Sunil Jain’s article- no head or tail -20090622-102104

  • Sunil Jain’s article- no head or tail -20090622-102104 

Ankur has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


1 Response to “Sunil Jain’s article- no head or tail -20090622-102104”

  1. 1 Ankur November 30, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    NR : Manoj hi, where are you
    M: Just reaching office
    NR: Accha listen what do you make of sunil jains article, its neither here nor there, it’s so stupid
    M: [laughter]
    NR: Theres no central point , I don’t think he even knows what he’s talking about. I mean his whole argument about whom we invited for a bid is based on the gas utilisation policy [unclear] . I mean we could have invited the steel guys we could have invited the glass guys na and then the price would have been higher.
    M: Nahi nahi nahi humne jo formula government ko submit kiya tha, that was based on a set of bids that he received. We had selected 5 top power and 5 top fertilizer companies apart from NTPC.
    NR: Correct
    M: So He is saying you know it should have been a free for all bid, you should not have restricted the bid to a select set of people.
    NR: The price would have been higher then
    M: Yeah it could have been either ways.
    NR: .. a free for all because I know for a fact that Prasad Menon was told by Prasad.. PMS Prasad not to bid more than .. Prasad had bid 5 dollars. You know that?
    M: hmmm
    NR: It was these guys who told him don’t go excessively overboard because Prasad had bid 5 dollars.
    M : hmmm
    NR: and then the other issue would have been if we had allowed the steel companies, they are desperate for gas
    M: No no the other thing that he is saying is that you put only some part of the gas on bid. You said only 10-15 mmscmd of gas is available instead of saying that 80 mmscmd is available which would have automatically .. the bidders would have believed that there is sufficient amount of gas and therefore they wouldn’t have bid it high. It what case [unclear] logic [unclear] [cut off by NR]
    NR: What nonsense, lets look at it the other way. Lets say we had kept it open to all
    M: haan then, he is depending on the economic advisory council’s comment that he has quoted in the paper saying that there is some element of [unclear]
    NR: Well I think that uh… if we look it the other way round, if I’d kept it free for all, I would have gone for the highest price and provided them the gas pipes na… Prasad Menon bid 5, and if the steel cos willing to bid 7 and 9, “M: yeah”, then tho inki tho turn hi nahi aati 2.34 ki “M:hmm” .
    I think it cuts both ways.. i don’t think you know he knows what he is talking about. Because he is also not relying on the fact
    M: right (!)
    NR: that he is saying the gas.. that your electricity will be impacted. Right?
    M: He is coming from the fact that because these 2 contracts were not honoured, 10,000 MW have not been generated. Which means that he has accepted their argument that because we did not sign the contract , the projects have not gone on street.
    NR: But he needs to revisit their history and see if they have added even 1 MW of power anywhere else.
    M: Yeah yeah absolutely
    NR: Right? That is one. Secondly, I don’t think he has visited the land acquisition part and thirdly whatever the government , whatever agreements and power projects are setting up independent, I would imagine Dadri is an IPP, its based on a grid formula which is PPA, is he going to go and reduce that cost? Unless he going to merchant .. and then maybe he looks at setting up part merchant and then it will be even more.
    M: hmmm
    NR: Where is he coming from? I think Sunil Jain has written for heck of writing.
    M: hmmmm
    NR: I think , I think we should respond and I think we should say your arguments are a little obtuse. Really we shouldn’t but a letter to the editor
    M: hmmm
    NR: from another naam saying that we want RIL to say that the arguments are obtuse. And I think we should do that
    M: hmmm
    NR: because atleast that should get carried you know?
    M: theek hai theek hai
    NR: The other thing is Murli Deora has made another statement yesterday
    M: who?
    NR: Muril Deora
    M: haan financial times mein
    NR: Yeah.. he’s gone.. I haven’t understood his statement, I mean ,
    M: hmmm
    NR: I mean he says that let the judges sort it out but then he also says that he will intervene, right?
    M: he says the govt. will intervene because its his catch.
    NR: So he’s saying both things right?
    M: Both things, sure.
    NR: chal theek hai ok , Your guys have reached is it?
    M: Yeah they’ve reached. I’m just meeting them.
    NR: ok, then you let me know
    M: I’ll tell you something by…

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