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Status on 7 December 2010

67 tapes have been transcribed so far – thank you!

44 people are requested to fulfill their commitment!

After doing their own crosschecking, Outlook is taking the transcripts on their own site, with due credit to those who have transcribed. They have created a single page with all tapes listed in a chronological order.



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In just 72 hours:

105 volunteers signed up – thank you!

43 have already transcribed, of which 3 have been crosschecked – double thanks!

Transcripts are awaited from 61 volunteers – let’s get it done guys!

only 7 volunteers needed; and everybody is welcome to crosscheck tapes and leave comments pointing out errors.


34 tapes already transcribed, waiting for 37 volunteers to turn in their transcriptions, and in the next hour or so, assigning new tapes to many who have offered to volunteer. Thanks!

37 volunteers so far

…need at least that many more!

Looking for volunteers to transcribe all Radia tapes

As you know, Open and Outlook magazines have put out legally taped telephone conversations of several people with lobbyist Niira Radia. Open put out only a few audios, and transcribed them all, where as Outlook put out a somewhat different set. However, Outlook was kind enough to put out all the audios they had on their website. There’s a lot of muck in there, and it’s not just about Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, it’s not just about the 2G scam. It’s very crucial that we transcribe ALL these tapes so that the words are on Google, se we can access the content of all tapes more easily. The media should have done this by now but the media is silent to save the skin of their own. So we need to become the media, you and I. Just 15 minutes of your time needed. To volunteer, just leave a comment below with your email address.



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