Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 (Seems to be a labelling error as it is Ranjan Bhattacharya)

Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 
(Seems to be a labelling error as it is Ranjan Bhattacharya)

Raghu has transcribed this tape in a comment below.


2 Responses to “Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 (Seems to be a labelling error as it is Ranjan Bhattacharya)”

  1. 1 RK November 27, 2010 at 2:37 pm

    Male voice may be Tarun Das (according to label) or Ranjan Bhattacharya.
    (Ringing, no caller ringtone)
    Tarun Das: (Coughs) Hi!
    Niira Radia: You’re not well?
    TD: I have a cough.
    NR: Oh dear me.
    TD: (Coughs)
    NR: Your friend Sunil Mittal. He’s lobbying against Raja.
    TD: He’s lobbying against Raja?!
    NR: And he’s pushing Maran.
    TD: Sunil just arrived last night.
    NR: Nahi, he was working in the background.
    TD: Because he called me yesterday… day before… he actually was in London, he just met my daughter, he asked me are you there? I said, don’t be silly yaar. Achcha. So he’s lobbying against Raja for Maran?
    NR: He’s making a mistake because woh Cabinet mein Telecom tho bas Raja ke paas jayega. [In this Cabinet, Telecom is only going to go to Raja]
    TD: But tell me – ah, how is the PM reacting? Because this morning…
    NR: PM has said nothing on this – it just Navika Kumar who has gone overboard on the say-so of Viraj Bhatia, vis a vis Maran and Surender (inaudible).
    TD: No no, say it again, sorry?
    NR: You see Navika in Times Now is working on the DL for Viraj Bhatia.
    TD: Who is Viraj Bhatia?
    NR: Viraj Bhatia is an AT&T guy, and also he used to be the pointman for Maran in Delhi.
    TD: Oh that tall boy?
    NR: Tall boy.
    TD: Ah.
    NR: So he’s always been Maran’s PR machinery when Maran was candidate, (inaudible)
    TD: No but…
    NR: He introduced him to all his relationships to the Telecom journalists.
    TD: But tell me… He’s not the old man’s… the final authority on…?
    NR: He is, but the Old Man’s got stuck. He’s sent five mails to Congress on Monday, which was Railways for Maran, Power for Baalu, Telecom for Raja, Surface for Azhagiri…
    TD: For what? Who?
    NR: Surface for Azhagiri, his son…
    TD: Ah, Azhagiri…
    NR: And Health for Kanni, and he’s indicated that Kanni can be Health or Environment and Forests in the independent capacity.
    TD: MoS, huh?
    NR: MoS. He knew that Railways would not get accepted and he knew that Power would not get accepted.
    TD: Okay.
    NR: He’d also given the indication that he was under pressure from his family.
    TD: (chuckles)
    NR: So one is committing in one house, another is committing suicide in another house. And I would have thought that the Congress would have been a little bit smarter, by not pushing Maran’s case all by themselves.
    TD: Right.
    NR: So all this media blitz that they didn’t do anything from day one, they made this case for Raja and T Baalu.
    TD: Hm…
    NR: But as far Karunanidhi is concerned he cannot say no to Raja, because Raja is a Dalit. He needs to bring him into the Cabinet.
    TD: No, and plus everyone else will say apne kha liya aur apna parivar ko de diya aur kisi aur ko… [Everyone will say you took your share, gave it to your family and as for everyone else…]
    NR: Hanh, and Raja uska aadmi hain. [Yes, and Raja is his man] All the sons like him, everybody likes him, amenable hain to the party and they can all trust him. Usko kaun nikalenge? [Who will remove him?]
    TD: Right.
    NR: Woh jyo bhi karle. Usko koi nahi nikalenge. [Let him do anything. Nobody will remove him.] To which Karunanidhi told Ghulam Nabi Azad, Raja will be my Telecom IT Minister, Prime Minister said I have no problem with that.
    TD: Mmhmm.
    NR: When all the blitz was going on, yesterday I spoke to Karunanidhi, I said why are you doing this?
    TD: Mmm.
    NR: Sunil ka naam tho aa hi gaya. [Sunil’s name came up]
    TD: Mmhmm.
    NR: A lot of people don’t want him, and all that, this that and the other. Then I made Brakha [unclear] call up Congress, and get a statement from Congress whether the Prime Minister had actually said he doesn’t want Baalu.
    TD: Yeah, yeah.
    NR: She carried that he had never said it.
    TD: Yes, I read that.
    NR: Now the Congress has issued another statement saying that they’re not talking, they never really talked about people.
    TD: Mm mm.
    NR: The problem is that Azhagiri is a pretty large, big leader from the South.
    TD: Yeah.
    NR: You know he himself carries a lot of weight in the party.
    TD: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
    NR: (inaudible) Baalu aur Raja ko keh raha, that if Baalu and Raja get Cabinet, I have no problem getting MoS.
    TD: Who – this is Azhagiri?
    NR: Azhagiri. And Kanni and I can both be MoS. I have no problem, provided it is not Maran.
    TD: It is not Maran. Right.
    NR: If Maran becomes Cabinet, then I must get Cabinet, that is why you got four.
    TD: Mm, mm.
    NR: And the problem is that. (pause) But Congress is stupid – they should have just given a message very very clearly, it’s Karunanidhi’s fault. That –
    TD: Niira, just hang on, you’re breaking up, I’m going through this area, one minute. (pause) Hanh, can you hear me?
    NR: Ha, I can hear you.
    TD: Ruko, ek minute ruko, ek minute ruko.
    (Recording ends)

  2. 2 SD December 6, 2010 at 3:22 pm

    Thanks, pretty clear. It’s now on OL

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