PMS-Mahesh Agrawal is lying-20090707-122826

  • PMS-Mahesh Agrawal is lying-20090707-122826 

Reza N has transcribed this tape below. Please crosscheck.

Man: Hello

Nira: Hi

Man: Nira I don’t know what’s happening but the reality… anyway, mukesh just asked me to tell you that… and . hello!. And I think what Mahesh Agarwal who is advocate on record for ADAG. I just saw him on the TV and im sure mukesh and manoj must be seeing the same thing and getting excited and..

Nira: I was just speaking to manoj modi just now…two minutes back.

Man: I don’t know. Someone just called half a minute ago. Obviously manoj said something to mukesh and Mukesh called me. Okay anyway, It isn’t like our stay application was rejected or refused. We did not ask for any stay. It was Mukul Rohatgi who wanted to argue for an interim relief. And then the chief said I have these papers. These big bunch of papers came to me at 9 pm last night and there is no way you expect me to read all this! Sorry I’m not entertaining anything. So then Mukul said that I will argue on the 20th about some interim relief. So it is not… we never even mentioned or asked or remotely, or said anything similar to any interim relief.

Nira: But listen, I’m watching all the channels and I’ve not seen this coming anywhere.

Man: No, no, no. I just saw it on the CNBC.

Nira: On CNBC?

Man: Yeah yeah, it was that.

Nira: I’ll get her on the line right now and u can speak with Shirin. I don’t think… Maybe Mahesh Agarwal has said it.

Man: Yes Mahesh agarwal had said it. I’m talking about that

Nira: So ill clarify to Shirin right now, that’s not the case.

Man: So that is one. And then the second thing is, government is a respondent.

Nira: That is clarified haan

Man: Yea so that is…

Nira: They didn’t respond. They have been mentioning it since yesterday. They’ve been telling everybody since yesterday.

Man: No just now! Just now I saw. I heard Mahesh Agarwal saying government is not a respondent in this case.

Nira: How can they lie! Such liars! I will just have a word with all the channels, sir. So don’t worry. I’ll just have a word with all of them.

Man: Okay

Nira: Yea, government is a respondent and Mahesh …

Man: Yes government is a respondent in our case.

Nira: Yea, matter is listed. And all parties including government have been served notice for 20th. And that’s, that’s exactly what we put out to everyone.

Man: Right

Nira: I will have a word with all the channels to make sure only what is fact comes out. Now if he wants to come out


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