Vir Sanghvi–36-188819-0-22-20090522-225011

Vir Sanghvi–36-188819-0-22-20090522-225011

Arin has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck


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  1. 1 arin November 26, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    I can do this tomorrow (27th nov), if that is fine

  2. 3 arin November 27, 2010 at 4:56 am

    Vir Sanghvi: Hi Niira
    Niira Radia: Vir, sorry to disturb you
    Vir Sanghvi: no no…bolo
    Niira Radia: I just spoke to Kani
    Vir Sanghvi: haan?
    Niira Radia: the thing is that…they’ve had…this meeting they’ve had…there is not meeting in DMK that they’ve had today…it’s simply…just everybody coming to meet the leader.
    Vir Sanghvi: right?
    Niira Radia: they are…they are…you know…I think… have a lot of respect for Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi as well…what she was saying is…that the general feeling in the party and …that of Karunanidhi is….that he recognizes….yes he has to deal with this problem…and he has to deal with it himself
    Vir Sanghvi: hmmmhhh
    Niira Radia: but he feels that the manner in which the Congress handled it…in terms of… they were very abrupt…they called over the telephone….and said ‘well..this is it and nothing else’
    Vir Sanghvi: hmmh
    Niira Radia: I think he also recongizes that the list that was given was given very casually
    Vir Sanghvi: okay?
    Niira Radia: i said…but you know any list that is given by Karunanidhi is not treated casually
    Vir Sanghvi: right
    Niira Radia: it’s a very serious thing…you’re giving a list of five cabinet berths…I mean that can not be treated casually, right?
    Vir Sanghvi: right
    Niira Radia: so, okay; fair enough. But he feels a little..ummm..slighted…because it was a very abrupt…if you…he said..his view was that if you had had several rounds of discussion…
    Vir Sanghvi: ya?
    Niira Radia: and several rounds meaning….you could’ve had one or two extra rounds of discussion…then you suddenly say ok this is my position, that is fine
    Vir Sanghvi: hmmm….
    Niira Radia: but only after one meeting…
    Vir Sanghvi: hmmm…
    Niira Radia: you suddenly call up and you are very abrupt….that’s where he got offended
    Vir Sanghvi: fair…what about his conversation with Manmoha Singh last night?
    Niira Radia: it was nothing…but Manmohan Singh only said two words
    Vir Sanghvi: which were?
    Niira Radia: that you know we should just try and resolve this issue…Kani was the one who was translating it
    Vir Sanghvi: that’s right
    Niira Radia: and you know…we should try and resolve it…let’s not…you know…let’s work through this and… try and resolve it…and he said fine…and that was it….it lasted hardly a couple of min…less than a couple of minutes…
    Vir Sanghvi: okay, I’ll pass this on?
    Niira Radia: yeah
    Vir Sanghvi: hmm?
    Niira Radia: I think…they feel that…even if there is any gesture…
    Vir Sanghvi: yeah…they would respond?
    Niira Radia: that look…they…they will respond very favorably
    Vir Sanghvi: ok
    Niira Radia: I don’t think there is any…this thing…and…
    Vir Sanghvi: yeah
    Niira Radia: he can then decide…you know…he’ll do it…I think…I think…they..they should probably just go back and say that we don’t…we didn’t mean to…you know…we get a sense that you feel that there is…you know…you’re offended or something…
    Vir Sanghvi: haan..
    Niira Radia: but I don’t think…
    Vir Sanghvi: the intent is not to slight you…a lot of respect
    Niira Radia: that’s why…we..we

    The tape ends abruptly

  3. 4 Ashwin November 27, 2010 at 7:20 pm

    Have cross-checked this. It is fine. Every word (as far as I could hear) has been transcribed correctly.

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