Daljit-Tony has destructive strategy-20090709-210922

  • Daljit-Tony has destructive strategy-20090709-210922 

Neyaz has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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    1. 1 Neyaz November 27, 2010 at 8:27 pm

      Ring Ring
      Daljit: Hello
      Radia: Daljit (inaudible) the journalists you are dealing…
      D: yes
      R: they…like Nayan Tara called me on Amby Valley and all that is. And there is no problem in calling me but if they start calling me…
      D: okay
      R: but if they start calling me for every story then it will go wrong and, then they won’t listen to you.
      D: no, no, that won’t happen in future
      R: I don’t mind meeting all of them, whoever it is
      D: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure
      R: But don’t say anything to her (inaudible) she doesn’t get upset, but take care slowly
      D: sure mam, I will, I will…
      R: (inaudible) if she wants clarity, I don’t mind giving some clarity but ideally it should come through you
      D: Ok mam, ok mam
      R: And then, because (inaudible) your relationships and they should be…she is a good girl. When is she doing the story of (inaudible)?
      D: She is doing it on Monday
      R: then you are going to circulate, right?
      D: Yeah, yeah off course. We will get it run through PTI, and we will distribute individually to (inaudible), TOI, HT, everybody.
      R: Give to PTI, I just went to meet (inaudible) Pathak, I took Manoj Bodhi with me, to meet (inaudible)
      D: okay
      R: And I,we are gonna give it a try, we are gonna try everything. I am not going to believe that Tony has his reach is everywhere and nobody will do anything…I am not going to believe that
      D: No, no mam, it’s not like that, it’s not like that, they are getting beating into media every second day, every second day
      R: Yes,I am not prepared to accept all this, which Rohit Khanna sometimes calls us, I have spoken to Manoj (inaudible) the same thing…
      D: hmm…hmm…
      R: We are 4-5 person who have o handle this matter, and I am not going to believe that they are…there strategy is destructive. That will never succeed.
      D: Mam see, after these meetings you had in last couple of days…two days, with Manoj Modi and (inaudible) Lalit, there is a lot of change in the perception. I got a call from Prabhakar ( inaudible) this morning, he said that ADAG called him up and they said that we are sent that Mukesh Agarwal’s paper and…but these papers have carried the story that govt is intervener not the respondent but she haven’t carried that story, why?
      R: hmm
      D: And he told me that I have told them that if you send me paper, I will not necessarily publish the story, you keep on lying, send nonsense and wrong papers, until I clarify there won’t be your story here from now. I could see that change just because of that last minute meeting.
      R: Fabulous
      D: I met him today this evening, I went to his office, i gave him all the document he required, not all…I mean some of the document that i already had in my possession. I gave him all that document and he sought clarification on certain thing. So I could see the change in perception.
      R: Very good. So, you take whatever you need from me please if they…Rohit, Manoj and all… are not responding fast.
      D: fine mam, Okay okay
      R: I want you to do one more thing that…this…….the letter which i have from Andhra govt…
      D: which letter?
      R: the letter which I have from Andhra Chief Minister…
      D: okay
      R: it’s a very very scaring letter. If you give it to Prabhakar Sinha…but I need… (inudible) give you front page
      D: I can speak to him now, I can speak to him openly now
      R: yeah
      D: yeah yeah, of course
      R: but, May be we will do it for Monday. Right?
      D: yeah, yeah, of course. (Inaudible )
      R: But You take a call, but I need prominence on it. (inaudible)…the impact of front page would be…
      D: yeah, yeah, that would be like…
      R: yeah, that’s what I really mean. But I can give it but only if I get that commitment.
      D: Okay I will speak to him tomorrow
      R: ok, great then. thanks. Thanks.
      D: And just want to check, was Mukesh Ambni wass in town today?
      R: Yes, he is. He has…(inaudible). He came in this evening. Usual meetings which takes place…
      D: He met PMO, finance Secretary, all that?
      R: yeah, that right. Yeah.
      D: Ok ok, because, (inaudible) was running and those people have been calling everybody but since they have lost credibility so CNBC didn’t run that story
      R: But question is that, tell them that, we generally don’t comment on his appointment…(inaudible), if we give standard answers…
      Call ends abrubptly.

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