Letter to Govt -20090702-140353 (please crosscheck)

  • Letter to Govt -20090702-140353 

Shreyas S has transcribed this; see comment below.

On the Outlook site, this tape appears twice. It also appears under the label, “Letter for economic survey-20090702-140353”


1 Response to “Letter to Govt -20090702-140353 (please crosscheck)”

  1. 1 Shivam Vij November 26, 2010 at 8:16 pm

    Shreyas S has sent in this transcription:

    (ringtone pal pal pal …pal har pal har…)
    NR: Hello channu (?)
    (Unnamed Person): Hi Sari (Sorry)
    NR: How much has the economic survey going to take up your schedule today?
    (Unnamed Person): Survey?
    NR: hmm
    (Unnamed Person): ah… almost the whole day
    NR: because we may have something acha then will wait to give to you
    (Unnamed Person): haan haan … toh aap bathaayiye …hmm… then we can whatever is the right time
    NR: because then I wont give it to anybody else I’ll only give it as an exclusive to you and you can say you got it from the government or wherever
    (Unnamed Person): OK, what time?
    NR: Its a letter we sent
    (Unnamed Person): OK, to the govt ok… so then aaa…
    NR: tum abhi bolna nahi kisiko please haan
    (Unnamed Person): nahi nahi nahi kuch nahi what time you think will be right? because you know I’m meeting the chief economic advisor in the finance ministry almost he is the one ho has written this economic survey and all uske saath thoda he has called me to explain ki kya kya hai ismey important things etc for that I think about from 4.30 to about say 5.30 I’ll be there with him in the north block after that you tell me
    NR: economic advisor is now who?
    (Unnamed Person): that arvind virmani
    NR: arvind virmani haan haan…
    (Unnamed Person): So after that I should be free (background speech)
    NR: so I’ll give to them at six’o clock haan?
    (Unnamed Person): OK great, so…
    NR: yeh kal print may ayega nah?
    (Unnamed Person): haan haan… so this one also there nah
    NR: dey was beautiful how come bombay dateline
    (Unnamed Person): yeah yeah because we we interested… I told you I sent you a message also nah this jaiswal was real nah so… so therefore our inputs we sent to usually to yahaan se mail karke we send it and ask them to write and then add a little bit whatever correct and use it because we are also inbetween going into this thing nah so therefore yesterday since he was ill we went to this thing told modi and told a couple of people there to join in but eh…all the…
    NR: modi was really compromised
    (Unnamed Person): haan haan but the main point and all were what we gave,, national resource…
    NR: absolutely It was beautiful… it was really good I wanted to say thank you channu(?) but what I wanted to mention was aaj yeh letter important hai
    (Unnamed Person): yeah yeah definitely
    NR: humne basically govt ko likhe yeh bola hai, mere paas abhi letter ayee nahi hai
    (Unnamed Person): haan?
    NR: but basically what we are saying is
    (Unnamed Person): yeah?
    NR: you know here is a judgement and…
    (Unnamed Person): hmmhmm…
    NR: we are committed to our agreement with the govt and the PAC and we are not fully aware of our …and we are not only… we are not only fully aware of our obligation but also dutybound
    (Unnamed Person): ok great
    NR: you know … its also a significant and very important letter
    (Unnamed Person): sure sure lets keep it around 6.30 – 7 and then go full full blast
    NR: and tomorrow morning samething nah like today?
    (Unnamed Person): yeah yeah yeah yes yes yes that’ll be done
    NR: but economic survey saara page na ley jaye nah phir… but give me front page please
    (Unnamed Person): haan we we will tell them dont bother too much about
    NR: I’m not gonna give it to anybody else, I’m not giving it to anybody else
    (Unnamed Person): OK great great…then what I’ll do is
    NR: This letter will be only with you
    (Unnamed Person): sure sure… what I’ll do is then when I come back to the office I will tell you… you can actually put it to me on my mail ID and then what I’ll do is take a print out and delete the mail and all that and then I’ll use from there and say kay this is what I got from govt sources
    NR: right
    (Unnamed Person): OK, DONE
    NR: one thing when you meet virmani
    (Unnamed Person): yeah?
    NR: you tell him nah how can a family agreement supercede
    (Unnamed Person): Sure sure.. why not I’ll take that up
    NR: hai nah hai nah…
    (Unnamed Person): I’ll tell him you talk… you spoken about this deregulation and all what are things are happening everything is being is decided in a peaceful manner and then introduce this point
    NR: yeah yeah and then you say how can families decide what it is
    (Unnamed Person): sure sure… 100% I’ll tell him 100%
    Nr: great… ok then we’ll talk after you finish meeting…
    (Unnamed Person): sure, once I’m free from there I’ll come out and immeidately give you a call

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