RatnamDMK-work not done-20090613-114740

  • RatnamDMK-work not done-20090613-114740 

Dheeraj T has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Dheeraj Tewani November 28, 2010 at 11:09 am

    Nira – Hello
    Unnamed person – Good morning madam
    Nira – Haan…Namaskar
    Unnamed person – Haan..Madam baat karna chahate hain
    Nira – Haan haan…dijiye
    Unnamed person – De..dun?
    Nira – Haan…please. Karunanidhi…(inaudible)….Hello?
    Unnamed person – Hello
    Nira – Hello..how are you?
    Unnamed person – Fine Thank you. How are you?
    Nira – I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch. I’m fine, I’ve been busy. How’re you?
    Unnamed person – Hmm..Fine
    Nira – Yeah? You keeping better?
    Unnamed person – Hmmm
    Nira – Good, good. How is CM?
    Unnamed person – Hmmm….fine fine
    Nira – Ok? Very good very good. Kani…kani I did not…I met kani last week. I did not meet her this week. Kanni is in Chennai?
    Unnamed person – Haan…yes
    Nira – She’s come back, no?
    Unnamed person – Hmm
    Nira – How are things? Good na?
    Nira – Hello?
    Unnamed person – What happened?
    Nira – to…dada?
    Unnamed person – Haan yes
    Nira – It’s not done?
    Unnamed person – Hmm..not done
    Nira – Is Ratnam there?
    Unnamed person – Yes
    Nira – Let me speak to him. I thought it was all done.
    Unnamed person – Just a minute
    Nira – Thank you
    Ratnam – Hello?
    Nira – Hi Ratnam
    Ratnam – Ya ma’am
    Nira – What happened? It’s not done?
    Ratnam – Nahi… Ma’am it’s not done. That’s why I gave you a message.
    Nira – I didn’t get a message. You know I’ve changed my mobile. I thought you had my new mobile. You don’t have my new mobile number?
    Ratnam – I’m trying you on that mobile only. Now the same mobile he also tried no.
    Nira – No no this is my regular…this is my 107 number…my indicom, my indicom
    Ratnam – Tata Indicom…You’ve changed your mobile ma’am?
    Nira – yeah 092500
    Ratnam – 2500
    Nira – 8888
    Ratnam – This has not been given to us
    Nira – No no, I told Cecilia last week itself. I said please send it….
    Ratnam – Ma’am Cecilia totally….Cecilia now is not in touch
    Nira – No no, I will tell you why. Last week she was….her mother..her mother is in hospital.
    Ratnam – Haan that I know
    Nira – Yeah…she’s been very sick
    Ratnam – Hmmmm
    Nira – So that’s why cecilia has been a bit problematic
    Ratnam – But you said, no, that you yourself you are done?
    Nira – Ya?
    Ratnam – But it has not come. That’s why I sent a message to you.
    Nira – I can’t believe that. Is it?
    Ratnam – Ya ma’am, ya ma’am
    Nira – How can that be possible?
    Ratnam – Nahi ma’am it has not come
    Nira – What about Tatas? What’s happening on that?
    Ratnam – Ma’am Tata…everything’s ok. But the rent 50 percent…yesterday I got a mail. That is why yesterday also I tried you.
    Nira – Haan
    Ratnam – These agreement..they say that 50 percent of the rent has to be paid by us for which i have already sent a mail to Krishna Kumar stating that it is not possible. And i made a call to Krishna Kumar, he has not picked up. I called Sanjay Ubalia.
    Nira – Haan
    Ratnam – He said that he will take up the issue with Krishna Kumar and sort it out
    Nira – No but when you were in Bombay it was agreed that no rent…
    Ratnam – Very clearly it is agreed and krishna kumar also he said that he will talk to Voltas and he will waive that.
    Nira – Haan
    Ratnam – But yesterday whole day 10 times I tried Krishna Kumar, Krishna Kumar is in meeting it seems
    Nira – No no, yesterday was Indian Hotels board meeting. It was the annual results being announced.
    Ratnam – Oh
    Nira – And also they were also in the middle of buying searock hotel in Bombay no?
    Ratnam – Oh
    Nira – So that’s why and I know that it was difficult to reach him yesterday
    Ratnam – Ya ya that is why. That is why I called you. I wanted to tell this.
    Nira – No no I’ll speak to him. Ratnam, I’ll speak to him on Monday. Because you know today he has gone with the chairman. I hope he has not travelled to the US today.
    Ratnam – Who ma’am?
    Nira – Krishna Kumar was leaving for the US again today I think
    Ratnam – Ma’am only one day…..Thursday only he had come back if I am right ma’am?
    Nira – No no, he’s gone again. He’s going with his chairman today.
    Ratnam – Is it ma’am?
    Nira – Ya ya, he was scheduled to travel this morning…on Air India.
    Ratnam – Oh
    Nira – Let me check, let me check. I will have a word with them. On the other matter I am surprised!
    Ratnam – Yes ma’am other matter…see that is why i am repeatedly calling cecilia but I am not able to reach because that mobile is totally switched off.
    Nira – Hmmm….let me talk to her.
    Ratnam – Ya ma’am, ya ma’am
    Nira – I’ll just talk to her and….you’ve got my other number na?
    Ratnam – I got your number. That number is now your…
    Nira – Ya ya do me a favour. Give me a missed call on that number from your phone. You don’t have any other phone Ratnam?
    Ratnam – I have ma’am
    Nira – Give me missed call from that number na which was….

  2. 2 SD December 4, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Thanks, Dheeraj,

    This was also on Girish Nikam’s website which also provides more context:


    and is now on OL with suitable corrections etc. Thanks!

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