Sunil Arora-note on AI-20090708-084432

  • Sunil Arora-note on AI-20090708-084432 

CK has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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  1. 1 chamkorani December 1, 2010 at 4:13 pm

    (Sunil and unnamed woman.)

    Dial tone 10 sec.

    Sunil Arora : Hello.
    Woman: Sunil Hi.
    S: Haanji.
    W: Sunil sorry , I’m sorry, I’m so hung up on my court case na..
    S: Nahin nahin, koi baat nahin.
    W: Accha, listen. They’ve approached Ratan to become the chairman of that advisory committee.
    S: Yeah yeah, I found out.
    W: Yeah, no. Yesterday, I spoke to him. He is in Israel right now. He said he’s not. I told him I have to send him a note as to whats been going on for the last five years
    S: hmm
    W: and why, because he’s said he’s going to meet the Prime Minister.
    S: hmm.
    W: Because I don’t .. he’s not going to do it.
    S: hmm
    W: he’s he’s… I said because the only reason they’re asking you to do it is because they want you to rectify all the deals that they’ve done and all the
    S: ( talkes over her) That’s right. That’s right. exactly.
    W: of course they want credibility and all that. So he said, I told him I’ll speak to you.
    S: Hmm
    W: So he said can you ask Sunil to give me a.. a 5 , 7 page uh letter…
    S: hmm
    W: .. which spells out what has being going on. So that when I meet Prime Minister.
    S: When is he meeting Prime Minister?
    W: He’ll.. when he comes back.He’s meeting him on Saturday. He’ll come back on Friday.
    S: Haan.
    W: And he’ll take time next week.
    S: Theek.
    W: So he says if you’ ask him to send me a note
    S: hmm
    W: Which tells me exactly whats been going on.
    S: hmm
    W: and what is the thing and I’ve spoken to him about you. Tarun Das is speaking about you by the way to Prime Minister as soon as he comes back from his G8.
    S: hmm
    W: Woh maine toh, aaa, sab, aaa de diya usko.. because Tarun himself has said that I wanted Sunil to become the CII DG. So.. uh.. He was he was pretty keen and Baijal ka meeting Friday ko hai D.K. Nair ke saath.
    S: hmm
    W: toh.. the umm.. they’re all.. I think everyone is in agreement now. Jojo,
    S: hmm
    W: from Times of India is going to run a complete 2 page story on how they’ve destroyed Air India.
    S: haan
    W: Toh,uske liye… he knows you quiet well Jojo,he says he’s met you a few times.
    S: off the head dhyaan nahin hai.
    W: Toh, jojo is telling me. Jojo is the Editor-in-Chief at Times Group na.
    S: No no, I know about him, but
    W: haan
    S: may be once or twice I’ve met. Mujhe off hand dhyaan nahin hai. haan..
    W: So he’s going to probably send someone across to you, or if you are going to be in Delhi. now, He’s in Bombay though.
    S :haan
    W: so who ever is going to write that story, whichever journalist is going to do it. But they’re going to do a massive thing as to how Air India has been raped. They’re there
    S: hmm .So When i write for Mr. Ratan Tata,
    W: hmm
    S: do I also mention that uh.. I mean it is note from him. But do I also mention one third person that it is understood umm, there are 2 major issues now. Out 5-6 major issues there 2 issues a) Air India Express.
    W: hmm
    S: On Air India Express as a Board member I had raised a series of issues. Officially. So can I just write the sentence like, “ one of the board members has brought these things to.. the discussion”. Board of what.. I would not like to show that much, this thing.
    W: No I think you should just get it done. I think you should write him a note that you’re writing to, uh, is that he will read and then he will translate in whichever way he wants to translate and send it.
    S: Hmm
    W: You understand na.
    S: Haan haan. Theek hai…Theek hai.
    W: Thats the way it will be.
    S: haan.
    W: yeah.
    S: Bilateral toh I will have to check the recent information.
    W: Bilateral,woh woh woh.. airline deals, the aircraft deals… all that.
    S: Yeah yeah 5-6 things na. One is aircraft deal,
    W: hmm
    S: other is bilateral. Other is Air Indian Express.
    W: hmm
    S:Other is …this sale and lease back of aircraft. On sale and lease back of aircraft again, it all happened after I left.
    W: hmm.
    S: So I would only, I would also know…sketchy details but I’ll kind of, try to take assistance of one or two people… who have retired. I know one who has retired who is in touch with me… he used to be in planning.. Though I’ll not tell him the purpose ofcourse.
    W: hmm
    S:Hmm, Vijay Kumar used to be in planning.
    W: hmm
    S: That too planning and he was dealing with these things and he had been putting up small-small notes. Anyway, I’ll make it. because obviously, he’ll meet him only when Prime Minister returns from Italy.
    W: Na I also want to offline give him the details joh tumne bheji thi na, pura dossier. Woh toh main doongi na usko.
    S: That’s my letter to Cabinet Secretary
    W: What is.. own information na.
    S: huh? no, that i can give you yeah, with you I have no issues. The issue is that it remains with him that he destroys it after reading it.
    W: huh?
    S: My letter to Cabinet Secretary,
    W: hmm
    S: he can read and then destroy it.
    W: Haan, I’ll have to give it to him and he’ll destroy it. Naturally, he’s not going to..
    He needs to have a background ke what are the hell are they asking him to do na.
    S: haan, then I’ll send the letter. I have the letter
    W: You tell me when everything is done, I’ll send someone to pick it up.
    S: Haan.
    W: I also need, separately, (Unnamed woman’s sms alert tone),in your own words.. for Tarun Das.
    S: in?
    W: for Tarun Das.
    S: haan
    W: For Tarun Das, in your own words, what do you think needs to be done, but no why should you tell them what should be done, otherwise they will use what has to be done and give it for your benefit na.
    S: haan.
    W: hmm
    S: Thats not that good. I mean that toh… you want me to give that?
    W: Accha dekho Sunil mujhe ek kaam zaroor hai, ke, you have to, in fact Tarun Das has sent me a sms just now, which I’m just seeing now, which has come on my other phone.
    S: hmm
    W: He wants me to call him urgently. So it must be about this only.
    S: hmm
    W: Let me call him and call you back.
    S: ok.
    W: ok.

    (call ends)

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