in Chennai we are 0%, in any of the three bands.
    KR: hmm
    NR: So 2 suggestions Raja, One: we’ll have to relook at this. The second is: Do you think that with Eenadu we can get somebody who can… they can stick on someone temporarily to these people.
    KR: Yeah yeah… we’ll do that… that’s what. Yeah I think this week you tell me. Whenever Jahangir and Vinay are free we’ll go na… you tell me the date. I’ll come on any day… not a problem. At least first we should close before we start anything; we will first close that option. See whether it is there or not. You should understand very clearly.
    NR: Right
    KR: So for that first… See my suggestion would be before we talk to Ramoji Rao directly…
    NR: Haan
    KR: First I think I will take Jahangir, Vinay and… With the conference call on our… With the executive who is actually dealing with it. I’ll check with that company secretary who is dealing with it.
    NR: Ok.
    KR: Or we can talk to… Or we can talk to his son… first.
    NR: Ok, Son won’t do anything no? Do you think the technical guy is more important?
    KR: Yeah or… no no no… it is actually… See the person who has negotiated with them, whether he’ll… see… See son will have better perspective… Because see finally it is a question of suppose it is a Tata Sky they’ll have to go and tell boss this is mine. [Inaudible]
    NR: It’s not so much Tata Sky… It’s not so much Tata Sky.
    KR: No no, I’m saying Tata Sky means… I’m saying… I’m saying [inaudible: one word] you go to Dish TV… you say boss this is a part of our bouquet.
    NR: Baaki… a… the problem is only…
    KR: Anyway, I read their current agreement. In their current agreement they cannot add… that… That provision is not there.
    NR: I know that.
    KR: He sent me only one. But others… others also should be. You tell. So first we’ll have a conference call and then we’ll go… See first of all we’ll have to see the do-ability, then we’ll have to go and talk to Ramoji Rao.
    NR: Raja, the problem is not on DTH. DTH we know that Tata Sky…
    KR: No not DTH. I just gave DTH as an example.
    NR: Haan haan haan…
    KR: I’m saying any operator, whether it is cable or DTH.
    NR: Right.
    KR: See what they have negotiated is… sometimes lots of things are not written.
    NR: Right.
    KR: So most [inaudible] fellow his son Kiran would have been involved certainly.
    NR: Right.
    KR: I will check with him otherwise he’ll talk to the person who is involved na, there’s no problem…
    NR: Ok. What I…
    KR: Only thing is the person who is involved is… I’ll tell you… only Kiran knows; others they don’t know. That is the only issue.
    NR: Can I suggest one thing Raja on Tuesday… Monday… on Tuesday… Jahangir has to come and meet MDA. So before that, he can come and then we can set up a call once I get the time from MDA today what time he is meeting.
    KR: [background] Yes yes yes yes.
    NR: Then you can set up that call then he’s with you only then you can link up with Vinay also and then that call can happen, no? We’re all there.
    KR: Yeah we’ll do that… we will do that 100%.
    NR: Yeah that would be most critical. Second thing, is anybody on finance?
    KR: Ha this fellow is coming… the other fellow na… yesterday night it was fine… but I was telling you… that fellow is coming.
    NR: Who?
    KR: I’m briefing him. So… the Rajesh…
    NR: [Inaudible]
    KR: Whatever I said first na.
    NR: Very good. [inaudible]
    KR: Original there was problem then I [inaudible]…
    NR: So now
    KR: David [Please crosscheck] Subramaniam na, he was not releasing him.
    NR: Haan haan. Very good.
    KR: (laughs) Then I said that… that no he has to go. So I told him I’ll have one day session with him after that you leave. So, latest date he… So latest date is by 10th he will come latest.
    NR: 10th of June?
    KR: Latest. 10th of June is the latest date by which he will come, huh?
    NR: Great great great. Oh! That’s a relief. Ok Fabulous. That will be a relief. Ok then lemme… then let’s do this… let’s tie up this call on Tuesday and let’s see if we can even get in one person from them temporarily to work with them… and see whether we can… umm. U know even help… maybe you can give somebody from distribution from Eenadu temporarily to him also… so he has some person there… who can take it just… just to help out initially you know
    KR: Yeah we can… we can do that. In fact just now today itself also I will talk [without further ado (inaudible)]. I’m in Dadar, only. So I will have some time. I’ll talk to that Srinivasan and I’ll try to do something.
    NR: Ok great…
    KR: I’ll see whether we can have at least a call to how to… see the only problem though people are dictating they won’t know (Chuckles) they are not like others. That is the problem. See the problem is… see they are not being cheated by the cable operators and the others like other channels because of the old… because they are old… that is the only issue… so we should… anyway I’ll talk to that Srinivasan in the meantime now.
    NR: No but the prob… the advantage will be Raja that if they are not then if we link up with them and show some strategic alliance then maybe we’ll get their bre… that will run up on us na.
    KR: Correct correct correct correct correct.
    NR: Ha… the other thing you were saying…
    KR: Ha… no… Second thing. See this Bharat Rao. To whom all these were packets sent. Because he has received back forty packets.
    NR: Forty?
    KR: Ha…That’s what I… because just now he called me… just now before your call. In fact I was talking to him only when you called… (Nervous laugh)… he says that forty packets have come back
    NR: But he must have the names from where they have come back?
    KR: I don’t know whether addresses were wrong… you know addresses were wrong or.. I don’t know… because you know internet (inaudible 2 words) whether people took address from the internet and those addresses were changed or I don’t know. So I’ll just check what are all the address… so I’ll ask Manoj please at least send somebody there is no space in my house karke bola. So… He he.
    NR: No but I can’t believe why forty can come back?
    KR: Forty, he said forty. So… he he he. So I… so anyway… his house… I have gone to his house. It is not a very big house.
    NR: No no. I agree this is something very… Ok. Let me just check with him also.
    KR: He said forty. So what I’ll do is that I’ll send my secretary. I’ll ask Manoj to send one person, so I will send my car back so that those people can carry…
    (End of Conversation)

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