Blowing EIB news-20090704-115530

  • Blowing EIB news-20090704-115530 

Poduri has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


    1 Response to “Blowing EIB news-20090704-115530”

    1. 1 Poduri November 27, 2010 at 3:00 pm

      Ring tone: pal pal

      Male voice(MV): I know you are in lot of pain
      female voice(FV): hmm
      MV: but i want to give you some news which will blow you out
      FV: tell me
      MV: ok i have got these idiots the INAUDIBLE
      FV: wow
      MV: no one in the world can do this job (koi nahi kar sakta tha duniya mein yeh kaam) every one said no (sab ne na bol diya tha)
      FV: hmmm
      MV: we have got it done, in the night we (hum logo ne karadiya tha, hum logo ne raat mein) in audible.. we gave them. spoke to ravi. he is phoning me back in ten minutes, he is going to come to my house tomorrow when i am going to talk to him about fees
      FV: you talk about the fees Sanjay (tum fees ka baat karle na sanjay)
      MV: in fact he is on the line, he is on the line- let me call you back

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