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  1. 1 sigbhu November 28, 2010 at 2:11 am



    Niira Radia: Kanni Hi
    Kanimozhi: Hi Meera
    Niira Radia: Kanni the feedback from … the Congress…um…is that…this is from Ahmed Patel, OK
    Kanimozhi: OK
    Niira Radia: He says let’s look, we recongnise that the problem is a DMK internal problem…it’s a problem between the family…problem between their own people
    Kanimozhi: Uh
    Niira Radia: We have given…they have given a list which is of 5 people, this is not acceptable to us,
    Kanimozhi: Ya
    Niira Radia: it is for them to dissolve, we have told them what is the best that we can do
    Kanimozhi: Ya, 3 and 4, no?
    Niira Radia: Ya. Once we appreciate that the dialogue has broken down, but, it’s not for us to get back to that, because we have given them our last and final offer. [pause] As far as we are concerned, Dayanadi Maran has been calling Gulam Nabi Azad on the half hour
    Kanimozhi: My God
    Niira Radia: and demanding all sorts of things, and they have told him very categorically that we do not point — no point you calling us, we need Mr Karunanidhi whether he wants to meet Sonia gandhi, whether he only — it is really the initiative has to come from the DMK to talk to us, we are not going to now call you or talk to you, unless you are formally authorised by Karunanidhi to speak to us, then we will speak to you but there’s no point calling us every half an hour and giving us any demand— he has not met Sonia Gandhi at all?
    Kanimozhi: But what does he…what…what demands he want?
    Niira Radia: He’s been making the same demands: that you give us five portfolios or we’ll not join. Or give us at least four, or we’ll not join. And he has demanded Surface Transport, he has demanded…eh…eh…Telecom, he has demanded Railways…and…eh, otherwise he’s also demanded Coal and Mines
    Kanimozhi: So he said…
    Niira Radia: So they’re saying that as far as we’re concerned, we recognise it’s an internal DMK problem, and a DMK family problem. It has nothing to do with Congress at all. Congress has spelt out its position. So therefore the leadership has taken a decision which is why they’ve not called you and taken.. they’re all waiting to meet before the swearing-in started…they have taken a decision that it is for Karunanidhi to decide who he wants, who he doesn’t want in the formula that has been provided to him. And it is for him to get back to them and tell them what they want. If he decides that he wants to nominate…eh…you to talk or nominate X to talk or Y to talk that’s entirely up to the… Karunanidhi to decide but they feel that there are far too many people who are calling …erm… them including Dayanadhi Maran which has been on the half an hour. That’s one. The second…
    Kanimozhi: Who else is calling? Actually I haven’t even made contact.
    Niira Radia: No, not you. I think Balu has been calling also.
    Kanimozhi: Oh…
    Niira Radia: Because he indicated that, that even Balu has been calling from Chennai and he also indicated one more thing: he said that…erm…there was a news report that came out at seven o’clock this evening which said that Dayanidhi got telecom etc, etc
    Kanimozhi: Yeah…
    Niira Radia: … and all that. That news report [inaudible] check back with Times now was given by Sun TV. Therefore it’s an internal problem that we suspect, no point putting it onto us because we are not putting out any such information.
    Niira Radia: So they’re basically saying we’re not going to call, we’ve tried to talk, the reason we did not contact you is because we’re not in a position to talk because we don’t know what you want: It’s your problem [inaudible] that you have to resolve.
    [both try to speak]
    Kanimozhi: No, no, the only thing was…[pause], see, we just want some initiative from their side because the leaders are really hurt about the abruptness of the whole thing.
    Niira Radia: Ah ha.
    Kanimozhi: Somebody should come from that side to start it.
    Niira Radia: Ha.
    Kanimozhi: Then, I think, er, it will go off. I’ll also try to convey that message
    Niira Radia: Yeah, tell them to just come to Ahmad Patel, na? You can tell him that, very clearly, that this is the message, and their view is that…and tell that he has confirmed…you can check with Ghulam Nabi Azad…he will confirm to you that every half an hour this man has been calling him. And they don’t…tell him today…that we don’t recognise you, we need your leader to come back to us. [pause]. I mean, we literally had to tell him this: we don’t know you, we know your leader. [pause]. So their side, they’re not bothered about him or who comes in or what happens
    Kanimozhi: Yeah.
    Niira Radia: But they will go with it, 3 by 4 formula. I’ll talk to him just now and tell them about the abruptness and see if we can find a way around that and see how we get…but see you need to see how to relay this message to that
    Kanimozhi: No, no, I will do that.
    Niira Radia: Hm?
    Kanimozhi: Sure.
    Niira Radia: You will, no, today?
    Kanimozhi: Ya. I’ll talk to him in the morning, he’s just gone to sleep.
    Niira Radia: OK. But this is what…in the meantime let me speak to them now, because they’re all still awake, let me see what they’re saying about…er…whether there is…you know…even that they’ll have to go back and check with everyone, na? Because just to get this message back to me, because, I have been pushing them since morning to speak to you, they…they had….they…apparently they had their own internal discussions first, and then they took a very conscious decision …er…that this list of five that was given by Karunanidhi was ill thought of…I mean, not by…
    Kanimozhi: [interrupts] No, no… That was just casually [inaudble]
    Niira Radia: [interrupts]
    Kanimozhi: That was just casually said.
    Niira Radia: No, but he said that should not have been said because anything that is coming from him they take very seriously because it’s him.
    Kanimozhi: I agree
    Niira Radia: Yeah, and so they’re saying that….obsviously that was an absurd list. And…and they said nothing on Balu, said nothing on Raja, the Prime Minister’s clairifed [….] there is no such thing, nobody has made any such thing, but if there are individual leaders in the Congress who have their own personal list, then those are their personal lists or people for the Congress?
    Niira Radia: let me talk to, er, this one…how did the meeting go? What was the meeting about?
    Kanimozhi: No meeting, nothing.
    Niira Radia: i thought this evening everybody came…
    Kanimozhi: [interrupts]: No, no…generally, just, every evening people come over in the evening and stay and chat
    Niira Radia: [interrupts]: Media [inaudible]…
    Kanimozhi: [interrupts]: Media’s just mad, ya.
    Niira Radia: …grand discussion that is happening
    Kanimozhi: every evening …[inaudible] plus or minus one or two
    Niira Radia: I know, I know. They’re all the same, I’m telling you, none of them are… they don’t have anything else. So, let me talk to them now, I’ll just have a word with him right now, ya?
    Kanimozhi: Ya. Sure.
    Niira Radia: And…er…see what feedback there is, obviously, please understand that all my discussion are all on a very informal basis
    Kanimozhi: Ya, ya, ya.
    Niira Radia: Ya? So, please, this is what has come from them, so I think that we have to…you know…we need to tell him this…in absoute terms is what they’re saying. They’re very clear about it. They really have a lot of respect for him. Both Sonia Gandhi and …you know…the chief [?]…they’re very very… very respectful for him, but maybe I’ll go back and tell… was the meeting a bit agressive?
    Kanimozhi: Pardon?
    Niira Radia: When you had that meeting, was it very agressive?
    Kanimozhi: No, some party members of course they feel that he’s being slighted, that is all.
    Niira Radia: No, no, when you went to that meeting, when Balu came out and made that statement about outside support, was the meeting very agressive?
    Kanimozhi: No, it was not. Once the leaders get hurt then everyone…everybody gets emotional no?
    Niira Radia: Hmm.
    Kanimozhi: So naturally, that how they react.
    Niira Radia: [agrees]
    Niira Radia: But why did he get hurt?
    Kanimozhi: It was very abrupt. See, after some more discussions and all that stuff if you had still said the same thing, if you had sent somebody and you know, tried to talk, you know, over the phone and this saying, this it it and we can’t do more than that
    Niira Radia: [agrees]
    Kanimozhi: I mean, finally, we might agree to whatever it is, that is not just…that is not he only thing…he feels that he needn’t have dealt with him that way…I mean everybody in the Party felt that way.
    Niira Radia: [agrees]
    Niira Radia: OK, fair enough. I’ll relay that, ebcause that’s an important point to relay: that he’s hurt [inaudble] because that’s fine
    Kanimozhi: Ya.
    Niira Radia: And I’ll do that, so that they can address that. But you may want to tell them that, you know, he has called every half an hour [inaudible] And they have told him very categorically, “Are you authorised or not to talk?”
    Kanimozhi: I will see…if I say that, it will look very bad
    Niira Radia: But Kanni, you have to tell them the truth, no? It’s the truth.
    Kanimozhi: I’ll try, I’ll try.
    Niira Radia: No, you tell him that he’s been calling him every half an hour…you can check with Ghulam Nabi Azad…

    [audio breaks]

  2. 2 vinoth_vanjinathan November 28, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Unable to dwnload your tapes… plz check it.. i’m using dial up conn. and i want to hear and do something useful(i mean transcribe) to you… cheers 🙂

  3. 3 Shivam Vij November 28, 2010 at 7:07 pm

    vinoth, click at the red button

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