Air India Story-PPatel screwed it-20090708-094637

  • Air India Story-PPatel screwed it-20090708-094637 

Surojit: Praful Patel ‘screwed up the airline’ and now wants to bring in Ratan Tata to tell the PM that he would do something. ‘It was Sharad Pawar who wrote to Vajpayee to allow Naresh Goel to bid for Air India’ and these are the people who are now trying to say that they are trying to revive the airline

Amitesh has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Amitesh November 30, 2010 at 10:36 am

    NiraRadia- Yes surojeet
    Surojeet- Hi, how are u?
    Nira- I am ok he has an offer and he is not gonna take it.. Don’t ask, don’t mension it because basically at the end of the day yadav patel met him whatever his name is yadav or
    Surojeet- Ya ya..
    Nira- He met him he ask him as far is ..There are so many ills of airlines…ye tum likhoge to nahi (you will not going to write it)
    Surojeet- Haan ekdum likhenege (yes,will write, offcourse) I am reddy na, edited how Patel has screwed the airline
    Nira- Yeah , so basically now what they trying to do all the deals they are made, they trying to rectify it by having someone like Ratan Tata there
    Nira- Yeah, you now…instead of getting…its been …basically what as the done bylaterals given away with the asset from the airline
    Surojeet- Absolutely
    Nira- Their attempt was swatch it from the airlines that to carries the benefit na, so given the thankfully their economic downturn call them a problem also otherwise ye airline ko bech dete (they had sold the airline)
    Surojeet- Hun,,hun,,hun,,
    Nira- So now they are trying to been Ratan Tata into show the Prime minister ki go do something…to wo to nahi kar rahe(he is not going to do it) he is no stupid na…he knows that Patel is using him to rectify his own dues that he is done…to wo to nahi karega…wo to mujhe nahi lagata ki (then, he will not do it, I don’t think that )he is going to take it on, anything. The government, prime minister gonna have to step in and take over the charge of national carrier
    Surojeet- Yeah, absolutely otherwise nahi hoga (will not happen)
    Nira- Impossible(bad audio) to prafull patel, I think if you are writing then you should write na how he is screwed up the airline
    Surojeet- Nahi nahi, I am doing, I am doing for the sake I am doing of how he played the whole bilateral game and how he…gave right to the, I will waiting for the figures I have got all the figures, I mean how Etihad was, Etihad airlines nowhere to three as a go now it is fourth largest airline in India then emirates, we got some very interesting figures like in 2004 when he came, they were 2.5 million seats given on the middle east route now it is 7.5 million
    Nira- Yeah, And on other thing is the time of disinvestment the Air India was disinvested the most interested value of Air India was bilatrels, barring the…aaa..hanger of course the ground handling and all that they had now even that open is the privatization of airport is open to all…
    Surojeet- Yeah …
    Nira- Question of that having any value no longer applies for the save old equipments now..that’s what the value of Air India becomes the real estate which is what these two private carrier want .unko to hangers chahiye na so this (bad audio )(they want hangers)
    Surojeet- There asset was essentially bilateral and hangers
    Nira- No it is ground handling, it is MRO, it was all there back age engineering and capacity including the hangers and space in Mumbai but now would the privatization of airport that all changes
    Surojeet- Yeah yeah….
    Nira- Now ground handling and MRO is open to all…they destroyed now…they very people who are now trying to revive the Air India gave away the bilateral destroy this value this remember that the forty MP that oppose the disinvestment of Air India and this thing included Prafull patel and Sharad pawar ..Sharad pawar that wrote to Bajpai why are you not allowing to Naresh goel to bid for air india so…
    Surojeet- You wrote a letter, Is it?
    Nira- Bahut purani lettr hai sirji use dig karne me mujhe (very old letter that was..for dig that)…I will have to go into storage
    Surojeet- Achaa achaa
    Nira- But it is there, it’s on record I can assure you…nothing will not be quoted wrong on it ..and why was he not allowed and these are the very people that are…there are today trying to…so call… tring to put up a spar they are trying to revive it at that time the debt of airline was 3,000 crore in 98
    Surojeet- Ok
    Nira- Taken it up to 14,000 crore and it will Taken it up to 14,000 crore ,what is left, huge huge huge order what is on do with airlines on the bilateral otherwise given away to the everybody else in the competition and then don’t forget to write about the merger
    Surojeet- Yeah
    Nira- What good was the merger? it is only increase the problems, infect what should have you done which is what the earlier government was trying to do was divest ground handling, divest aaaa….MROs, so they could became the separate profit estanters divest meaning air india airline still would have equity in it, and there would still in the majority player but divest it so they culd have become separate profit estanters and convert Air India, airlines into a virtual airline operation which is wahat is done world over . these are the very people that opposed it. stop these facts and the SIEC deal happening you remember..?
    Surojeet- Yes, absolutely
    Nira – And then they brought in middle man like Dipak talawar and everybody else to do deals from the bilatrel
    Surojeet- Got all the bilatrels from middle east…
    Nira – Yeah..yeah…so he work to a conspiracy of the middle east carrier to destroy the national carrier successfully, pura aise script kiya hai airline ko (whole airline scripted in this way )
    Surojeet- Aur abhi badi badi baten kar rahen hain log (and now people talking highly…)
    Nira- aur hai kya ..what he is trying to show now that he is turned it around
    Surojeet- and I am go to get a ceo, I am go through all (here is word not sound clearly)
    Nira – nobody can turn this airline around if they want to do anything, there should be sunil arora back. He is the only
    Surojeet- only gye..Yeah absolutely
    Nira – no body else can do it…no body..he is the only one who broght..aa aa…profitability to Indian airlines in many else
    Surojeet- absolutely…
    Nira – so it was,,,pretty much of the mess yeah…kya ye log… to Ratan Tata is not stupid fool he is so…he wil just right and tell them that he is not interested…wo jab aayega letter to main tumko bhej dungi wo abhi…he is in real right now.
    Surojeet- We come see he is not going to accept
    Nira – I think he should face that you know he is unlikely to given that in his previous tenure as chairman Air India, he went through traumatic time the same lobby work against him to ensure that he didn’t get Air India at that time had work against him is on the domestic airline and I think that ..You know… that and he is far to occupied he is got his own businesses today to run..You can write that yeah..kya bhaia log pagal ho gaye hain(laughter from surojit ) TOI bhi kar rahahai ye story I am telling you just letting you know ye log bhi ek centre spread kar rahen hain pura airindia pe
    Surojeet- Kaun
    Nira – TOI
    Surojeet- Achha
    Nira – Pata nahi kab kar rahen hain, abhi inhone likhna shuru nahi kiya lekin mujhe call aayaa tha kal ki please, help kar de. So I said that I am so caught up in my own thing but whatever some little pieces I know I let you know but yadav gaya tha Ratan Tata ko milne ke liye han…
    Surojeet- Achha achha
    Nira – He had gone to meet him on the request of Prafull Patel
    Surojeet- Achha
    Nira – Prafull Patel himself should have gone and ask Ratan Tata
    Surojeet- Hun hun..
    Nira – To prime minister ko jake puchhna chahiye tha ki why should Ratan Tata
    Surojeet- (some name here which is inaudiable) ka nam bhi liya ja sakta hai
    Nira- Han, I don’t know Ram will take it, you know I don’t know his independent capacity, he wants to take it that’s up to them
    Surojeet- Hun
    Nira- But I think the Tata feel the end of the day, these were the very people who tried to stop him coming into the airline sector and they had come today they should not been the case in the Air India
    Surojeet- Eventually they were get a Sam pitroda, useless fellow..
    Nira- Kya hoga, kuchh nahin hoga
    Surojeet- Wo kuchh nahi karega wo faltu ka, bade bade lecture marega yahi sab hoga
    Nira- That is an operating guy, they need man like sunil arora back
    Surojeet- They will got the ceo from some firang..(bad voice so cheak the word )
    Nira- Kya karega, AirIndia union ko handle karna you know, he dislike na, No firang will got to unable to handle it
    Surojeet- It run away after…
    Nira- Chalo ok ,Ok that take care, bye…
    Surojeet- Thanks

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