Story did not come finally-20090708-093916

  • Story did not come finally-20090708-093916 

Anupam L has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 Anupam Loiwal December 2, 2010 at 9:31 am

    $ = unnamed female voice. used $ so that it can be found and replaced when we figure out whose voice that is.

    Ring tone (Pal pal pal…)

    $ : Hi

    Ganu : Hi… so finally…

    $ : Hello

    Ganu : …everything has come to a stop now.

    $ : Ganu?

    Ganu : Haan?

    $ : Kya hai bhai? (sound resembling key presses on mobile). G-g Ganu?

    Ganu : Haan?

    $ : Kya hua? You people didn’t… didn’t take care-a?

    Ganu : No. No, no. We did everything and I mean in fact that turned out to be counter-productive. First I…they were ok

    with carrying both the things without frontage… little…on the inside, both side by side, with a little window pointer

    of the front page. So after we spoke and people pointed out that this is a more important story… this that… I think

    there’s some fight that has happened, you know… Delhi versus Bombay… and some and you know everyday there is a

    complaints from both sides. So for, for sometime they’re going to now resign from publishing anything on this.

    $ : I don’t think so. Because I was told that TK Arun didn’t even know about this story.

    Ganu : TK?

    $ : TK Arun…

    Ganu : Haan?

    $ : …didn’t even know. Bodhi hold…held it back.

    Ganu : Na… It was only…It was only with Bodhi. It never went to TK Arun.

    $ : Yea, but it is a… (inaudible) it’s a belly story.

    Ganu : Yea… But you know, it doesn’t necessarily move like that, na. There’s another person in Bombay, you might be

    knowing called Shaji.

    $ : Who?

    Ganu : Shaji, Shaji.

    $ : Yea.

    Ganu : So, it is coordinated by Shanji Vikraman and Bodhi in Bombay.

    $ : Haan, haan.

    Ganu : Otherwise it is coordinated by TK Arun and Javed in Delhi. But this one was… err… specifically at the

    instruction of Rahul. Now it is being coordinated from Bombay. And last night since their were so many claims and counter-

    claims and since some of the guys, these guys went and told them after we spoke…

    $ : Seriously…

    Ganu : You know, that how can this be, you know, compared to that. This is far more important and all that.

    $ : Hmmm…

    Ganu : Then they said this this this… too much of confusion happening because of this. Everyday there are complaints from

    one side or other. So…

    $ : But here we didn’t, I didn’t, I haven’t spoken to anyone other than I spoke to Rohini and Venk-..Venu.

    Ganu : Haan…

    $ : just not understand what’s happening.

    Ganu : No they’re, they’re calling up and complaining everyday na. First they…

    $ : Yea but then, Ganu tell me one thing. If they do lie…

    Ganu : Hmmm…

    $ : …and if they do wrong…

    Ganu : Hmmm…

    $ : …then what will happen? Won’t they, won’t people report on it? Isn’t that journalism?

    Ganu : No no no, exactly. I asked… What they’re saying is – On the EQM story, they vehemently went and complained after

    we wrote that saying that you know they are only trying to undermine our case by saying that the government has to you know

    play a role and all that.

    $ : Hmmm…

    Ganu : and I think on-on on the other story, on the day when it went to the court where they made a hotch potch of it, I

    think there were some complaints from your side. I dont know who made those complaints.

    $ : No, we never made any complaint.

    Ganu : Woh keh raha hai ki us din ka there were some complaints ka objections from your side.

    $ : Not at all. We’ve not made any complaints, we’ve not talked to anyone. On the contrary, I’ve been so cooperative by

    giving edit pieces of Mukesh Ambani everything.

    Ganu : Hmmm, hmmm.

    $ : (inaudible)

    Ganu : And as as as a result, kal andar bhi kaafi kuchh, you know, firing of volleys from here and there bohot hua hai. So

    as a result, as a result, they’ve not carried both the reports that whatever, that koi Agarwal lawyer no, some whatever,

    his statement and this – both have been stopped yesterday, last night.

    $ : Yea, but whatever Agarwal said was in interest of ADAG to stop in any case because I’m told the ADAG has really bashed

    him for saying that in the first place.

    Ganu : Ohh…

    $ : For (inaudible) he says to the government.

    Ganu : Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm….

    $ : What trading and all that he has said that na.

    Ganu : Hmmm…this is what I heard from my guys in the desk. The guy staff (inaudible) sick in the office late at night


    $ : No, so I’m told now, that what you’re telling me now is that it is not going to carry anything in the court case at


    Ganu : No, no, no… not like that. There .. only wherever there are some court orders or something whatever, only major

    things they’re going to report, otherwise…

    $ : So the GVK rights, the state government rights, the government rights – none of this is gonna get carried?

    Ganu : I think, I think that is what they’re coming to.

    $ : (sarcastically) Wow!… Chalo, we’ll go to HT then.

    Ganu : Or, you speak to Ravi once na, and ask him ki what is this, I mean…

    $ : I’m not going to… I’m just gonna go. I’m meeting Raghav today and we’ll just handle it with CNBC and with Mint and


    Ganu : Hmmm…

    $ : It’s perfectly fine. We don’t need to… it’s fine! If ET wants to stay out of it and not be part of the reporting…

    Ganu : Hmmm…

    $ : so it’s fine.

    Ganu : Err… it’ll be, it’ll be entirely their (inaudible), but at the same time you should not, you know, give them an

    opportunity. What these guys will do after a couple of days, is I will, they will try and come and jump back saying we

    will… I told you na, already they have said to some of the people in my office that we will provide you all things, in

    advance this that blah blah blah, blah blah blah… Theek hai I’ll I’ll…

    $ : (inaudible) their point of view na. We will not give anything to ET now.

    Ganu : Hmmmm… that’s what is going to happen. I think the kind of (inaudible) stand that is being taken, I think,

    ultimately it is coming to that.

    $ : Oye, true preeti and rahul and people like that very much because obviously the case is not going to go in their

    favour, because they’ve got a point of law that is not going to be in their favour, so we’ll see. Theek hai na, doesn’t

    matter… we’ll see. I’ll make sure that we work through CNBC, HT and (inaudible)

    Ganu : And I think, funnily what they’ve done is, they’ve led a TV report on this but not the paper.

    $ : Nahi karenge Ganu, humko print chahiye.

    Ganu : Hmmmm….I know, I know.

    $ : I’ll do it (inaudible) via CNBC and HT. I have no issue.

    Ganu : I I I think that is the kind of message that is coming through. But once I get the confirmation, I ‘ll tell you

    whether this is going to be the permanent position or what it is like.

    $ : No, if that is the case then we will…(laughingly) then fine na… it’s their call.

    Ganu : No but I think, I think, today you should, you know, tell Venu that you know, at least a couple of times yesterday

    it was mentioned to them and late at night messages were sent from several people. And you know now they’re saying

    internally this has become a fight dividing (inaudible). You know, they’re saying that internally this is dividing people

    internally blah blah blah whatever.

    $ : Because, because, because you’ve got people like Javed and everybody who’s on their side no.

    Ganu : Haan woh aisa…there is some kind of gadbad like that.

    $ : Hmmm, hmmm, hmmm.

    Ganu : So, But ultimately, it… the management and Rahul have to, you know, take a stand on this and, you know, see… We

    should, we should not go by what people say na. we should go by what the factual position is.

    $ : Hmmmm…

    Ganu : So that is the entire fight about.

    $ : Hmmm…Theek hai.

    Ganu : I’ll, I’ll keep you updated in the afternoon.

    $ : OK.

    Ganu : OK.

    $ : OK, Ganu, thanks, bye.

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