MDA -20090706-215533

  • MDA -20090706-215533 

Short call from MDA: apparently about the ministry [finance] confirming that [perhaps an earlier discussed] issue is only relevant for the NELP bid

Vidula has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


1 Response to “MDA -20090706-215533”

  1. 1 vidula December 2, 2010 at 2:22 pm

    NIRA : hmmmm… Hello

    RAVI :Niraji, Ravi

    NIRA : Hi Ravi

    RAVI : MDA wants to speak to you

    NIRA : Ok

    ( Phone gets connected to MDA )

    MDA : Hi Nira

    NIRA : Hi, the Ministry confirmed that this issue is only relevant for NE(inaudible )

    MDA : ( inaudible )

    NIRA : so thats something they have only confirmed….. I saw that (inaudible )….. isses of status

    MDA : Which Ministry

    NIRA : Finance.(inaudible )

    MDA : haan

    NIRA : they gave a……. apparently they have given a…(inaiduble)

    MDA : haan

    NIRA : so that they called us and said us that its only relevant for….. thats wae et(inaudible) and said that they have got a comment

    ( this audeo is not so clear and it seems to be edited too, in addition it abruptly ends )

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