Meeting NK n Sharad Yadav-20090601-133613

  • Meeting NK n Sharad Yadav-20090601-133613 

Arin has transcribed the tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 arin November 26, 2010 at 9:43 pm

    The other person is not named throughout the call, except probably (not very clear) at 4:39 where Niira Radia calls him ‘ abhi…wo sab…thoda reverse karna zaroori hai…haan Sunil?’

    Niira Radia: Hi
    Unnamed Person: Hello, that meeting is tomorrow at 12o’ clock.
    Niira Radia: Tomorrow at 12?
    Unnamed Person: Ha
    Niira Radia: In… in Bombay? I couldn’t call you. I got back last night and went straight to sleep.
    Unnamed Person: Sorry?
    Niira Radia: I said I got back yesterday and went straight to sleep.
    Unnamed Person: The moment I spoke, I sent you a message, by that time you were boarded
    Niira Radia: Haan I know…then I…what happened…we were on the aircraft for about an hour…
    Unnamed Person: Haan haan
    Niira Radia: then we went down again
    Unnamed Person: Nahin meri tab tak…meri tab tak usse baat ho chuki thi na?
    Niira Radia: Haan haan, I know… I told Rohit…I sent him your SMS…I forwarded it…but then the moment I reached home, I went to sleep.
    Unnamed Person: That’s okay na? That’s fine…to maine abhi subah usse baat kar li thi
    Niira Radia: to uska…usne…Jaipur kyun karna tha aise?
    Unnamed Person: May be… usne pehle socha hoga ye log pehle aapas me baat kar le… senior officer hai abhi…maine keh to diya hi hai…to I told him again…maine kahan nahin yaar wo to pehle baat …tumhari meri yehi hui thi ke first meeting you’ll take in your presence…
    Niira Radia: hmmm…
    Unnamed Person: after that they’ll keep on being in touch with each other…they’ll not involve you…except… if there is some qui-pro-quo which will be informed to you
    Niira Radia: hmm…
    Unnamed Person: that’s all…
    Niira Radia: hmm…
    Unnamed Person: to uska abhi…actually uska missed call tha…. to i returned a call
    Niira Radia: hmm hmm
    Unnamed Person: to he said that gentleman is coming from Jaipur at about 11 o’ c clock
    Niira Radia: hmmm…
    Unnamed Person: and probably Rohit said that… he said rather main chahta hun ke ….sorry 10 o’ clock
    Niira Radia: hmmm
    Unnamed Person: and Rohit said ke wo gyara bajeh ke pohonch I said that he should also take an early flight…
    Niira Radia: haan…
    Unnamed Person: so that in the fore noon this all is finished
    Niira Radia: correct…haan
    Unnamed Person: haan… to aap keh dena Rohit ko….theek hai na?
    Niira Radia: main bol deti hoon…haan
    Unnamed Person: usne mujhe jo time bataya wo bara bajeh bataya…he says wo gyara bajeh pohonch jayega hi…to fir airport se aate aate kai baar der ho jati hain…then I may have a meeting or something after lunch…
    Niira Radia: theek hai…
    Unnamed Person: to better hai ekbaar … I told him maine kahan abhi jo banda tum Jaipur se bula rahe ho… uska koi ticket wicket kar denge…he says kya baat kar rahe ho…koi issue nahin hain usme
    Niira Radia: hmmhmmhh…great
    Unnamed Person: haan, he said that, he said nahin nahin aisa koi issue nahin hai
    Niira Radia: theek hai
    Unnamed Person: income tax wale hain, ek ticket le sakte hain, maine kahan achcha theek hai
    Niira Radia:
    Unnamed Person:
    Niira Radia: theek hai
    Unnamed Person:
    Niira Radia: I’m having dinner with N K Singh and Sharad Yadav…on Saturday
    Unnamed Person: ok
    Niira Radia: at N K Singh’s house
    Unnamed Person: ok ok
    Niira Radia:
    Unnamed Person: I saw his interview in Express
    Niira Radia: maine dekha nahin actually
    Unnamed Person: aaa, parsu aaya tha shayad…on the eve of 30th…on the eve of this JDU national executive meeting…
    Niira Radia: haan, I mean I think he spelled out very clearly that he’s had enough with BJP
    Unnamed Person: haan…wo tadpa raha hain na!
    Niira Radia: hmmm?
    Unnamed Person: wo to oath le ken e liye tadap raha hai na yaar?
    Niira Radia: kya hai?
    Unnamed Person: wo to oath lene ke liye tadap raha hai naaa?
    Niira Radia: haan, lag raha hai na?…haan…haan
    Unnamed Person: uske sare jo interview thi uski matlab hi ye tha ke bhai ye sab bakwas chhodo…tum mujhe oath dilao
    Niira Radia: haan…theek bola
    Unnamed Person: that was two days back…in India Express
    Niira Radia: haan..thoroughly… N K Singh said that maine usko jab phone karke bola ke main Niira ko invite ….
    Unnamed Person: aap wo interview pad liya na ekbaar?
    Niira Radia: main pad leti hun…haan
    Unnamed Person: haan
    Niira Radia: main pad leti hun
    Unnamed Person: haan…it is useful to
    Niira Radia: haan…haaan..I’ll…I’ll…parsu aayithi?
    Unnamed Person: ummmm…umm…parsu..just go back to two three days..that’s all
    Niira Radia: haan, maine usko…maine kaha
    Unnamed Person: bhai…inka tees ekattess ko tha na…meeting?
    Niira Radia: haan haan haan
    Unnamed Person: national executive ka?
    Niira Radia: haan… haan
    Unnamed Person: to it is either… 30th was yesterday…right?
    Niira Radia: haan
    Unnamed Person: haan
    Both together: nahin yesterday was 31st
    Niira: Haan
    Unnamed Person: to it was either 30th…or 29th
    Niira Radia: theek hai..main padh leti hun..haan
    Unnamed Person: haan…use padh lena
    Niira Radia: to usne bola ke maine…Niira ne…Sharad Yadav ko phone karke bola ke I’d like to invite Niira…I hope you don’t have a problem…this guy was very happy…kaha…nahin nahin…haan…please bulaiye …N K goes to me…maine kahan..shukar hai bhai…
    Unnamed Person: …ye baat humein mat bataya karo…bohot jealousy hoti hain
    Niira Radia: aaayye haaii haai haai
    Unnamed Person:
    Niira Radia:
    Unnamed Person: abhi bhi jaan bujhke…
    Niira Radia: haan jaan bujhke bata rahi…
    Unnamed Person: laga lagake
    Unnamed Person: theek hai
    Niira Radia: main bataati hun …phir aapko…aaj shaam ko main milne jaa rahi hun… apne dusre wo…baat karne ke liye…wo dono ke baat kar lee thi maine
    Unnamed Person: ok..
    Niira Radia: haan…allocation ke wo maine baat kar lithi…main fir….tumko uske baad shaam ko baat karungi…
    Unnamed Person: haan yaar…I thought I should just … fore warn you
    Niira Radia: hmmm…
    Unnamed Person: important…
    Niira Radia: he has already got that in his mind…
    Unnamed Person: theek hai
    Niira Radia: but…I’m meeting him today..maybe… today… I may not be able to discuss all the issues….because there will be a lot of people today..
    Unnamed Person: but tell him to kill MTN
    Niira Radia: nahin nahin..wo main usko…nahin nahin nahin…wo nahin karega…
    Unnamed Person: achchha…nahin kargea?
    Niira Radia: because Anil Ambani wants that
    Unnamed Person: nahin nahin nahin….MTN to uske paas ja raha hai na?
    Niira Radia: Sunil Mittal ke paas
    Unnamed Person: haan
    Niira Radia: nahin nahin…wo Sunil Mittal ke saath ab jhagra nahin lega
    Unnamed Person: achchha…nahin karega?
    Niira Radia: main tumse baat karungi…
    Unnamed Person: ok..ok…
    Niira Radia: because…Navika lagi hui hai uspe
    Unnamed Person: hmm..nahin but I believe jo so called spectrum allocation hua hai…
    Niira Radia: hmmm…
    Unnamed Person: the biggest beneficiary is the younger brother?
    Niira Radia: is who? Haan …is younger brother? absolutely
    Unnamed Person: hain?
    Niira Radia: abhi…wo sab…thoda reverse karna zaroori hai…haan Sunil?
    Unnamed Person: then how come he has..made the…younger brother biggest beneficiary…and…you people are also putting him like anything?
    Niira Radia: main tumko bataungi….ye bohot complex issue hai
    Unnamed Person: ok, chalo…we’ll talk on the other phone
    Niira Radia: haan? Mere client Tata… beneficiary..right?
    Unnamed Person: haan wo bhi pata hai mujhe…wo likkha hua tha
    Niira Radia: haan..theek hain…main aap ko phone karti hun fir..
    Unnamed Person: ok ok
    Niira Radia: ok
    Unnamed Person: bye

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