Sunil Arora–45-188819-0-26-20090522-081537

Sunil Arora–45-188819-0-26-20090522-081537

Samir A has transcribed this tape in a comment below.


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  1. 1 Samir Alam December 4, 2010 at 6:22 pm

    00:00 to 00:06 Silence
    Callertune: Pal Pal…
    Nira Radia: Yes Sunil.
    Sunil Arora: Hello?
    Nira Radia: Yes Sunil.
    Sunil Arora: Hello?
    Nira Radia: Yes Sunil.
    Sunil Arora: Hello?
    Nira Radia: Yes Sunil. Hello?
    Sunil Arora: Oh, Sorry. Were you sleeping?
    Nira Radia: No. I woke up.
    Sunil Arora: Is he really leaving at 10 o clock?
    Nira Radia: Yes, he is going.
    Sunil Arora: Huh?
    Nira Radia: He is going. Basically the Congress has made a mess.
    Sunil Arora: Yes.
    Nira Radia: They are saying…they wanted 4 cabinets, there is Azhagiri you know.(SA: yes)…he’s quiet a big leader from South India.
    Sunil Arora: Yes, yes. The guy from Madurai.
    Nira Radia: Yes. You can’t ignore him.
    Sunil Arora: Yes. (Nira: You…) He is the eldest son.
    Nira Radia: Yes. But you’re pushing forward Dayanidhi’s name. And if you’re giving a cabinet berth to Dayanidhi, and you are naming our ministers (SA:Hmm) then don’t give a cabinet to Azahgiri. Becasue we had told (name: Baalu?) first that we will give. (SA:Hmm) You have to tell me that i’ll give you three and then you have to let me decide who those three will be, right?
    Sunil Arora: Yes.
    Nira Radia: But they just kept on pushing forward Dayanidhi. Thats where they messed up.
    Sunil Arora: In 48 hours have they lost their minds?
    Nira Radia: Congress’?
    Sunil Arora: Yes.
    Nira Radia: They did the same thing with Farooq Abdullah.
    Sunil Arora: Yes.
    Nira Radia: Did Praful get aviation?
    Sunil Arora: I don’t know. The papers keep saying, since last night, that he’s getting it. (NR:Hmm) Rest only god knows. (NR:Hmm) Praful has backups from two sources. (NR:Hmm) I think internally (NR:Hmm) T.K. Nair is too much mixed up with him (NR:Hmm).
    Nira Radia: But T.K.Nair has nothing to do with this, right?
    Sunil Arora: Things happen behind the scenes (sniggering). (NR:Hmm) When they make cabinets on state level here (NR:Hmm), two three names are added and removed (sniggering). (NR:Hmm) Same thing must happen at the centre level. (NR:Hmm) Plus their links are also mixed up with each other. (NR:Hmm) Their lines are too now closely crossed with each other. (NR:Hmm) Are you at home now?
    Nira Radia: Yes.
    Sunil Arora: What is your landline number?
    Nira Radia: Should I call back in five minutes?
    Sunil Arora: I should call in case i (inaudible) or should i call you?
    Nira Radia: I’ll just call you. Its 64612650.
    Sunil Arora: What? 61?
    Nira Radia: Its 64-61-26-50
    Sunil Arora: Alright.
    Nira Radia: I just…(cut)

  2. 2 Samir Alam December 4, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    Italicizing isn’t possible when posting here. The formatting is changed due to the comment box.

    Majority of the conversation is translated from Hindi. The use of bracketing to differentiate seems unnecessary in this case.

    All names except one was not clearly understood and has been marked as “inaudible”. Its something-Baalu. Colloquialism have been transcribed and translated to their best possible English intent.

    Crosschecking would be welcome.

    Any more for me?

  3. 3 SD December 5, 2010 at 7:17 pm

    If you do translate, first please transliterate the Hindi text as well so that in case any nuances are lost in translation, they can be checked and corrected. Thanks.

    • 4 Samir Alam December 6, 2010 at 12:15 pm

      Sure. I’ll do that from now on. I saw what you mean on Outlook.
      Please let me know if there are any more that I can do.
      Thanks. keep up the good work.

      • 5 SD December 7, 2010 at 1:19 pm

        Thanks for volunteering. Why don’t you click on the category of “pls crosscheck” and in case you notice any anomalies, please put them in a comment on that thread?

        Much obliged.



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