To Rakesh- Govt is respondet-20090707-185151

  • To Rakesh- Govt is respondet-20090707-185151 

Arundhati M has agreed to transcribe this tape.

Transcription guidelines:

  1. Please be as accurate as possible.
  2. Please put your transcription as a comment below. Do NOT email me the transcription.
  3. Please type also the name of the ring tone (such as ‘Pal Pal…’ so that one can better identify the persons – a lot of people are not named).
  4. Please also mention ‘Unnamed Person’ where there is no name, mention the pauses, the hmms as well.
  5. Where something is inaudible, write (inaudible).
  6. If there are cuts, that is you think that the audio has been edited or abruptly ends, etc., plese mention that too.
  7. Please see if you have the time and patience to translate the Hindi. Do so within brackets, in italicised text.


1 Response to “To Rakesh- Govt is respondet-20090707-185151”

  1. 1 arundhati muthu December 12, 2010 at 6:33 am

    Rakesh: ah, hello
    Niira: haan rakesh
    Rakesh: (sorry?) got disconnected. Accha, quickly just tell me one thing
    Nira: mmmhhm
    Rakesh: why is that aa -ya you- you made the petition there in supreme court and
    Nira: mm
    Rakesh: you made government as an intervenor, am i right?
    Nira: No, they are respondent not intervenor.
    Rakesh: respondent
    Nira(simultaneously): Rakesh? haan
    Rakesh: but.. but that is what i wanted to check up because the other side has been repeatedly saying ki boss the government has not been given a notice or anything.
    Nira: no government has been given notice. I don’t know what they are talking about
    Rakesh: No. we we we wrote a we wrote a story
    Nira: in fact yours was a very good flash ek dum theek hai. they asked. they’ve been given notice. that’s very clear
    Rakesh: so which is why i was a bit confused ki what – matlab itna(?) jhagda kya hogaya isme. if they’re respondents why why other side should be so uncomfortable on it?
    Nira: unko nahin achha lagta hain na ki government ko aana chahiye. kya karein hum log abhi? unko tension apna hota hai.. I mean what’s that guy – Mahesh Agarwal came out and told CNBC

    Rakesh: haan
    Niira: ki usko poochha gaya ki tum log kya kar rahe ho gas ke saath to kehta hai hum vohi karenga hai jo anil ambani ka -uh i mean mukesh ambani kar rahaa hai. hum bechenge gas. usne bola you don’t have to trade.
    Rakesh interrupts and talks in parallel – unclear what he’s saying: even i heard that..
    Nira: He said it’s not called trading, it’s called selling. i mean come on i mean he thinks the world is a nn.. stupid or what?
    Rakesh: That’s when one of uhh one of this soni singh(?) rang me up. kehta hai notice nahin kiya. I checked up again. so i was still under confusion ki what is the position on that. That’s the reason i ring – i was ringing
    Nira: Nahin, government ko notice gaya hai aur
    Rakesh: No my my my my legal team guys- they say ki it is a intervenor not as a respondent. Earlier you wanted a respondent but registry said government cannot be made respondent so you’ll have to redo the option
    Nira: nahin aisa kuchh. Pehle bola na yeh teen din se pehle yeh log yehi baath kar rahein hain ki government should be- in that registrar ne roka.. aapko bhi pata hai ki registrar kabhi rokta nahin hai
    Rakesh: Nahin wo nahin rokega
    Nira: Kyun Sasan ke matter mein bhi
    Rakesh: haan
    Nira: inhone yehi saaz sehlaaya tha last time bhi ki government cannot be a uh respondent registrar ne aisa bola
    Rakesh: haan haan
    Nira: haan to registrar to har cheez inke kehne par nahin karega na?
    Rakesh: nahin registrar they cant they cant buy the (sound of horn)
    Nira: It’s not up to the registrar no? it’s up to the court to decide whether you want uh what i mean and it’s up to the government to decide that. humne to respondent(?) likhh ke bhej diya.
    Rakesh: aur… aur uske
    Nira: All sides have been issued notice
    Rakesh: nahin nahin but my my my my team members are still saying the high court team the supreme court team – we have a strong team in there they said still is still intervenor not as a – and thats what we had given thats the reason i just wanted to recheck with you.
    Nira: But you had given what – intervenor ki respondent?
    Rakesh: Shuru mein to hum logon ne notice diya -we we kept quiet on that ki government was issued the notice. not now about some time back supreme court we have a person called indu bhan
    Nira: mm
    Rakesh: she covers supreme court for us
    Nira: mm
    Rakesh: uh the corporate side and she she she gave a story it is a intervenor so and in the meanwhile one of the tony singh’s told me ki woh government ko notice nahin mila. to maine kahaa ki yeh kya majak ho gaya
    Nira: mm government ko notice gaya
    Rakesh: uh to notice gaya tha but just wanted to just confirm that
    Nira: mm nahin it’s gone it’s gone
    Rakesh: aur kya haal baki -how how’s your health?
    Nira(parallely): nahin sab theek
    Nira: I’m fine very fine. touch wood.
    Rakesh: soo
    Nira: how are you? How’s your health?
    Rakesh: main bilkul theek thak hoon.And I’m going to fall sick in case you don’t meet me now
    Nira: Chal I’ll meet you thursday. Aap dekhlijiye 6 o’clock i can come across
    Rakesh: haan toh i’ll just i’ll ring you up in an hour’s time? is it okay?
    Nira: sure sure
    Rakesh:i’ll confirm
    ends abrubtly

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