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  • Manoj-editorial strategy-20090616-202053 

Rohit has transcribed the tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Rohit November 26, 2010 at 9:30 pm

    Summary: Nira Radia talks to her colleague Manoj about the editorial lines to push after the Bombay High Court judgement on reliance. Also refer to the spectrum judgment, fixing of court decisions and about briefing specific journalists like Vir Sanghvi and Eric Belman. Some lines are very indistinct.

    Nira: Manoj…
    Manoj: Umm.
    Nira.: Pricing argument..
    Manoj: heein.
    N: sab naraaz hai pricing pe (everyone is angry about the pricing)
    M: acha
    N: Nira: Going back to Kokilaben, who is Kokilaben….pricing..2.34..Venugopal, HBL, why can’t the government just auction it to the highest bidder
    M: Hmm Hmm
    N: Where is the price issue, he is saying, where are we coming from…everyone, 2.34. Jojo also, 2.34..can’t swallow it. I got asked by Jojo, how can Anil Ambani knows how to fix judges and you guys don’t.
    M: hahahhaha
    N: because we don’t do things like that
    Manoj: hahahahha (very amused)
    N: Tumhara 2.34 par argument kaam karega (your argument on 2.34 will work)
    M: Hmm
    N: Koshish karo (try)
    M: Kar rahein hain, kuch aaj, kuch kal. (I am trying, some today, some tomorrow)
    N: Aaj briefing diya ? (did you give the briefing today?)
    M: Haan
    N: Kis kis ko diya ? (Who did you give it to?)
    M: CJ ko diya DNA ke liye, HT, FE, Soma..Soma ko to already government ke perspective wohi diya hai, to maine Prasad ko bola, Prasad ne kahi ki note government ka hi gaya hua hai. I’m sure they are also using it. They have their own interpretations, that Kokilaben (unclear) out of the window.
    N: Kicks what? Ego?
    M: Yes
    N: Who’s perspective?Reeji
    M: Government was saying
    Nira: laughs
    M: The other was one contractor was giving house to build, he build the house, then between the two brothers, they agreed to keep the house for themselves, the government has neither the building nor the house..neither the building nor the land.
    N: Hmm
    M: That’s it
    N: And they lost the asset also, haan…after giving it to them to build. Ana chahiye Manoj, I tell you one thing, haan..People are waking up to it, yesterday;s euphoria is over. Everyone I spoke it, even your friend Modi
    M: Arey wah!
    N: Was laughing at Kokilaben. He was also laughing at Kokilaben. You know Nira I can’t understand. It was again Ramadurai for his budget thing. I can’t understand.
    M; You gave?
    N: I gave Ramadurai finally. He said he can’t understand, where this is coming from, Kokilaben? 2.34? There should be an ordinance. Who can decide?
    M:Sorry. There should be an ordinance
    N: There should be an ordinance. It doesn’t matter, who…Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani. Price has to determined in national interest, it cannot be anybody else, no Kokilaben, no judge. Bola, You know this judge. I don’t know this judge but you;ve written such good things about him today. Yeah, I Was not here. I was in Delhi.
    M: Kya hai? judge ka kya hai? Kuch age nahin bola? (what is it? What about the judge? He didn’t say anything more?)
    N: Maine bola, you know this judge. He said I was in Delhi. But you wrote such great things (indistinct) that is because of the TV Set judgment on spectrum and I look at the gas judgment and there is tremendous similarity in the language. I think there is one pen drive that is right now going around. I said, like yeah. (chuckles)
    M: Hmmm
    N: Maine to Venu go bhi bol diya. Jo kehna hai bol diya. At the end of the day, we know its fixed. Acha listen, Sharma/Sarna ne mujhe kuch papers bheje hain, tumhari paas aye hain?
    M: Hmm, woh (indistinct) ke hai kya
    N: Haan Haan, Interesting hai na
    M: (mutters)
    N: Haaain?
    M: Clean chit hain.
    N: Maine kahan dekha hai? Kahan likha hai clean chit?
    M: Starting main (indistinct)
    N: Joking? Maine para naheen hai. I was talking to Venu. Baat kar rahi thi, maine dekha naheen uska.
    M: ROC bolta hai mere jurisdiction main naheen hai. (indistinct) hai, RBI hai, unkon karna chahiye.
    N:…..(reading it)…Hmm, Raja ko bol
    M: Theek hai. Itna bundle bana bana ke bhej raha hai
    N: Haan?
    M: itna bundle bana bana ke bhej raha hai. Aur yahan pe unko clean chit aur clean chit mil rahi hai. Hahahahah.
    N: File to …jo bhi hai. It’s still an ED (Enforcement Directorate) matter for them.
    M: Haan. ED warna RBI
    N: But yeh to PC Gupta ke time pe fix hua hai, lagta hain na.
    M: Nahi boss, 15th May ka hai, that is, ek din before the election
    N: Haan, but the bureaucracy was still functioning
    M: Hmm, wohi
    N: Between the time the election was announced, Anuraj Goel and all that..So..(indistinct) able admi. Dekh le. So. Lets hope there are some edits tomorrow. Kya lag raha hai tumko?
    M: Kal or Parson ke beech main ayega, definitely
    N: On Kokilaben is it?
    M: No, No.on the fact that the judgement seemed to have screwed up the entire thing.
    N: Acha, Vir Sanghvi ko note bhejna hai, Manoj
    M: Haan Haan, Rohit kar raha hai, Raja mereko 15 minute main call karega.Either I will be in Delhi tomorrow. He said I don’t know, I will let you know, you call out of the blue. I said you let me know because I am planning to be in Delhi. Usko bol doonga main, if you need anything, other people can also come.
    N: You should also brief the foreign journalists, Eric Belman ko brief kar.
    M: Theek hai, OK
    N: Ki tum. In fact tum agar Suresh ko perspective dete ho. Usne in fact trust ke story di hai. Bahut khush hai Suresh ke saath. Tum yeh Wall Street par karwa do, how Indian courts decide

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