pressurising ET-30-20090705-101150

  • pressurising ET-30-20090705-101150 

Nisha V has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


1 Response to “pressurising ET-30-20090705-101150”

  1. 1 Nisha V December 4, 2010 at 8:27 pm

    (phone rings) Pal pal pal pal har –

    Radia: Hi Tanu.
    Tanu: Hi, that RNRL…that RNRL interim thing I was also shocked to see was not there, I found out why.
    Radia: Hmm.
    Tanu: This is Chalasani. Chalasani has spoken to Rahul yesterday, and I don’t know who all they did call. They did a conference call with Javed and Modi and everybody, and they complained that you know you are bombarding us everyday, so this one at least don’t give, we will give you all the details later, etc. etc. So that’s how they have removed. Actually what happened was, last night we had to go for a budget meeting. So Rao said, “Let the juniors handle it, hum log chalte hain (let us all leave).” So we went away, and in the meanwhile all this confusion has happened. But my personal feeling is that it is only because of Chalasani.

    Radia: You see Tanu, the thing is, what are they gonna say on it? They have filed in the High Court…uh…the Supreme Court on that issue, they’re asking for a stay. We are not saying anything new, I mean, we’re not saying anything that is different that they have to give an explanation for. They filed (inaudible) in the Supreme Court.

    Tanu: Ya ya, I have no differences on this, it’s absolutely 100 per cent, you know, okay with me. But it is…they…they have asked for a favour and they’ve got it. That’s what I know. (pause) Only between you and me, totally off the record.

    Radia: No then it’s fine na then you tell Rahul, because then now when Tata Power and Tata Chemicals and Nagarjuna Fertilizer file in court and they’re starting to write letters, they won’t give it to ET na, you tell him.

    Tanu: Ya ya, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll…today I’ll speak to him in the afternoon, and I’ll let him know about this.
    Radia: Because then all those favours will come to us, and what’s the point na, if he’s not going to carry the most critical part, of the news, which is that RNRL was the one that, you know, is asking for a stay, which is gonna co-, which is the most the most ridiculous thing.

    Tanu: You would’ve noticed that in the TV we have done all that.
    Radia: No, TV you’ve done all that, absolutely, which is why I think you should have a word with Rahul na, that okay I won’t give it to you then if you don’t want to carry that – (audio ends abruptly)

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