Manish Banalore-work on 4 issues-20090616-145627

  • Manish Banalore-work on 4 issues-20090616-145627 

Preetha has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Preetha December 8, 2010 at 6:15 pm

    Phone rings..trr..trr..(land phone possibly)
    Niira: Hello
    Manish: Hello
    Niira: Hello
    Manish: Is that Niira?
    Niira: Yeah
    Manish: Haa..This is Manish from Bangalore office..
    Niira: Hi Manish Hi
    Manish: Hi How are you?
    Niira: I am fine. How are you doing Manish?
    Manish: Very well very well. Thank you.
    Niira: Manish I just wanted to give you a perspective on the whole RIL thing. I have asked Manoj Warrier to brief you also.
    Manish: Ok
    Niira: If you can just take down a couple of when you are briefing the editors in your region (ok..) you will have a perspective..(correct..) You see..Let us look at one thing..When TATA power went to court against Anil Ambani group on Sasan….You remember? the power project..
    Manish: Yeah Yeah
    Niira: Yeah..It was for diversion of coal. (Yeah..)You remember the..Are you aware of this incident?
    Manish: Yeah Yeah Yeah I used to read about it though I didn’t work on that account, but I used to read
    Niira: But basically TATAs had also bid for the UMPP project. But..
    Manish: Which project?
    Niira: The Ultra Mega Power Project
    Manish: Yeah Yeah Yeah
    Niira: And the (not clear) have given a post facto decision to Anil Ambani Group to divert the coal to some of their other projects
    Manish: Right Right
    Niira: The argument of TATA power was that had you given me the same option, I would also have bid lower?. Thereby he had fixed the system to get a post facto decision done..for a natural resource. Coal is a natural resource, right?
    Manish: Yeah Yeah
    Niira: The second thing was spectrum..
    Manish: spectrum..
    Niira: He applied for dual technology. He applied for dual technology in 2007..or 2006.
    Manish: 2006..ok..
    Niira: Mr Raja who is the telecom minister (yeah yeah..) gave him spectrum in 2007 December based on a policy decision that he took on the 18th of October 2007 (ok..) and issued him what you call a retrospective license. Because what it did happen was that you already had..You know, if you have issued a policy say on the 18th of October (yeah..) you put it on the website on the 19th of October. Obviously people will have to apply for a..for a new license (Yeah..) or apply for a change in the existing license..
    Manish: Yeah
    Niira: But Mr Raja issued on the 18th of December (MUST BE AN ERROR SINCE SHE SAYS OCTOBER ABOVE) a policy and in the middle of the night called Anil Ambani to come and collect his LOI for a dual technology license. (Yeah..) And TATAs applied on the 22nd of October that the week end fell in between so we couldn’t apply till the 22nd because 19th was a Friday..
    Manish: Right
    Niira: Technically speaking TATAs were first in the queue after the policy announcement happened.
    Manish: Ok
    Niira: Spectrum also a natural resource..?
    Manish: Hmm..
    Niira: When you go to Mr Raja and ask him what is the problem Mr Raja why you are doing this his view is what do I do I have a party to run. Ok?
    Manish: Ok
    Niira: Thirdly, gas. You have a High Court Judge deciding on.I will come back to spectrum sorry, before I come to gas.Spectrum..all parties went to court to TDZ …TDZ naturally ruled in favour of Mr Raja and Anil Ambani and thereafter the TDZ judge whoever did the judgement if you see Sunil Jain’s edits, (Yeah..)became the TRAI chairman as well..(hmm) So he was rewarded, ok?
    Manish: Ok
    Niira: So then you come to gas..You have a high court judge. A High court judge decides what is the basis of a natural resource to be priced (Hmm..) and upholds a agreement between two family members (hmm). Natural resource of gas doesn’t belong to the two brothers, no?
    Manish: Yeah. Absolutely
    Niira: It belongs to the country.
    Manish: Country..
    Niira: The pricing of that and its efficiency and how it is utilized should also be decided by that of the country.
    Manish: Yeah
    Niira: Again who benefits.. personal, and in all the three cases that I have given you there are personal profits of Anil Ambani group, right? and and Anil Ambani himself. Fourth issue, iron ore mines in Jharkhand. He doesn’t even have a steel plant. He is going around trying to get iron ore mine allocated for steel. (hmm) What is the net take out? In the case of iron ore mines the going rate in Jharkhand is 150 crores for every iron ore mine that is allotted. You are seeing it in Bangalore. You know what happens in Bellary, right?
    Manish: Yeah Yeah Bellary (not clear)
    Niira: So what do you have?You have a net- net position where you have state governments..(Hmm..) You have departments and ministers who are from regional parties and you have judiciary upto a High Court level which is all questionable in the merit and the process that they follow including their ability to manage what is called a..what requires a policy direction by the topmost Government.
    Manish: Yeah, Yeah
    Niira: Natural resource of iron ore, Natural resource of coal, Natural resource of spectrum, Natural resource of Gas. It doesn’t matter if it is Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani. It should belong to a..It should be handled only by the prime minister of this country.
    Manish: Yeah Yeah
    Niira: No High Court, No Mr Raja, No coal minister and No Madhu khoda or Yediyurappa should be able to decide in what to do with an iron ore
    Manish: Absolutely
    Niira: That is the state of affairs. Who is benefitting? Anil Ambani has basically fixed the system (yeah..)for his personal benefits and that’s his approach. (Hmm..).And all these cases are in front of him.
    Manish: Yeah. Are we taking that forward in a proactive way with the editors of (not clear) India?
    Niira:No, listen Manish, at your level ,you need to, when you are engaging with them, you need to brief them in this perspective, in this manner..
    Manish: Yeah Yeah Sure, Sure, Sure
    Niira: Let us look at coal.Let us look at..You know let us look at all the aspects..
    Manish: Absolutely
    Niira: Yeah? Let’s see where we stand..You need to brief them. Don’t give them a note. (No No No..)Because I don’t want.. I want you to do a verbal briefing. And bring them to start thinking in this mind that..And I want editorials coming out of your regions which say that this is a natural resource. Please for Godsake let not the High Court not decide it is not the competent authority or Iron ore is a natural resource. Let Madhu Koda or Yediyurappa not decide.You know..Coal, let sushil Kumar Shinde not decide.Let all this be done at the highest level and who has the best credentials today, the Prime Minister of the country..
    Manish: Yeah
    Niira: Let this be a Government decided issue.
    Manish: Hmm
    Niira: Cannot be at the whims and fancies of a corporate and a Mr Raja, no? spectrum..
    Manish: Yeah, absolutely
    Niira: In all cases by the way we are in Supreme Court..
    Manish: Ok
    Niira: Coal we move to Supreme Court. (Ok..) Spectrum is in Supreme Court. Sunil Bharathi Mittal has moved to Supreme Court.(Yeah..) In the case of Gas I am sure that’ll ultimately move to Supreme Court. In the case of iron ore it’s already in Supreme Court, allocation..
    Manish: Ok Ok..
    Niira: These are all…Where are you today? Everything is gone..You know Tata Power by the way was not allowed a distribution license for 5 years by the High Court or MERC which is the regulatory body. We have (or had?)to go to Supreme Court together. So at the end of the day I think the Judiciary..They are not the competent authority on deciding the pricing of a policy. It is not their domain. They can decide on an interpretation.
    Manish: Yeah, Yeah
    Niira: But they cannot decide at what price the gas can be priced.They cannot decide on these issues. (Another phone bell that of a mobile is heard in the background)They have to stick to what is.. what is interpretation.
    Manish: Absolutely
    The bell continues to ring. The conversation ends abruptly.

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