Shankkar Aiyar20090522-193809

Shankkar Aiyar20090522-193809 

Prerna C has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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  1. 1 prernachawla November 28, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Shankar: haan ma’m
    NR : Hi Shankar
    Shankar: what’s happening? No deal no?
    NR : nahi, no deal. Yeh kya hai na, tumhari Pallavi Ghosh aur Navika Kumar; are a bit mad because…you should take it off the air because _____(inaudible) the deal hasn’t happened.
    S: nahi mein toh usko, headlines today ko bola kuch bhi run karne se pehle mereko poocho.
    NR: nahi woh run kar raha hai woh. Breaking news mein…
    S: headlines bhi kar raha hai?
    NR: haan, dono kar rahe hai… and both Aaj Tak and Headlines are doing it. The thing is that the meeting hasn’t taken place today. We are waiting for Raja to come back tonight and _____(inaudible name) is also coming back tonight. He left at 5, Raja is leaving now after the swearing in. he was nominated to attend the swearing in.
    S: hmmm
    NR: kuch kal 11:30 baje meeting hai and then we will decide. We are very clear, prime minister is very clear. Prime minister is just reached out to DMK and has said that they have made a reasonable offer. we will resolve the matter in a few days. Obviously it’s not done, you know it’s not done. I know that ____(name unclear) just landed in Chennai. I know that… nothing has happened. Yeh lage hue hai unnecessarily. I don’t know whose…
    S: theek hai mein kuch chalaata hoon.
    NR: haa kar lo, ek aur baat hai. Sunil and all are very active to get Marun there.
    S: dekho mein pehle se bol raha tha, ki tumne usko karne ko bataaya ki nahi? ____(inaudible) mein kya misrepresentation karta rehta hai Iyer.
    NR: bol diya. Aaj CM ko bhi pata lag gaya hai. He went and told the chief minister that Amit Patel has asked me to stay back. So then chief minister told him that you join Congress na.
    S: hmm
    NR: if that’s your this thing…you don’t need to.. I’m telling you that you cannot attend the swearing in, only Raja can. So he could handle that. Toh usne kal bhi confuse kar diya, kal deal ho jaata. Isne jaake bola ki last time we did it in 2004, we should try for it now again.
    S: nahi who unke taraf se batting kar raha hai, isliye sab lafda ho raha hai.
    NR: kiske taraf se?
    S: (laughs) congress ki taraf se.
    NR: hes doing it from Sunil Mittal na.
    S: hmm
    NR: he shouldn’t do that. Let me tell you one thing, Karuna nidhi when I was there at ___ (inaudible) house, I made one thing very clear and you must know this. He said that because there has been so much controversy on Raja… he was talking to Karni and ofcourse she was translating… because there has been so much controversy on Raja, I cannot let anyone believe that it is wrong. Therefore Raja will come back as telecom minister. He told the prime minister that.
    S: nahi usko aane do….

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