Sunil- HC- Corruption-20090620-141213

  • Sunil- HC- Corruption-20090620-141213 

Avis has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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    1. 1 Avis December 3, 2010 at 7:44 pm

      When I played in Windows Media Player – it says the total time is 37:16 but the audio itself played for 6:11. I have marked some conversations that seemed important with the minutes at which it appears (relative to the beginning of the tape of 6:11 minutes). The female voice seems to be that of Niira Radia and the male voice is one of Sunil (the female addresses him by name a few times).


      Radia –> haan, I just sent you an SMS to say i am about to get on to a…ammm .. sorry

      Sunil –> sorry

      Radia –> I have to get on to a conference call

      Sunil –> haan

      Radia –> about to get on to a conference call

      Sunil –> Ok

      Radia –> but that is why i told you, let me talk to you first becos i got your message just now

      Sunil –> Ok, Ok

      Radia –> nahi, nahi, let us talk, I got 5 minutes

      Sunil –> {hindi}

      Radia –> no, no, I am in the middle of this battle naahh

      Sunil –> Ok, ok

      Radia –> high court {hindi}

      Sunil –> haa

      Radia –> {hindi} ekk judge how can he hold a family pact above national interest?

      Sunil –> haa?

      Radia –> how he can hold a family pact above national interest?

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> {hindi}

      Sunil –> which case is this?

      Radia –> eeh anil mukesh ambani kaa

      Sunil –> gas walah? {hindi}

      Radia –> haan

      Sunil –> {hindi} some mention of supreme court…

      Radia –> high court..high court

      Sunil –> high court neeyy

      Radia –> his 3…628 pages of judgement…Sunil (not clear whether it is 628 or 3628 pages) [00:58] {hindi} spectrum kaa case…..{hindi}
      same pen drive {hindi}

      Sunil –> haan ..{hindi} hefty amount naa

      Radia –> you can’t believe… {hindi} let us not any one think in our country there are no remedial measures that can be absorbed by the parties…

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> matlab..anil ambani kaa pass methaa…i am the remedial measure…

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> basically what Mukesh is saying…tk..after Dhirubai’s death you’re entitled to X amount…I agreed to X amount with you;..but in the
      case of of Gas…i agreed to 228 mmsts but i can’t decide the price it does not belong to me…the price should be decided by the government becos
      it is national asset…am an only an operator

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> i can not decide what that price should be

      Sunil –> haan

      Radia –> i said…2..

      Sunil –> {interrupting} {hindi} price fluctuation…

      Radia –> haan

      Sunil –> see you can’t keep on hanging on to the same price naah

      Radia –> haan but government mein…{hindi} price 4.2 kaa

      Sunil –> haan

      Radia –> {hindi} [minute 2:13]

      Sunil –> haan

      Radia –> {hindi} u make it 2.34 kaa price…whatever is the NTPC price subject to government NTPC price is questionable, govt after that
      set the price at 4.2 NTPC is at t he court, govt says sorry we have already set the price at 4.2..{hindi} he says..judge rules that 2.34 is the
      price {hindi}

      Sunil –> haan

      Radia –> can’t believe judgement… long will he continue looting the country…..{hindi} i am suffering in every aspect naah..

      Sunil –> who is the judge..who was the judge?

      Radia –> JH ..Dr..Dr Patel, Judge Justic Patel, J.Patel [3:05]

      Sunil –> Patel?

      Radia –> hmm

      Sunil –> gujju?

      Radia –> hmm…hmmm..hmm

      Sunil –> who is your lawyer in the supreme court?

      Radia –> Harish Salve, Mukul Rodge, Milind Sathe, you name it…Mahesh Jethmalani, Ram Jethmalani

      Sunil –> hmm hmm

      Radia –> Ram and Mahesh were with Anil and Harish Salve and Milind Sathe were with us

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> but i will tell you one thing Sunil {hindi} loot….{hindi}

      Sunil –> hmmm

      Radia –> in the case of coal….{hindi} ismay diversion kaaraya coal kaa {hindi} [3:41]

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> high court mei loose kya…hum lok supreme court…{hindi}

      Sunil –> hmm

      Radia –> {hindi} [3:47]

      Sunil –> hmmm

      Radia –> {hindi} the country has woken up to this or what?

      Sunil –> haa …{hindi}

      Radia –> haan?

      Sunil –> {hindi} judicial mei…corruption bahut hogaye…naah {hindi} [4:02]

      Radia –> haan?

      Sunil –> judicial mein..corruption {hindi}

      Radia –> {hindi} it is like crazy situation

      Sunil –> hmmm dps sibling cases….[4:12]

      Radia –> haan

      Sunil –> once told me that he will get this judgement after 1 month..and he told me how much he hada paid to whom

      Radia –> my god

      Sunil –> {hindi}

      Radia –> hmm

      Sunil –> {hindi} to be pronounced after one month .. {hindi}

      Radia –> hmm

      Sunil –> {hindi} he had paid 9 cr as he claims…

      Radia –> {hindi}

      Sunil –> this litigant had paid 9 crores to that high court judge in delhi [4:58]

      Radia –> good god

      Sunil –> that is what he claims..{hindi}

      Radia –> {hindi}

      Sunil –> {hindi}

      Radia –> pathetic haan

      Sunil –> so….

      Radia –> {interrupting} {hindi} [Upender Rai(? or Roy) brother in law …cousin brother..Pradeep Rai][5:14]

      Sunil –> this gentleman ultimately became chief justice….[5:23]

      Radia –> god

      Sunil –> {hindi} he become CJ…chief justice {mention of name – Vijayendar Jain…..} [5:31]

      Radia –> haann

      Sunil –> oh Sabharwal…{hindi}

      Radia –> {hindi}

      Sunil –> {hindi}

      Radia –> haa…i am going to bombay on Monday

      Sunil –> aahh…Shishir had given me a call [5:50]

      Radia –> haa

      Sunil –> that the entire message has been conveyed to those guys…

      Radia –> haa

      Sunil –> he says that the things are not that hopeless..

      Radia –> haa

      Sunil –> the outcome ..hann..may be OK

      Radia –> alright

      Sunil –> {hindi} doosra number…{hindi}

      Radia –> nahi…{hindi} {the tape ends here}

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