Shankkar-Aiyar 20090523-130017

Shankkar-Aiyar 20090523-130017 

Arvind I has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Arvind Iyer November 27, 2010 at 7:45 am

    Phone rings
    SA: Hello
    NR : Hi
    SA: How are you?
    NR: I am fine..Sorry…I was..heh heh.. all over the place.
    SA: Any news?
    NR: I had a long chat with Kani last night…Kuchch..Kuchch kal raat ko to discuss nahin hua tha. Sirf Maran ne ek separate meeting kiya thaa…Karunanidhi ke saath ki hum logon ko abhi settle kar dena chahiye (Nothing was discussed last night. Only Maran had a separate meeting…with Karunanidhi, saying that we must settle it now). We shouldn’t prolong it because we are getting a bad name…without realizing that usne khud hee to bad name diya hai (he himself caused the bad name). But I got feedback from the Congress at around 11 ‘o’ clock last night, which I gave Kani…which I have sent you an sms also. I don’t know whether you’ve got it, but basically…
    SA: No, I didn’t get it.
    NR: What they are saying is that, look, we are not going to contact them. Initially, they had said they will contact Kani but they said they will have an internal discussion, but they said we are not going to…contact them. We don’t think the problem is ours. The problem is not between Congress and DMK. The problem is between DMK itself. And therefore the family has to decide what they want and what they and what they don’t want. They have made a laughing stock of the UPA as it is, already. And therefore the Prime Minister is quite cheesed off about the fact that this is sort of… they’ve made a…quite a fool of everyone. The thing is that they gave a list of five MPS which was…I,,,ministries and that was absurd; they knew we’re never going to give them that and they were already aware of the sort of formulas that we were discussing
    SA: Haan…
    NR: So to say that they were expecting much more than they had previously was a bit unfair on their part..
    SA: Correct
    NR: And just because they want more, that doesn’t mean, just because they want to accommodate family members, that doesn’t mean we have to give them more ministries. So they said we are not going to contact them because we don’t think the problem lies with us. The problem lies with them internally and they have to resolve it and come back to us.
    SA: OK (Inaudible)
    NR: We have a great amount of respect for Karunanidhi but actually we don’t feel…their approach has been quite honourable.Woh karke unhone ek aisa message…yeh Ahmed Patel ka message tha (Doing that, they gave such a message…this was Ahmed Patel’s message)..aur yeh (and this)..I have given to Kani.
    SA: Haan Haan
    NR: I said if you are expecting anyone to contact them separately..he…indicated that Ghulam Nadi Azad told his leadership, all of them, you know, the…when they had that meeting at 7 RCR. that…er…these guys…Maran had been calling him on the half-hour, demanding X portfolio for himself, which he then told him that ‘Look I’m sorry, but we have told your leader what we can give. Please ask him to nominate somebody who can negotiate with us, and they will preferably be somebody who is not out of the five that are the contenders.
    SA: Other than five contenders?
    NR: Yeah..Yeah
    SA: OK
    NR: Because there is no point…this is…and…And they finally told him that they don’t recognize…We don’t know whether you have been authorized to speak to us. So we will speak to…Whenever Mr. Karunanidhi feels that he is upto it, to speak to us, let him speak to us directly.
    SA: Hmmm
    NR: Yeh uske paas message diya hai (This is the message given to him)… Aur separately kya hua hai ki Sunil Mittal ke saath jab meri baat hui kal to (And separately, what happened yesterday was that when I spoke to Sunil Mittal yesterday…) anyway now they have recognized that they are not going to get more than Chemicals, Fertilizers, Telecom, and the other MoS ministries, right? So what they are now saying is that we will now want…So what Maran is now doing is that he is going around telling everybody that Prime Minister doesn’t want to give infrastructure to Baalu and Raja…so that he ends up getting Telecom and IT.
    SA: Correct.
    NR: So..whether it is..and Times Now confirmed, to DMK yesterday…Somebody from DMK had called Times Now in Chennai, “Where was this information coming that: ‘Dayanidhi Maran to get Telecom’ ?” They then confirmed it came from Sun…Sun News.
    SA: OK
    NR: So woh sab chal raha hai. To Amma ne kal raat ko aur aaj subah Chief Minister ko samjhaaya ki yeh Congress ka message hai (So all that is going on. Amma tried to make the Chief Minister understand, last night and this morning that this is the message of the Congress). Kani ko bhi maine kal bola ki (I also told Kani yesterday that…)you have to tell your father this. She was a bit hesitant in telling her father this…but you can’t ignore it. You have to tell him!
    SA: Haan..factual, you have to inform.
    NR: If you don’t tell him, who is going to tell him this? And she said, ‘No he’s going to think that I am doing it…for Dayanidhi Maran…’, I said, ‘I am sorry! You are going to have to tell him the truth!’ You can’t keep him in the dark. You are doing injustice to everyone.
    SA: Hmm Hmm
    NR: So I think she is going to do that and they are hoping that they will have a settlement by the end of the day today or tomorrow.
    SA: But they have to first settle among themselves naa?
    NR: Basically dekho, Azhagiri ne already kah diya hai ki I do not want Maran (Basically see, Azhagiri has already said that I do not want Maran.). Stalin I believe yesterday has indicated the same thing.Now…
    SA: Hmm Hmm
    NR: We are going to polls. I think they are going to what…Panchayat polls or whatever…kuchch hone wale hain…Municipal polls, jo bhi local polls hote hain (some Panchayat, municipal or local polls are whatever are going to happen)…To…They need Azhagiri for that. They cannot afford to upset that.
    SA: Of course.
    NR: So…They are also saying that you can give him a sensible MoS..below him……Maran has gone on telling everybody that he doesn’t speak English and that he has only studied upto five, fifth standard or something.
    SA: To isko, Azhagiri ko pata lag gaya yeh? (So does he, Azhagiri, know about this?)
    NR: Haan. Usko pata lag gaya. (Yes, he has found out.)
    SA: So must be (Inaudible)
    NR: Nahin usne to already bata diya hai naa..already de din pahle hi usne bol diya ki I don’t want this man (No, he has already say, two days ago that I don’t want this man.) Kyonki (Because) he realized that this is what he was doing. So we have to see now..Woh Selvi lagi hui hai thodi apne father ke peeche (That Selvi is pestering her father a bit), but one good thing that Karunanidhi has done is that he has gone and stayed at Kani’s house. So I think he realized he didn’t want the pressure.
    SA: Selvi ka relation kya hai isse? (What is Selvi’s relation with this?)
    NR: Selvi Stalin ki behen hai (Selvi is Stalin’s sister.)
    SA: Nahin..Selvi Stalin ki behen to hai, but what is the relation between Maran? (No..Selvi is indeed Stalin’s sister, but what has she got to do with Maran?)
    NR: She has always been close to him. Uska husband ka relationship hai inke saath…kaafi…business mein kaafi interests hain (Her husband has a relationship with them…with quite a few business interests)…
    SA: OK
    NR: She has always been the pointperson for him in the family.
    SA: Haan
    NR: Ultimately…
    SA: I…Selvi’s husband’s brother’s children are there naa? I mean, something…some has come in the newspaper today.
    NR: Selvi’s? Brother’s?
    SA: Selvi’s huband…Uske husband ka… (inaudible)
    NR: Achcha..achha..achha…
    SA: Matlab(I mean)..Maran’s…father. Selvi’s husband or brother perhaps…
    NR: Haan…maybe..maybe..Inke cousins ke beech mein shaadi hui thi (There has been intermarriage among cousins.)
    SA: (Inaudible)
    (Vehicles honking in the background)
    NR: So Maran is using his whole this thing to its fullest is also telling everyone that Prime Minister wants only him. To kal isne separate time maanga tha Karunanidhi se (So yesterday, he had asked separate time with Karunanidhi), which he got but then…Kani’s mother didn’t leave the room. She insisted on sitting there and she sat there and heard everything.
    SA: Ok Ok
    (Vehicles honking in the background)
    NR: Which was basically and he couldn’t talk that much naa…He simply said don’t delay this. Let us settle this matter as soon as possible. Those type of things. When he was the one who tried to delay it in the first place.
    SA: (Inaudible)
    NR: So Karunanidhi just heard it and didn’t day anything. I think he recognized also, ki agar yeh nahin hota to mujhe yeh tension hoti hi nahin ( I think he recognized also that if he weren’t here, I would not have had this tension at all.)…
    SA: Hoti hi nahin..sahi baat hai (Yes, it wouldn’t have been at all. That’s right)
    NR: Aur kitna yeh karenge aaj kal, yeh pata nahin, aaj bhi koi meeting set to nahin hai…aise to nahin hai ki koi meeting hai. Aur jo kal media keh raha tha ki meeting hui hai, woh sab usko milne aaye the, Leader ko. (And how much they will do today and tomorrow, we don’t know. Even today there is no meeting set…And what the media had said was a meeting yesterday, was only a visit by all to meet the leader)
    SA: Meeting to hona hi hai (inaudible)…decide karna hai, kuch to hona hi hai (A meeting has to happen…They must decide. Something must happen)
    NR: Hmmm
    SA: They can’t officially say naa ki, he has to discuss with his wife and daughter. He has to dicuss with the party (laughter)
    NR: Correct…Correct…(Inaudible)…What have you heard, anything?
    SA: No nothing. I didn’t speak to boss also.
    NR: Aahaan..Call him na and check.
    SA: Karta hoon shaam tak, abhi to kuchch hua bhi nahin hai (I will do by the evening. Now nothing has happened at all.)
    NR: What was his view when he left yesterday?
    SA: No he said that nothing has been finalized…I will go to tomorrow and let us (inaudible)
    NR: Oh..
    SA: But he’s quite will be there.
    NR: Solution kya hai? Maran ko baahar rakhna hai..aur kya solution hai? (What is the solution? Maran should be kept out. What other solution is there?)
    SA: Haan wahi..ultimately to wahi hoga. (Yes that. Ultimately only that will happen.)
    NR: Hmmm… Abhi yeh Karunanidhi ne galat kar diya..yeh unthought of list bhijva dee.. (Now this Karunanidhi made a mistake by sending that unthought-of list)
    SA: Haan vahi naa…(Yes, that.)
    NR: Then I had to go back and tell the Congress that that was not the case. That list was just something that was sent. They were expecting you to come back and say that…but you could not expect…you didn’t did it very (Inaudible)
    SA: Haan
    NR: There have been a couple of rounds of discussions naa…You shouldn’t have been so abrupt about the whole thing.
    SA: Right right right.
    NR: That’s what I said..maybe…you know and the party is feeling a little offended that they have been mistreated by Congress.
    SA: Correct correct.
    NR: To unke saath sentiments aa jaati hain na unke raaste mein (So with them, sentiments come in the way right?)
    SA: Haan..woh to hai (Yes..that is true.)
    NR: Separately maine suna ki Jayalalithaa ne phone kiya ki I don’t want any ministry or anything. (Separately I heard that Jayalalithaa called to say that she didn’t want a ministry or anything). You dismiss the Government at the Center and I will just support you.
    SA: Ho sakta hai (Could be!)
    NR: Haan?
    SA: Ho sakta hai (Could be!) (Inaudible) opportunities.
    NR: She doesn’t want anything at all at the Center.
    SA: Nahin. Ho sakta hai..Uska to one-point program hai naa (No..It could be…She has a one-point program right?)
    NR: Hmmm Hmmm Hmmm. So they have to be all…So they all have to be (Inaudible) whole thing will get dismissed naa?
    SA: Haan right..That is there. I can call..
    NR: They have taken such a strong position naa…
    SA: Stalin understands this thing naa?
    NR: Kaun? (Who?)
    SA: Stalin must be understanding this thing.
    NR: Haan..Maybe he is. Yeah. How many people have told him that, God knows, you know.
    SA: Hmmm..
    NR: Let us see.
    SA: Chalo let us see. If you have anything confirmed, jo sort out ho jata hai,
    NR: I haven’t called them more than was required. I called them in the morning
    SA: Nahin shaam tak…abhi zaroorat nahin..raat tak baat (No, till the evening…it’s not required now…by tonight…) (Inaudible)
    NR: Shaam… (Evening…)

  2. 2 SD December 2, 2010 at 12:41 am

    Very clean. There were just a couple of minor, non-material typos like:

    SA: So must be (Inaudible)

    should be

    So must be damn against these guys


    NR: I haven’t called them more than was required. I called them in the morning

    should be
    I haven’t called them more than was required. I spoke to them in the morning

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