Discussion with Shalini on 4 issues-20090616-154646

  • Discussion with Shalini on 4 issues-20090616-154646 

Saurabh has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crossheck.


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    1. 1 saurabh November 27, 2010 at 6:03 pm

      Niira(NR): Hi Shalini.
      Shalini(SH): Hi Sorry Niira. I was caught up in a meeting and then..
      NR: What’s happening?
      SH: [laughs]… I’ll tell you umm… We showed the letter to Mr. Tata hoon.
      NR: [murmurs] hooon.
      SH: and he said ki eh …you must show this to Harish Salve.
      NR: [Overlaps] Yeah he told me [indiscernible].
      SH: and Harish apparently you must be knowing Niira, he is on leave. Back only now next week.
      NR:[murmurs] hoon.
      SH: So we have…so obviously we have to park letter till next week.
      NR: Oh my.
      SH: hooon. So also what is happening is he has also recommended… [indiscernible] we should break the letter in two parts. One is where we talk about the …communication to the supre(me)… basically the interpretation of the supreme court order.
      NR: [murmurs] haan
      SH: okay and the other one which will then we …interpretation of the order and saying that, keeping the order in mind we are not obliged to serve you.. because the generator can tie up or whatever.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: We are giving you nine months or whatever to make an arrangement.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: And then the next letter talking about our history of litigation etc. and that we have…we want to see there…that that … that one I am just indicating to you but I will send you the actual draft. It’s work in progress.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: Got the feedback yesterday.
      NR: Mr.Tata’s view was maybe the contract should have been terminated right. Why we are giving him nine months.
      SH: Actually Niira we are only giving it to save our face.
      NR: To save our face?
      SH: Haan. Otherwise section 11 will, you know, is till September. I think we are mainly doing it for consumer. So that we don’t invite consumer…
      NR: Yeah I told him that. I said we will have serious consumer issues.
      SH:[murmurs].. we will.. you know our own network like we were discussing that day, nine months we will have atleast some sort of network expansion.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: To even show our face to the consumer when we say that we will come to you directly. Okay?
      NR: [murmurs] hoon hoon.
      SH: Which is not the case right now Niira! Right now our expansion also … that 3000 customers we acquired post the order, was the retail order. We got 3000 customers on our board…onboard okay!
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: We have been able to get them mainly where we have our existing receiving stations.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: And we have been able to pull the wire to give them connection. Okay? Literally that way.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon
      SH: Otherwise … the proposal is up for approval with any [indiscernible] in terms of something 300 crores every year for next three years and in nine months time atleast we will have considerable network expansion to show.
      NR: [murmurs] hoon hoon.
      SH: That is where we are.
      NR: So we are waiting for a week.
      SH: haan so we are waiting for him to come back and I was gonna actually… send you a mail, only to you actually because I wasn’t sure whether I should…
      NR: No no no. Its fine. [indiscernible] once I wanted to just mention to you I have been post this whole gas issue, that happened yesterday, I have been talking to the editors and giving them the larger perspective. Is it why view is it when it came to coal, they went to [indiscernible] got a diversion of coal. Coal is a natural asset.
      SH:[murmurs] hoon hoon.
      NR: When it came to spectrum, they went to Mr. Raja paid him a bribe and got spectrum allocated.
      SH:[murmurs] hoon
      NR: When it came to gas, they went to a high court and got a high court to issue an order on the basis of the pricing of the gas which had nothing to do with high court. It’s a natural, it’s again its an issue that concerns with people of India. Two [indiscernible] MOUs can hardly be the basis of deciding the future of a natural resources.
      SH:[murmurs] hoon
      NR: It came to steel, setting up an iron ore plant in Jharkand when it doesn’t even have a steel plant. Its getting iron ore mining done and its getting all [indiscernible]. In all cases its been a natural resource where he just fixes the system whether its through Amar Singh or through anybody else and the coal issue happened when the nuclear deal was going on. And again he does that and fixes the system and gets whatever he wants done. So in all cases here is Mr. Anil Ambani whose only way of survival is fixing the system getting natural resources allocated. Be it gas, be it coal, be it iron ore now or spectrum.
      SH:[murmurs] hooon.
      NR: so compelling argument!
      SH: [murmurs]hoon?
      NR: Its quite a compelling argument.
      SH: Yes it is actually and …
      NR: If it is left at the hands of Prime Minister , it should be a [indiscernible] committee. It should not be left to department. It should not be left to ministries or for that matter coalition partners.
      SH: [murmurs] hoon hoon.
      NR: It should not be left to anybody who can be compromised. It should be decided as a natural resource policy by the govern… by the country’s head.
      SH: Right! No I am I think its actually coming out very clearly now.
      NR: It is . isn’t it?
      SH: [murmurs] hoon hoon hoon.
      NR: Yeah yeah . And thats the status today as it stands. It cannot be …whether it is Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Tatas, or whoever it is, it doesn’t matter. But it should be decided at a different level. You cant leave it with Mr. Raja or Mr. Shinde or anybody else to decide the [indiscernible]. It should be one policy. You cant leave it with Mr. Yeddyurappa in Karnataka to decide na or for that matter Mr. Madhu Koda to decide.
      SH: Oh yes. Absolutely.
      NR: yeah. So its just for to give you this to think it through and see whenever you guys have briefing, you should how you do [overlapping with next line] critical thing as resource which requires you going forward
      SH: mine. Ok sure… No it’s a very [indiscernible] telling thought. I will make a note of this and tell … and ship also
      NR: I’ll send you a note and I told Manoj [indiscernible] to prepare a note.
      SH: Yes. Infact Manoj sent an update this morning which I forwarded to these four and its useful because it… it you know we were all keen to know how… how he is looking at other things. And I’ll but you know this art of when we brief the editors which you brought across… is a very strong part you know. They are actually looking at natural assets. Even land we have been looking at this way you know. Dadri and other places if you have seen Niira , what they have done is they haven’t put any project. They have just acquired land. And left it like that. And in between the real estate price went up quite a bit right? around that time. Even that, even land they have been trying to acquire and not put up projects also makes you feel that you know, there is a different reason for doing all that.
      NR: correct! correct correct. No you should look at this.
      SH: okay.
      NR: I will send you a note on what I have yeah!
      SH: sure sure!
      NR: okay and let me know whats…
      SH: I’ll let you know. I’ll keep you posted. I am just waiting for those drafts you know split drafts…
      [clip ends]

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