Pre SLP Daljeet-20090703-132153

  • Pre SLP Daljeet-20090703-132153 

Rishi A has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


    1 Response to “Pre SLP Daljeet-20090703-132153”

    1. 1 Rishi November 30, 2010 at 2:40 pm

      Trunnn (phone ringing)..Pal pal pal pal har (caller tune)

      Unnamed Person: Haan Daljeet

      Daljeet: Ya Mam. Aaammm mam there is some action going to happen at Bombay High Court.

      Unnamed Person: Haan vo kya ho raha hai na ki vo…(inaudible)…ki jaa raha hai waha pe

      Daljeet: Haan Haan

      Unnamed Person: Haan kya kar rahe hain?

      Daljeet: First they have been telling the media ….they have told CNBC to come with their OV (inaudible) Van…and they told that its going to be fun and they are going to reveal some facts

      Unnamed Person: (pause)…very good

      Daljeet: Hmmmm

      Unnamed Person: Bhejo naa tum log vaha pe kisiko Bombay High Court mujhe batao kya facts reveal kar rahe hai haan?

      Daljeet: Haan thik hai mam ok mam

      Unnamed Person: Waiiii (inaudible)…See whatever u…you have to remember one thing haan

      Daljeet: Huunn huunn

      Unnamed Person: Haan whtever he is doing this is gonna have a damaging effect on supreme court

      Daljeet: Ya ya of course hu hu

      Unnamed person: You have to understand that..huh?

      Daljeet: But..

      Unnamed person: Huh?

      Daljeet: But court bandh nahi hai abhi?

      Unnamed person: Huh?

      Daljeet: What action can they do in Bom..Bombay High Court now?

      Unnamed person: Court kahan bandh hai?

      Daljeet: They have already filed a….

      Unnamed person: Court khula hai…Bombay High Court khula hai…Bombay High Court weekend tak khula hai

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