Need to shake up team-20090602-090713

  • Need to shake up team-20090602-090713 

Ashwin has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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    1. 1 Ashwin R November 28, 2010 at 11:04 pm

      6 seconds of silence, followed by 2 rings, then 1 1/2 call-redirect type rings. Traffic noise.

      NR: Vishal maine… (inaudible)… email change karne ke liye manoj ko bolaya

      Vishal: Mm-hmm?

      NR: Kyunki aaj Chalsani ko dekho interview aaya hai.. you know, zabardast interview hai, talks about..all.. facing everything upfront… can you have a word with Shalini.. I’m… can you.. I’m going to call her.. but.. also have a word with Shalini.. that you know… ek upfront engagement zaroori hota hai.. aur jo tumhara mail mujhe aaya tha..

      Vishal: Mm..?

      NR: RIL pe… vo maine Manoj ko poora reword karne ke liye bola.. maine kal raath ko (inaudible) ki I’m not too comfortable with it. And I’ve also told him to mention these examples.. like today Chalsani has taken all.. all the.. uncomfortable questions head on

      Vishal: Mm…

      NR: It’s the type of thing we used to do you know Vishal. We used to do all this. We used to do all this, and… and.. and I’ve also spoken to Manoj about two things.. I said to him, I said look, I just… I am desperately, you know… yesterday I was talking to Surujeet, and you know, he said you know Niira… (inaudible – 3 to 4 words)… Tony kabhi ghar pe baitke, presentations nahi banatha hai… presentations… yeh baitke.. desk pe nahi baita hota woh. Uske office pe ja dekho uske desk khaali hota hai.

      Vishal: Mm..

      NR: Vishal: He’s always Out.

      Vishal: Mm..

      NR: Always out… meeting..diary… his diary is full of meetings of people, taking his people around, introducing them.. you know, taking them.. talking to them, talking to journalists… kehta woh lowest ranked journalist se leke (inaudible) se baath karta hai. Maine kaha tu mujhe aisa koi doond le… kehta dekh Niira mushkil hai. Tumhare log andhar se karna padega.

      Vishal: Mm.

      NR: Hum log to office main baite rehte hai na? Jitna hum log change karenge utna.. hi hoga. To woh… hum log Venky ko use karne ke pehle… Venky ke pas content nahi hai lekin woh thoda benefit tha. Kyunki.. (inaudible)

      Vishal: Mm

      NR: Toh lekin Venky ko abhi lena nahi that’s not what I’m implying. But I just believe… tumhare yeh Anupam ke saath hua tha kya hua tha?

      Vishal: Haan he’s going to come back to me.. just need to speak to him he asked me, (inaudible) to come back…

      NR: Mm?

      Vishal: He’s asked me for another two three days Niira.

      NR: Mm.

      Vishal: So…

      NR: Dekho Jasraj… (inaudible) Woh thoda limited utne main… woh UNI main hee rehta hai. Toh unko aaj Jasraj se baath karke bolna padega. He’s done well on the political side but he has to expand his horizons. Waise toh Jasjeet is much better. Haanh?

      Vishal: Hmm, correct.

      NR: Toh hum log deadwood nahi keh rahi kar sakte hai na Vishal? (pause) He’s good on political. (pause) Aur political practice establish karni hai uske bhi beyond thoda.. I don’t think (inaudible – 3 to 4 words) is spending any longer, you know? Woh luxury nahi hai humaare paas.

      Vishal: Yeh political practice, you want to establish it?

      NR: No, I don’t know, whatever he wants to do, it’s upto him. Maine toh involve nahi hona. Yeh hamaara jo lobbying, woh factor hai hamaare… couple of the senior guys


      Jasraj has to tell us ke plan kya hai, rollout kya hai uska. (Inaudible – 1 sentence) He was just sitting idle!

      Vishal: No no no, he was doing some media rounds yesterday also.

      NR: Lekin uska woh media rounds unme hi rehte hai na? Jo das logohn ke beech main. Information aati hee nahi hain, feedback pata nahi lagta, kaun kya kar raha hai.. ek Shailender ka mail aata wohi mujhe benefit rahta ki chal theek hai.. I’m always grappling for getting to know information from people directly, so I have to talk to other.. ten other people separately. Humaare log (inaudible – 1 word) kuch bathaathe nahi hain, kabhi Daljit aake batha dethe hain. (Pause). So I will just have to start talking to them directly, maybe telliing you but you don’t pass it to me or.. maybe telling Rohit but he doesn’t pass it to me. Hum log kaise plan karenge, ki market main kya ho raha hai patha nahi lagta. Then I’ll have to start talking to them directly, and telling them ki mujhe yeh information dho. Weekly mujhe input dho media main kya chal raha hai. (Pause) Bombay main tho kuch nahi.. Bombay main Shishir kya hua?

      Vishal: Nahi, Shishir did not work out.

      NR: Why?

      Vishal: Would not work out.

      NR: Why? Why would he not work out?

      Vishal: He had his own…eh… bits and pieces too. (Inaudible – 1 word). Would not work out.

      NR: (inaudible – 2 words)

      Vishal: He (inaudible) about it and therefore I took it to this point.

      NR: We’ll have to close on options and not deliberate on them now.

      Vishal: Niira I’m not deliberating.. like, you know these points are.. you know internally I had nobody who was able to give me a contact to.. you know all these people.

      NR: Except Daljit. I just gave you (inaudible)

      Vishal: Haan, tho usne kiya nahi. (inaudible) He’s more or less done! It’s a matter of flying in to sit with him…

      NR: So Jasraj should start expanding with the political beat journalists then. And then remain just constant with that, and that input should come in to us, na? Political journalists tho chahthe hain na? Abhi ET Now main Delhi main kaun kaun journalists hain, (inaudible) hum log ko kuch pata nahi hain ki kaun kya kya kar raha hain. (Pause) So I just wanted to tell you that I’ve spoken to him and I’ve had a chat with Surujeet and thought I’d better tell you this. Because it’s a fact, we know that. Aur woh ja nahi raha kidhar, he’s here only now, he’s not moving out. We have to (inaudible). Bahut challenge rahega woh. Koi ad(?) factors toh nahi hain kya?

      Vishal: Ad factors, yes, also tracking Mediaan Media.

      NR: Media.. media…?

      Vishal: Media..

      NR: Manoj (rest of name inaudible) se.

      Vishal: Company’s called Mediaan Media.

      NR: Mediaan Media, never heard of it.

      Vishal: Mm.

      NR: Kaun hai yeh?

      Vishal: Nikhil Khanna.

      NR: Arey woh wo hi hai, waste of time. Nikhil Khanna is a waste of time. Completely woh (inaudible).. mujhe pata woh kaun hai. He’s a complete eh.. you know… snobbish type of a fellow who doesn’t have any good relationship with (inaudible).

      Vishal: I know him.

      NR: Haan, waste of time Vishal.

      Vishal: Do ladke hain andhar.. (inaudible – whole sentence)

      NR: But Nikhil Khanna never worked for anybody, he ends up cutting pieces. He’s a deal maker.

      Vishal: MTN isne kiya.

      NR: Nikhil eh? MTN matlab handling MTN, ya Sunil?

      Vishal: (inaudible) plant hua na MTN se? Woh isne kiya. My info could be wrong because currently, he is handling it. Niira I am doing… I may not come to you every day but I am trying to work on this. Yes internally a lot needs to be done and…

      NR: Nahi nahi team ko shake up karna padega, team ko change karna padega. Yeh jo team nahi chalegi, yeh deadwood hai yeh team. Aur inko Gurgaon theek nahi hai. Maybe ek factor I don’t know what we’re going to do, but.. out of sight out of mind. Yeh Gurgaon ki environment aisi hai ki one can’t function… I went there so claustrophobic that day. I don’t think one can.. be away from.. working from Gurgaon and be.. (inaudible) unless there’s some really active work happening when they’re there, and everyone… you’re making them do things. But you’re leaving them… woh tho Manoj tum ko aise chod dhetha… kaise hai, direction hai nahi..(pause) work from anywhere, but the direction is missing completely, na?

      Vishal: You had called Manoj for a review right?

      NR: I had called him for a review a long time ago. Because (inaudible) presentation ke liye wait kar rahi ho, pehle dekh lun thought process kya hai. Aaj shaam ko (inaudible). They’ve been working on it from the time we met them last time, the team in Bombay. They’ve been working and getting inputs from everybody. So.. maybe I’ll.. re examine once we look at those presentations. Jonathan (inaudible) uske baad Manoj ka kaisa rahegi. You know? So dekhenge, uske review tho karna hi I don’t want to get into formalities and end up having to do two days of nonsense talking.

      Vishal: No no, review not from that person.

      NR: I just want to look at all the people and what they’re doing. I need to do an assessment on it. After this (inaudible) thing is over today I’ll talk to him. Let him handle that, so that’s going to be also another front page tomorrow. Aaj dekho, ET(PT?) front page aaya, Hardys pe. I can’t believe Hardys pe ET(PT?) aayega news front page pe flash hota hai. (Inaudible) Bahut late ho rahi hoon haan? Chalo, let’s see. Theek hai I just wanted to flag it past you that I’ve spoken to Manoj.

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