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Some IS-20090706-185337

  • Some IS-20090706-185337 

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Vinu-article on national assets-20090622-081358

  • Vinu-article on national assets-20090622-081358 

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Vinu perhaps-All issues-mainly spectrum-20090616-195137

  • Vinu perhaps-All issues-mainly spectrum-20090616-195137 

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Tarun on Sunil, MDA, RNT-20090612-125256

  • Tarun on Sunil, MDA, RNT-20090612-125256 

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Tarun Dass meeting PM on AirIndia-20090708-092726

  • Tarun Dass meeting PM on AirIndia-20090708-092726 

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Tarun Dass -20090704-202152

  • Tarun Dass -20090704-202152 

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Music 20 seconds
Tarun:Where are you?
Neera:I am in mumbai,in my,my New Home
T;my goodness,You have been really camping,you live.. you moved to Bombay is it?
Neera:aah, two clients, Ratan and Mukesh.Dont leave me in peace
Tarun:you got better,better company there.
Neera:I am not so sure if its better company
Neera:I am not so sure if its better company,but its, its certainly…,very, what should I say,they really do suck your blood
v;are you keeping your both clients happy?
Neera:ya,by the way I have introduced both of them to each other;now
Tarun:That you told me.
Neera:I told you,no. They are together and they are happy.
Neera:With Anil’s latest petition in court where he says all the gas agreement should be now stopped and cancelled and he should be given the gas first even though he does not have a power plant.Has not gone down too well with Ratan and everybody else.You are gonna have 40 other companies now impleading in court
Neera:so, no, I have been quite tied up on the issue and of course,between all this me and my health its always have been something always comes up.
Neera:ended up having a..
Tarun:Ya,whats happened?
Neera:ended up.Nothing else I got too wise.My toothI have wisened up. My wisdom tooth is planning to come out.(laughs)
Tarun:O gosh.
Neera:look,come out meaning it is already out but sitting on a nerve
Tarun:(in between)pain
Neera:so they..,operated on it yesterday,tried to take it out but they could not take it out.
Tarun:O gosh.
Neera:so they cut around it and now there are seven stitches in my mouth.
Tarun:O my God.
Neera:ya,when do we wrok(unclear),laughs
Tarun:you can talk?
Neera:Ya, I am talking,you know me,I, I,I gargled and do all my stuff and I carry on talking and it pains after a while.
Tarun:Are you alone in Bombay?
Neera:hmm, Me and my maid here.My Son was here in week and he went back.Ya,because he is working in Bombay nowadays.So.. he went back yesterday.
So, I.. decided to go back to, I am coming back to Delhi tomorrow.
Tarun:Who helps you in Bombay office?
Neera:Bombay office,I have three different people because Manoj looks after Newcom,Natasha and other company vitcom and Jonathan who is the CEO,he sits
out of Bombay.
Tarun:O he is in Bombay?
Tarun:Who looks after Tatas,that big guy,whats his name?
Neera:He is a branch head,ya
Tarun:Who looks after Reliance?
Neera:Manoj. Manoj warrier.
Neera:He is very good.He is one of my founding team you know from the beginning.
Neera:He is very very good.
Tarun:So you put your best man for..,Reliance?
Neera:No,no but Suresh and Vishal are all of them there,know, Jonathan is one of you know..Tatas needed a global mind right now.
Tarun:Thats true
Neera:Having someone like Jonathan in Bombay was the right choice.
Tarun:and you got your Jaguar?
Neera:I take delivery on..when I come back.I am coming back next weekend so I take delivery on Saturday.
Tarun:and It will stay in Bombay or it will come to Delhi?
Neera:you know I am,If I bring it to Delhi then you come in too much this thing you know.Everybody..
Neera:Especially for this,you know how people in Delhi are.
Neera:But when you come to Bombay I am going to take you for a sit
Tarun:Ya I am never going to be able to afford it,what is it 90 lakhs?
Tarun:Sixty two lakhs
Neera:I have gone for XS now because XKR two seater would be no point because you know you cant drive it in Bombay in any sort so I took this Sedan,the luxury so that.
Tarun:Did you got Ratan to review his views on Sunil Mittal?
Neera:You know I am going to talk to Sunil because I want him to make a statement because he is going to do a Vir interview,aa on 10th,Vir tells me he is doing the interview on the 10th. and.. I am.. aan going to ask him to correct that point where he said if Ratan had too much money he could give it to
the Prime minister’s fund.Sunil said he has regretted saying that statement and I think he is willing to correct that.
Tarun:ya,shouldn’t say this.
Neera:and I think, I think if he does say that you know,in which there is a question like that where he says that he has a lot of respect for Ratan and all that.
Tarun:he has a lot of respect
Neera:I know but Ratan does not believe in that,maybe
Tarun:Ratan has,Ratan has sent names for the US India CEO forum.
Tarun:He has left out Sunil.In spite of the fact that he is Number 1,you know.100 million subscribers and walmart partner.
Neera:well then,thats really awful. I’ll tell Ratan, I’ll have a word with him.By the way I managed to get them a great thing done. All the problems that they are having in UK with the government not giving them the guarantee
Neera:this’s just between you and me,I interviewed somebody I knew from the banking community in the UK
Neera:He was very very up with the credit suisse group.And we have managed to get that guarantee done without the government having to give us a counter
Neera:He is thrilled with me today.He called me up from Dubai,Ratan is in Dubai today.
Neera:And he called me saying I just don’t know how to thank you.
Tarun:Why did he go there?
Neera:I think he is looking for funding for JLR.
Tarun:oh Dubai. o gosh
Neera:I think he was in Saudi the other day.
Neera:Ya,so maybe.But I am gonna certainly ask him on.On Sunil I am defintely going to.
Tarun:Try to have just like you have done with Mukesh and Ratan.
Tarun:Try to sort this one out because its not good.
Neera:No I will do that,I will. I have it on my mind that I am going to talk to Sunil when he is back because he needs to raise this,I want to answer this personally if I get to ask this
Neera:so that I can ask it in a particular way.Sunil also doesn’t compromise.I can then,I can then pass that CD through Ratan and ask him and say now look at know.
Neera:because its Krishna Kumar and all of them who are spoiling his mind.
Tarun:ya,we need to clear this because you know,my, my point is that I have met the PM today.Half an hour alone. one to one.And he talked about my article
in Economic Times.One of the issues you know, and he said, you know, I want industry to be respected by the public but industry does not respect
each other.
Tarun:you know,(they are) all the time at each other.
Tarun:ya,so forget about Mukesh and Anil but Ratan and Mukesh as you are doing. Sunil and Ratan,you know,we need to, we need to and you can really help
him in this.
Neera:well,well I’ll help you. I do recognise thats the only way we can go.
Tarun:The public will not respect them unless they are ok with each other.All the time bad mouthing each other
Neera:ya,they are always fighting,ya. I am with you on that.I am going to
Tarun:which flight are you coming on.
Neera:aan, 4’o clock.
Neera:Why do you wanna join me?
Tarun:you come commercial flights or do you have a private jet now?
Neera:(laughs),not yet. my clients won’t pay me fees.
Tarun:when are you gonna get a private jet?
Neera:I told Ratan,I said, he said nobody Nira the world’s will ever see this guarantee and otherwise UK government feeling so much problem and you have done it and I said why dont u start with C-zra (not clear)
Tarun:why can’t you just use Ratan’s plane now?
Neera:(laughs).You know Tarun I never ask for favors.
Tarun:One way Ratan’s plane one way Mukesh’s plane.
Neera:(laughs)I am very happy on my commercial flights. I am waiting for Jet and Kingfisher to go down so that some decent people can take over those airlines.
Neera:But you Tarun I tell you about Air India, did you talk to PM about bringing Sunil Arora there?
Neera:We really wanna turn that airline around,aan.
Neera:he is the only guy who has the respect of the union.
Neera:And who has the capacity to turn that airline around.Prafull won’t have him.Prafull is dead against him but PM may have a view that he is pro BJP
But I dont think Sunil is just because he has worked with Shekhawat.
Neera:But I think Sunil got,I have seen it you know.He has the capacity.
Tarun:Sunil was recommended to me to be the director general of CII.
Neera:ya ya.he has really got potential.
Tarun:But..The recommednation was he will be two years here and then he leave out when he becomes secretary.How can ,you know,how can we agree to that?
Neera:You know,you can do,there are always special provisions,comeon.
Tarun:Anyways,now its too late now,too late.
Neera:murmurs in protest,why?
Tarun:We have got a Director General,no, we have got a DG no,how can I change?
Neera:no I know but I am saying for the Air India CMD we can
Tarun:Air India?
Tarun:That I’ll do. That I ll work on but Prafull is such a
Neera:He is,he is
Tarun:he is a sharpy.
Neera:But Prime minister is there no,he has already put his foot down.he has already got involved.
Tarun:He put his foot down in many people.He is kicking around his ministers big time.
Neera:O.I am glad.I am glad.
Tarun:After long time.
Neera:glad,did he tell you anything about the gas issue?
Tarun:I want to stay away from this gas want me to write about it(laughs)
Neera:But its national interest.
Tarun:we will talk about it,
Neera:Its national interest
Tarun:We’ll talk we’ll when you come back.
Neera:you know there is only one man who can give point perspective.All I am saying here is
Neera:You divide Dhirubhai’s wealth that’s all very well.But you can’t get fighting about national wealth.Its the nation’s wealth you know.
Neera:Thats all I am saying.I am not taking sides.On that one.Because I really believe we are gonna surprise. I said this to know.
Neera:This is the time to change it now.And time for him to change his reputation now.
Tarun:thats true.
Tarun:Now You have sent me an SMS saying that Arup seeing some land.
Neera:ya,on wednesday because this guy only got some XMB(unclear) today because they say they are closing their QIP issue today.they are doing some swanky
paper work.
Neera:so He said he is back in Delhi on wednesday and said he had three four plots he appointed this guy Tripathi to take Arup around to show him the.. land
Tarun:I thought I will also go if its at a time which works for me.
Tarun:I am free in the morning or after lunch.Lunch I have got a meeting in Delhi.
Neera:ok,so I ll ask him to. They can also do it in morning.
Tarun:Morning it would be great.
Neera:I’ll set it up with him when he comes back tomorrow.
Neera:He said..

Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 (Seems to be a labelling error as it is Ranjan Bhattacharya)

Tarun Das-13-188819-0-07-20090522-165535 
(Seems to be a labelling error as it is Ranjan Bhattacharya)

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