Rajdeep- MM visits IBN-20090707-162552

  • Rajdeep- MM visits IBN-20090707-162552 

Suhasini R has transcribed this tape in a comment below.


3 Responses to “Rajdeep- MM visits IBN-20090707-162552”

  1. 1 Suhasini Raj November 27, 2010 at 9:29 am

    NR: Hi rajdeep
    RD: haan bolo
    NR: No I thought maybe you are in Italy after the budget.
    RD: No no ya where..I am going to meet the finance minister today after the budget for a idea that I want to share with him.
    NR: Achha achha I was just talking to Suhel and he was going on his holiday
    RS: Suhel Seth has a lot of time and money, neither of which I have at the moment.
    Niira laughs..
    RS: So I have to..
    NR: You’ve got a cold..is it?
    RS: Is it? No no where ya its hot ya its hot as ever
    NR: its awful, its awful
    RS: Awful
    NR: Rajdeep, Manoj Modi is in town tomorrow
    RS: OK
    NR: And we are coming across to the network 18 office in.Noida tomorrow.meeting Raghav and wondering if you were there
    RS: What time?
    NR: We are coming across at 3 30.
    RS: Haan 3 30 is fine because 12 to 2 I have a meeting. 3 30 is perfect.
    NR: We are there at Raghav’s office at about 3 30. Can we meet up with you as well and have a run over with the gas issue and all that has been going on?
    RS: Sure sure sure. But it might be easier because..just suppose maybe if I have to cancel my Parliament thing, if I am not there, who will you meet in case I am not there?
    NR: We are meeting Raghav, and he may just call Shireen in
    RS: Haan that’s that’s we’ll take everything from them. But I want Manoj to meet Sameer Manchanda because Sameer and Manoj had a long chat in between on the cable thing? So I’ll make sure if I cannot be, I’ve committed to someone in the Parliament, I realize now, ### if I don’t return by 3 30 it will be a problem.
    NR: hmhmm
    RS: But if I can, I will come, otherwise, uhhh if I can get someone from our team also to be briefed along, I am fine, but frankly Shireen is the reporter who covers###and all
    NR: OK great because # when last Raja was vindicated he said, so Manoj said why don’t we just
    RS: My own my own sense that I get is that if shireen is briefed properly, then we’ll take all our stuff from them. But if possible, if one of our guys who is covering it in the court can also be briefed, nothing like it.
    NR: OK OK.

  2. 2 SD December 2, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    NR: OK great because # when last Raja was vindicated he said, so Manoj said why don’t we just…


    to me this (right towards the end) reads like:

    OK great because Raghav in his last convo [conversation] had indicated, he said [inaudible, not clear] so Manoj said: Why don’t we just go across to their office and I said I haven’t even been across to your office…

  1. 1 When Rajdeep Sardesai got it left, right & centre « sans serif Trackback on December 3, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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