Countering Bodhi-20090707-230847

  • Countering Bodhi-20090707-230847 

Pooja M has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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    1. 1 Pooja November 27, 2010 at 5:33 pm

      Niira: Hello Manoj
      Manoj: Yeah, Yeah Nira
      Niira: We need to call Bodhi because I understand some…Ganpati that the other side has pushed this whole issue of Supreme Court
      of putting a stay on our thing, not putting a stay on our thing RNRL..that there is.. and the government does not been
      issued a notice..form of an intervener and all that. So he says Bodhi still working .So may be somebody should..I don’t wanna
      call Bodhi but you should send an sms and say “Can I call you?” because I understand that this whole thing is going on but you
      need to pick up the phone and call actually.Don’t tell him that you know ..Tell him that this is the feed back we are
      getting.So we will like to know whether you know..I am calling everyone because this is what they have been telling everybody
      and remove it from PPI. That is what they are doing apparently.
      Manoj: Got you.
      Niira: Can you do that?
      Manoj: You want me to do that?
      Niira: Send him an sms at least and tell him that I want to understand this. PPI tells us that is what has happened.So please tell us
      Manoj: Theek hain. Theek hain.
      Niira: but kya huan..Tumne mujhe presentation bhej diya hain?
      Manoj: Haan. Haan.
      Niira:OK and tomorrow you will be there at 12-12:30 ?
      Manoj: 12
      Niira: (voice unclear) I have an 11 clock meeting so I will come there at quarter past 12.
      Manoj: OK. Theek hain
      Niira: and them meet up him and all that..So you are cordinating this meeting with Anjani, na..Only thing I am doing is TCA Srinivasan..
      Manoj: Sorry
      Niira: TCA srinivasan ka agar kucch nahi huan toh I am gonna put Gannu there..It is now critical now for breezing Ganu and all
      these guys. Tumne dekha
      Manoj cuts across: I did not see it but I had asked somebody to see it. It come out well.
      Niira: It came out well, na? I just hope that the story tomorrow is front page..Someone really gave me a shock that they are trying to fix it on
      third page or something.
      Manoj: Who Gannu?
      Niira: Yeah.Gannu told me that. (Voice unclear) I told him it is better be front page otherwise forget it.
      Tum ek baar usko
      Manoj: I will send Modi a message right now.
      Niira: OK and (voice unclear) people can know Manoj Modi is there.
      Manoj: You can always say Manoj. When I mentioned Manoj I told Manoj Modi I was talkin about.
      Niira: Dekhenge
      Manoj: nahi but kya aapne use Manoj Warrior bola kya?
      Niira: haan maine bola
      Manoj (laughs): Theek hain
      Niira: Everything else OK?
      Manoj: Yeah.Yeah.I will keep you posted on Modi response to me.
      Niira: Where are you staying? I hope you are staying at Taj only, na?
      Manoj: No. No. I am staying at the guest house.
      Voice unclear
      Manoj: That is OK. Don’t worry.
      Niira: No? So don’t forget to be in early tomorrow and Anjani is going to be there with you. Is he OK with the presentation?
      Manoj: Yeah.I think. He called me up and said he is going to take some print out of the presentation and I will take the copy of
      the judgment. He said most of the documents he has on the laptop.One pages in that sense. Some I have the got the print outs. The others the back up
      is there because he has got the soft copy in case needed.
      Niira: but tell me one thing, we have got everything, right basically?
      Manoj: Yeah. Yeah.
      Niira: OK because we don’t wanna be missing on anything tomorrow.
      Manoj: If out of the blue anything is required then I have the laptop andsoft copy of most of the docunemts.
      Niira: Ok but Prasad ka kucch feedback aaya?
      Manoj: No. No. I tried calling him but his line was busy. He was going to take off at 8:30.
      Niira: Does not matter..aur International Media ka
      Manoj: Nahi. abhi tak kucch nahi. I am putting Rohit and (voice unclear) to meet German Solicit Times.
      Niira: toh verna dekhenge ki kaise karna
      Manoj: Nahi. Nahi madam. Teen Chaar toh kar lenge.
      Niira: Theek hain. Toh main 11 o’ clock ka slot Ganpati ko kar rahi hoon.
      Manoj: aur Srinivasan
      Niira: Srinivasan kaun hain?
      Manoj: TCA Srinivasan Raghavan
      Niira: uska dekhenge ki phir kya karna hain. Sunil Jain se definitely milna hain by the way. Nainan / Maiman(voice unclear)
      mile ya na mile.

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