arranging Baijal TATA meeting-20090708-212821

  • arranging Baijal TATA meeting-20090708-212821 

Ruchi S has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck


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    1. 1 Ruchi Shroff November 28, 2010 at 5:14 pm

      Ring tone: pal pal pal har pal…..

      Nira Radia (NR) : Hello

      Unidentified Person (UP): Are you still in the meeting?

      NR: Ha Yes. But go ahead. No problem, no problem.

      UP: Call me whenever you get out of the meeting. I’m still wide awake.

      NR: It will be about 10:30-11, if thats OK.

      UP: Ya thats Ok.

      NR: I just wanted one clarification from you on Jamshedpur. Barbosa ko Jamshedpur leke jaana hai kya, what do you think? (do you want to take Barbosa to Jamshedpur? What do you think)

      UP: Only thing is that neither Mr Baijal or me will be there, but organizing a visit to Jamshedpur is not a problem at all. Its completely upto you.

      NR: He’s been sending me messages, so I need to revert back to him.

      UP; So whichever way you want, either before or after, a visit to Jamshedpur is something that we can organize…

      NR: After ya…

      UP: and i wanted.. Have you come out of the meeting already?

      NR: No I just walked out for a few minutes. Shall I finish that and give you a call or you want to finish it now?

      UP: No its only one quick one and then maybe we can finish it off. About the 13th meeting, the meeting, Yatish spoke to me. I put in a word through my colleague Chanakya, saying that he should reveal an (inaudible) thing…. taking into account everything, the meeting is on on the 13th. Isnt it?

      NR: Yes yes.

      UP: because I have shifted my programme. I was to go to Europe and I am assisting Mr. Baijal also to shift his programme by a day.

      NR: No no they are coming very much. They are arriving on Sunday night

      UP: because I would prefer that Mr. Baijal is also here

      NR: Yes he said yesterday when he was with Mr. Muthuraman that he’ll stay back. Mr. Muthuraman asked him to stay another day and he will come to your office at about 11:30- 12:00. first just between J myself first and then we can sort out our nitty gritties .. which J wants to sort out, because he’s really on my case on advisory thing. And then Mr. Muthutaman said we will have lunch with Mr. Barbosa. and then after that we can sit with Barbosa and have a discussion incase there’s something pending and after that Mr. Tata said he’s hosting the dinner in the evening.

      UP: Fantastic. So then I can also reconfirm with Mr. Baijal because he was asking me.. I’ll reconfirm to him that he should also defer his programme by a day.

      NR: could you ask him also if he could send me the questions and the.. you were supposed to send me the cleaned up version of the NDA.

      UP: I’ll tell him both the things just now.

      NR: So I can send that across to them/ They’ve been waiting for it ya.

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