Tarun Dass meeting PM on AirIndia-20090708-092726

  • Tarun Dass meeting PM on AirIndia-20090708-092726 

Suds has transcribed this tape in a comment below. Please crosscheck.


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    1. 1 Suds November 28, 2010 at 6:55 pm

      Sunil Bhai – Hello

      NR: Sunil Bhai, Listen because i have to quickly rush. Woh tarun mil rahahe prime minister ko (Tarun is meeting the prime minister). woh to ho rahe he (That’s happening). muje tumara na uskeliye pointers bechdo tarun keliye ki..(Send your pointer for Tarun). what has been ailing it(Indian Airlines) and what are these issues even including unions and all that and for his own benefit basically what you sent ratan (Tata) na ki how they have successively successfully tried with Connivance of Naresh Goyal and Vijay Mallya to destroy the airlines

      SB: haan

      NR: haan and what is the gain and all that.. Woh Tarun sab samajtahe ye bath (Tarun understands all this)

      Sunil Bhai: Haan ji

      NR: so uski benefit keliye. (so for his benefit) he is meeting him on Saturday. Meeting confirmed hai (the meeting is confirmed)

      SB: haan to me aaj hi kardoonga.(I will do it today) you can send somebody on friday morning

      NR: ok yeh jaroor kardena..(please do this for sure) ke thodasa thumara background dedena please (need you to give some background on this please)

      SB: apka so called CV hain usme likha hain Indian airlines mein kya kiya tha (your so called CV has all that I did at Indian Airlines)

      NR: I know I know.. woh sab muje chahiye hoga ( I need all that) ..Because maine am not used you know.. With the court case there is no time to prepare..


      NR: Haan Kardoge na.. (yeah i will do it)

      SB: haan haan.. i will send you a copy of the CV in which the airline part is written.

      NR: Haan

      SB: I will also informally send one note which is slightly longish which I mean I will prepare a summary of course definitely


      SB: but there is one informal note which I wrote when I left the airlines..

      NR: Haan

      SB: Addressed to Vijay Prasad knowing fully well these guys will hound me.

      NR: Haan

      SB: So I put it all on record that what all i tried to do and what all is left to be done

      NR: Haan

      SB: That is slightly longish you can ignore the annexure. annexures are just this thing.. but the body of the note is self explanatory.

      NR:Haan Haan

      SB: that that i will sending to both to Mr Tarun Das as well as Mr Tata and to Mr Tata separately


      SB: I will also send my letter to cabinet secretary.

      NR:Haan . Including how.. What are they trying to do is get him to do is to ratify everything that they have done wrong.

      SB: Woh main likdhunga sara..i will write

      NR: haan thek hai. I will send somebody to you on Friday ok

      SB: Saturday ko kaise mil jaye(not clear)

      NR: Friday ko bej dhoonki na..

      SB: haan friday ko bhejo.. Which means I have today and tomorrow. I will start working today afternoon because today morning is the so called state budget and we all are at the assembly.


      SB: so we will be free by about 2.3 -3.00 o clock and i will start working in the afternoon and work tomorrow.

      NR: ok

      SB: I hope they don’t call us to the assembly tomorrow(laughs) or something

      NR: Haan

      SB:then we have no choice. I will bring out something very quickly

      NR: Am not convinced of Sanjeev Srivatsav..


      NR: He has told you he will give you some people and all that to get messages

      SB: Who?

      NR:Sanjeev Srivatsav you remember?

      SB:He talked to me.. The last he talked to me I told you

      NR:No no no no.. Remember when earlier he had indicated he was talking to the family and all that… in the current context i would not believe it

      SB: ….

      NR: am also told that he has become a persona non grata there right now

      SB: Maybe. Whatever that evening he told me i told you. for all these things.. for all these things

      NR: Main uski bath nahin kar rahi .Main uski bath nahin kar rahi hoon.. may tumari bath kar rahin.. tumari issue raise ki thi un lokhon ke sath.

      SB: in lokho ke sath? no no i never told that i never asked Sajv Srivatsav for that

      NR: (not clear)

      SB: never not even once.. Srivatsav apne bharen main kuch bath hi na ki..never

      NR: you told me once

      SB: no no not sanjiv srivatsav at all.. i think there is a mistake here. Srivatsav se mere bath hoke che mahine at mahine hua. aur maine pehle hi (not clear). I know he is a loud mouth in some senses and he is not worth it

      NR: ok.

      SB: Sajiv srivatsav never.

      NR: ok tum bhej do na

      SB: Woh to the last we talked about the phone call and all that. that I told you na.. that we talked more than once.(not clear) Not even once in last ten years.

      NR: theek hai you will send it na. I will send somebody on friday.

      SB: Ab Friday ko bej do ( you send somebody on Friday)
      NR: ok bye bye
      SB:main aaap ko phir be thurrsday ko confrm kar doonga apki ( I will in any case confirm on Thursday)
      NR:haan haan
      SB: aur muje din may aaj Jung ka ek bar SMS..(Sometime today if you can send me Jung’s SMS)
      NR: Haan haan sorry.
      SB: Jung ka or Mr Sudip Baijal ka (Jung and Sudip Baijal’s)
      NR: Will do will do
      SB: and if possible send me the address of Mr. Das also. I will send him a card with the letter
      NR: Will do all three
      SB: Thank you

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