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IMP-Shrinath-CNBC Tata story-RCOM stake selling AT&T-AJ-Unitech-20090613-105849

  • IMP-Shrinath-CNBC Tata story-RCOM stake selling AT&T-AJ-Unitech-20090613-105849 

EM has agreed to transcribe this tape.

Transcription guidelines:

  1. Please be as accurate as possible.
  2. Please put your transcription as a comment below. Do NOT email me the transcription.
  3. Please type also the name of the ring tone (such as ‘Pal Pal…’ so that one can better identify the persons – a lot of people are not named).
  4. Please also mention ‘Unnamed Person’ where there is no name, mention the pauses, the hmms as well.
  5. Where something is inaudible, write (inaudible).
  6. If there are cuts, that is you think that the audio has been edited or abruptly ends, etc., plese mention that too.
  7. Please see if you have the time and patience to translate the Hindi. Do so within brackets, in italicised text.