Some Sir wrote article-20090705-125752

  • Some Sir wrote article-20090705-125752 

NR is apparently asking for an article against RNRL petition and that “Rohit” would provide the information and the person she’s talking to says he “can’t write an article on an issue which is before the Supreme Court” but that he has written an article that would be published under Pratap Narayan’s name and that he would pass it on, that he doesn’t trust email and he would rather go over to the person’s house, that the person stays in Friends Colony.

Naveen J has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Shivam Vij November 28, 2010 at 6:42 pm

    Naveen J has sent in this transcription:

    Ring tone: pal pal pal pal kaise kate ga har pal…

    NR: Sir vo Rohit aap ka ko details de de ga, the article gets out, thats not a problem
    Man: Haan Nahin.. Ya i know but some details we have to get it…
    NR: Ya Rohit will give it… [indiscernible] Mostly its been given
    Man: I only…I I I sent a message to Rohit
    NR: Hmmm hmmm
    Man: If he’ll get them from Prasad
    NR: Hmmm
    Man: If you are not in Bombay, then ask Manoj to get it.
    NR: Hmmm
    Man: If you’ve got everything, thats fine.
    NR: Haan, we’ve got most of the stuff…
    Man: [indis
    NR: He’s got eve rything… Sir, when will we write for?
    Man: The moment i get them ill write it for them.. He stays in… he stays somewhere in Friends Colony. I go across to him. I had spoken to him. I’ll go across to him. Or i’ll email that article to him. I dont want to email – I’ll go across to him.
    NR: Ji Sir, what i wanted to say was that ek factor aana chahiye ke jo RNRL ka petition hain jo onhone interim relief manga hain, Sir, its asking for all 40 engineers to be cancelled..
    Man: Hmmm
    NR: And therefore your whole argument is absolutely right on Naphta being 18 and all that viz-a-viz 4.2 and all that….
    Man: Hmmm
    NR: And they are asking for, and their petition, if you look at the interpretation of it, is really not against RIL, because RIL has all along been saying that
    Man: I know. I know. Yes, yes for that, for that you absolutely identified the correct strategy, that all these 40 fellows should stand up in the Supreme Court when it comes up for the hearing
    NR: Sir vo ho raha hai, Sir vo to ho raha hai.
    Man: That is the very important thing. Article you know… it will be… i have spoken to a lawyer also. Once the petition has been filed, and this is the issue, no one can write an article not only me. So therefore, i have twisted the article in Pratap Narayan’s name – i have only twisted the article because i can’t write an article on an issue which is before the Supreme Court. Noone can write.
    NR: Hmmm Hmmm (all along previous statement).
    Man: I checked it with two lawyers.
    NR: But Sir humlog likhte hain, shasan par likhte hain to?
    Man: That is fine that is fine but that article should not be on an issue which is before the Supreme Court. Shasan par general likha…
    NR: (mumbles) nahin…

    Clip ends

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