Shankkar Aiyar-20090522-184449

Shankkar Aiyar-20090522-184449 

Srinivas V has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Srinivas V November 27, 2010 at 7:24 am

    22 May 2009, 18:44:49

    Shankar Aiyar (SA): Hello?

    Nira: Hi… [indiscernible].. Times Now is running a very nice.. er.. ticker… [laughs]

    SA: Haan, I know that.

    Nira: Haan [Yes]… [laughs]

    SA: But why they are running it?

    Nira: I told her.. I said… you know you sure do have a sense of humour. I said I didn’t know you were a comedy channel.

    SA: OK OK..

    Nira: Wo tho kahri kay… [she’s saying that] they’ve got confirmed sources of congress.

    SA: [pause] But Congress ka tho lena dena nahi hein portfolio se… [Congress doesn’t have anything to do with portfolios]

    Nira: I told her that. Tho [indiscernible] got to do with Congress… [indiscernible]

    SA: Tho woh bolna tha ki …DMK… [overlaps with indiscernible voice of Nira]

    Nira: Haan kuch bhi [indiscernible] unko … tch.. kuch bhi lagey hain [voice trailing]… kuch bhi unko… chain nahi hai [they can’t seem to relax]…. pata nahi kaun karva raha hai itna zaada [don’t know who’s behind all this…]… [pause] wohi hain (unnamed person) … aur kaun ho saktha hain na? [he should be the one, isn’t it? Otherwise who else could it have been?]

    Nira: [SA talks something indiscernible in between] I haven’t… I haven’t seen him at the swearing-in….

    [Someone calling Nira’s name in the background]

    SA: Kauon?

    Nira: yeh … [this person..]

    SA: Usko…

    Nira: Maran ko…

    SA: Accha teek hein… haan haan haan… [voice trailing] boss ko tho mein ne dekha tha … but I didn’t see him…

    Nira: Kya bola? When you spoke to boss?

    SA: Nahi he said, “Ok, fine”….

    Nira: What did… but what did he tell you finally?

    SA: No no, he is tho basically clear dekho…assal mein [actually]… his boss also wants him to go to Telecom…

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: Because of this whole controversy.

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: It is backfiring on basically Maran.

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: Now leader he says ki he is feeling… ki… if now if he doesn’t become.. it will look that PM.. umm.. basically didn’t want him.

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: Whereas, PM has officially communicated… [stutters] conveyed that…er.. Raja is okay with Telecom with me.

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: So there’s no issue. Ab [Now] that is the only thing.

    Nira: Hmm.

    SA: So usme tho koi issue hein he nahi. Ab jaake dekho kal kya.. er.. karange jo meeting karenge.. kya hoga patha lagay… [indiscernible]

    Nira: When is he going to Tamil Nadu?

    SA: Woh.. raath ko [at night] 8:40 flight.

    Nira: And.. er.. what er… what time is the meeting tomorrow?

    SA: That I don’t know…

    Nira: Accha… [I see]

    SA: Uska mujhe kuch nahi patha [I don’t know anything about that].

    Nira: Chalo let’s see. Amma jaa rahi hein wahan unke ghar pe paunchthe.

    SA: Accha… accha.. [I see.. I see..]

    Nira: Let’s see. We’ll find out. [voice trailing]

    SA: Teek hein [OK].

    Nira: OK.


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